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I absolutely loved tonight's show. It was like you were talking to me directly and I really needed to hear that. Thanks for the clarification. I AM whole and perfect as I AM right now. There are moments I find it very easy to experience that blissful expanded self. I just need to stay on my own path of love and light and let the abundance of the Universe reveal itself to me in divine order.
Thank you so much for these amazing seminars. I love you so much.

Commander Lady…

29 January 2016

THE ODD RAMIFICATIONS OF OUR ENLIGHTENING PROCESS--REALIZING OUR IMMORTALITY~ This radio show by Ashtar-Athena Sheran is just fabulous. As I listened live to this particular show, it was like every sentence was so jam packed with truth, I wanted time to be able to ingest all of it. So I will definitely listen to this one again and just in general I highly recommend this show. The information and energy that comes through Athena's shows is of such a high level and is a wonderful blessing for all us who are here as Lightworkers, Lightbearers and reascending Masters.  Christmas Major