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I found many, many gifts in your talk, Lady Athena. It’s both soothing and energizing to listen to your words and vibration.

To realize that every defense, attack, thoughts and feelings of conflict is fear and illusion tormenting us,

to realize that Fear has no form, it is the form our thoughts assume,

to realize that all we see is animate and has consciousness, that nothing is without the capacity to feel joy and sorrow,

to realize Every, everything is longing for love changes the whole nature of what our life means and what doing is.

You help one realize that the way in to the unity of divine understanding is simply to make peace with the past self and let the soul present its gift of love to the world through you.

Our life is meant to be a blessing everywhere we go.

In this new life, your cosmic pep talks are gifts for our presence to open doors closed and seen as limitations we have imposed on life by our negative use of imagination.

This corrective process we are in seems to me to be becoming easier and easier, not just to practice but to share.  Sharing with others that surrender in the moment is the only choice that will allow them to move on, seems to be something one can say.

Another gem I had never heard before but will carry around in my soul back pack now: if something robs us of our peace, it’s too expensive.

Thank you so much Athena, for being a voice of One great cosmic love. So many good thoughts and practices shower over me when I listen! Love and loving is ALL THAT MATTERS. Love and gratitude to you!