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"As the PR/Marketing Director of BBS Talk Radio Network in California, I met
Dwayne and encouraged him to bring into fruition his idea for a show called
"Teen Train" dedicated to guiding our youth of America in finding a direction
to personal empowerment, purpose, self respect, and a compassion for others
within the grace of what God's light opens for us all. His on-going radio
show on the BBS Radio Network has accomplished just that! Dwayne has become a
strong leader of influence and structure for the teenagers who are in
desperate need of vision, guidance and acceptance.  Dwayne, to me, is a
modern day "hero" of strength and personal accountability. Mr. Fred Rogers of
"Mister Rogers Neighborhood" on TV was also a "hero" of mine for many, many
years and still is . . . mainly because he told children that they were
valued "just the way they were" and mirrored to them a way of recognizing and
talking about their "feelings inside", making sense of them, accepting them,
and finding words and ways of expressing them appropriately and honestly
through play, music, art, dance, etc. Dwayne does something very similar for
teenagers - and that is why I have always affectionately referred to him as
the "Mister Rogers" of this time.  What Dwayne does for our youth is to help
them nurture the fact that they have importance and value. May the "Train"
always move on and give future and guidance to our youth . . .thank you
Dwayne for all that you do."