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Hi, Wonderful Souls,
I can't go to bed tonight before expressing my gratitude for the help I received from you today in the show. I heard about you from a friend, Monica, a few weeks ago, and I felt to jump in the energy you radiate so beautifully. I experienced transformations immediately after the first show I did listen to. Most amazing thing is that I felt to change almost everything in my bedroom and around the house and, at the end of the week, in the Sunday show, you talked about howimportant is to have a clean bedroom and a spiritual corner... This morning I was talking with Monica about the danger of the new technology and microchips and hours after, in the show, you talked about this issue. And over all, when you said that there was a free line to call in, I just simply felt to call, like you were talking to me, without thinking what I was going to talk eventually and I got connected... I don't even remember everything you told me (I have to re-listen) but the energy I got re-united me with my soul and my entire being is CELEBRATING now, ayayyyy... I used to be totally aligned to my Self and act from this level but a twin flame relationship kept me in the fog for the last two years and today only I was able to really let it go, after listening to your answer on this matter for another woman.

What a relief !!! Lots of thanks from the bottom of my heart. My love, gratitude and blessings will be always with you. May the Divine Blessing and Grace be always within you both and in everything you do. Namaste... Laura Schamahorn