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Dear Sri and Kira,
I want to express my gratitude to both of you for the help I received any time I connected with you. For example, in the last radio session on Sunday Jan 31th, 2016, you told me that Shiva was inspiring you while doing my soul reading for my 55 birthday.  The phone line that "happened" to be on was the line # 5. You said that the energy around the planet was/is very powerful these days.  Yes, its true , because for the first time teachers in my yoga school I belong to for more than 20  years are holding a 5 days event-training for international teachers of Shivaism (Jan 29 to Feb3th).  What an integration and synchronicity! Divine alignments like that makes my life...  And a few hours after talking with you I felt that something has been removed from my troth chakra, a bad entity left me FREEEE... I felt back to my own self and to life in a new clarity and vitality.  Yes, Shiva took care of it and HE still does it ince ... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... I asked Shiva to give you both something in return for the help I received and all the sudden I saw Sri bathing in a golden-white bright light up above my head, facing a pure blue sky, meditating in a total peace... It was very powerful and the vision pulled me out from my meditation, feeling for a while a void within and around...  I didn't quit understand what was it about; just the adored Shiva I guess:) :).   Sending you lots of blessings and pure divine inspiration and protection in all the dimensions you work with us and for the Planet.  May Angels be always with you.  Love, love, love and gratitude again and again...  Laura from California