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Dear Sri and Kira

Hello! i'm Céline, You have spoken to me via sunday's  radio show.  Saddly,  the internet was off here since i wrote you!  got it back this morning and just finished  listening to Sunday's radio bb1. It is tuesday the 22 of april, and  7:48 am.
Thank you for reading my letter and sharring it. You are for real!!!  i have doubted you for so long!  Sorry.

I do hope to meet you one day,  i can just feel  those hugs right now.   For the record!:  i do not live in France,  i live in  the province of québec Canada.  60 miles north of Montreal, in the  country.

So, If you ever come to montreal, i will  see you! Altyhough I would prefer to go to guatemala!!!

How much would it cost for a week with you?   I am serious.  I will find some money somehow.

For now i do  have a question:   why  can i not  stop smoking thes awfull cigarettes?
Yes, much love,  Sorry to inconvenience you in any way. ( with all my questions!)

Thank you for all the free  videos and talks, and thank you  for all the work you do in our  universe.
Take care
Au revoir et à la prochaine!
Je vous aime
Céline A.