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Dear Sri & Kira

Thank you for the work that you do and the willingness to share yourselves. Like many people I have been going through some major transformations for what seems like  decades.

My husband and I have a healing center in Massachusetts. I am a chiropractor, astrologer, numerologist & teacher and Michael is an energy healer and artist. We opened our door 5 years ago and since then we have had one challenge after the other, physical, financial, emotional, relational.

To say we have been through the ringer is an understatement. Yet I believed in this project, powering through one obstacle after the other. I am also the sole caretaker for my adoptive mother, she's 93 and a quadruple Leo. Yet I have hit the  proverbial wall.

Frankly I"m exhausted. I'm aware that we are moving through the eye of the needle right now. Astrologically my Sun at 12 degrees of Cancer is in the cross hairs of this Cardinal t-square/Grand Square so I understand I'm going through a profound transformation.

We are on the verge of loosing what we have built here, and if that is what the universe requires then I will surrender to it. I have so little perspective on this situation. And herein lies the question.

What do you see for me, for the healing center (called The Seeds of Transformation Healing Center) and for Michael (who has brought through a new healing frequency he calls ~Receivings~.

Any insight would be gratefully appreciated. Over the years you have been a bright light on my path and trusted spiritual guidance for me.

Thank you with all my heart

Vicki Scerbo, D.C.