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Dear Sri and Kira,

I would just first of all, love to say how much I love your radio shows - I tune in every week and grow so much from your wisdom and insights and am truly uplifted by your beautiful energy - you guys are an inspiration in my life.

I would also like to take a moment to say thankyou so much for your incredibly powerful courses... I have recently undertaken the Ascended Numerology course and the Avesa Energy Balancing course and both have deeply and truly healed my being on so many levels and transformed my life beyond what I thought could be. I am about to embark upon the Quantum Clairvoyance course too, which I am excited about. I really enjoy providing these profound gifts to others and I look forward to expanding these as my service to the world.   I have done many other healing modalities, but nothing is quite amazingly powerful, deep and true as the healing energy that comes from your practices and courses.

I am doing all of your home-study courses as I can, practicing them them in the capacity I am able to and expanding my being, abilities and service. I would love to come do your Master courses with you one day - I do hope you will be doing more of these beyond 2014? :) 

Now for my question:) I know it is part of my path to open a healing centre to hold teachings and healings, and just be a space of healing and anchoring of the light and divine energy.  I am expecting twins in June and also know that this beautiful part of my path will be taking alot of my time for quite a while.
I would just like some guidance as to when will be the best time for this healing centre to come into fruition and how would be the best way for me to create and manifest the resources required for it?  Thanking you dearly.

In love, light and gratitude - Suzie xxx