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Dear Sri and Kira!

Is it just me? Stress from my job? Or is everyone really busy in the dreamtime?? I wake up feeling like I had a very hectic evening and not feeling very rested for the day. I don't remember anything all. Does it have anything to do with time speeding up? Or is it just the Firey April energies?

Just a comment on something you mentioned recently about listening to music that makes you feel good.

I work in a kitchen and there's about 6-8 other co-workers that share the Pandora radio station. Most of the day I tolerate other people's music because we are supposed to take turns or else the radio gets unplugged. I even discovered music I enjoy that I never knew about!

This one young fellow enjoys listening to death metal.   Everyone is supposed to get a chance with the radio as long as it's not too noisy. His music is very slow, and melancholy. I can't just remove myself from the situation. It starts to feel very draining and I count down the minutes to leave the place or else change the station, which happens often.

So I recently discovered this song. You may have already heard it. On your radio show I often hear you tell people to dance!! This is a really fun song. It's called "happy". It makes ME want to dance!!!

Also, there are times when I do a spiritual practice, like the breath of light, I question if I'm doing it correctly! I question my manifesting abilities. So, I felt this need to research Archangels that support and guide us through career change/life purpose/ etc. This was after the radio show on Sunday. I had  moments of tears during the show!  I felt like I was Divinely guided to ask the Archangels for help. I haven't been able to manifest or discover what it is I want to do/ I want to be of service in this lifetime. I am so ready for change! I love that quote Sri made when talking about another person having an amazing life....instead of being jealous or envious, simply state "I want that!" I said that a few times today. hahah I AM READY to live an amazing life! You say this is possible. I don't want to sabotage my chances of living the life of my dreams!

The two of you are so much fun to listen to and I appreciate that you are anchors for all of us! I know this letter sounds choppy and scattered. I wanted to say Hello and Thank you and just share what's going on in my life. Thank you for loving us!

Hugs and Kisses,

Lorraine in Maine!! :)