Show Feedback, The Messenger March 19, 2016


Dear Richard and Carolyn,

I just finished listening to the replay of the Templar broadcast from year 2014 and was so blessed with the sweet and loving spirit of the soul of that Templar.  It made me think of a precious and close soul that I know in this current incarnation; one whom i have long thought of as a Knight.  When I first met him in this life I knew he was a close soul.  i have a deck of cards with lovely images upon it and so shuffled and asked how I should regard this soul.  When I turned over the card it was the card of a Knight.  And so he has been - a defender of many people.

The broadcast (or replay) was one of those that touched my heart deeply.

All blessings and health and a very long and productive life to you both.

With love,

Elaine B