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ELIZABETH - you said the purchase of my car would work out and it sure did!  Today the staff brought me the mail and right on top of the pile was another GMAC mailing.  I was shaking so much I couldn't open it. Within the white envelope was a reminder of the first coupon offer and the expiration date.  It also gave me the certificate # so that I could go on-line and print out the sale info to bring to the dealer. Thank God I stalled another week before giving the dealer more than the $100 I put down.  I used my eye infection to say I couldn't drive. Then I contacted you to help me find the coupon. You said it was in a white envelope, possibly in a bag, and on its way to me. Just had to tell you. Thanks again for the insight! Love to listen to you on "Let's Find Out." BOY - you sure can "find out!"