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1/31/17 I am from Oregon and have listened to you for a long time. I love your Ascension teaching shows, and am so glad to be on your mailing list. Please to hear there will be more to come.
Dorothy - Tillamook, OR

2/1/17 Just to let you know, your Ascension I teaching class on “Let’s Find Out” was wonderful. Looking forward to more classes and information.
Robert - Alabama

2/1/17 I loved the teaching shows, especially the second one. I never heard of Earth Angels and feel that maybe I’m a walk-in Earth Angel. Thank you so much for all the information you bring through “Let’s Find Out.”
Mike - Washington, DC

1/30/17 I have my annual subscription for Psychic Visions Plus, but had not heard your radio show on Your shows are fabulous! Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. I love it when Frank St. James is on, and your teaching shows as well.
Rosella Davis - New Orleans