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John Barbour is probably a nice man, and certainly lives in his own world. But when did he get the skills to actually do a great interview? NEVER?

He ask questions and then talks over the guest while they are trying to answer him. John seems to think that people listen in to his show just to hear his opinions and that may not be true!

In a great interview imo, the host speaks very little. John's intro takes 7 mins., its a good wait to even hear the guest. He doesn't seem to be prepared for the interview, he seems to bring opinion on all points. Sometimes even starts on topics himself that are unrelated to the guests topic, just goes on a personal rant. Isn't that what Facebook is for, John? Express your opinion on Facebook where people may care what your opinion is. I think people want to hear the guest while listening to bbs. Someone said John's interviews are as painful as getting a tooth pulled, but I say you get your gums numbed for that.....Johns interviews are more painful to listen to!