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MANSON IS DEAD: Cults are not. Similarities between cults and liberalism.

Here's a bulletpoint list of the similarities between most cults and the cult of Liberalism. Decide for yourself.




    •    Demonizes those who dare to disapprove or disagree.

    •    Isolates, mocks and bullies it's enemies.  Enemies are defined as anyone who could pose a threat to the organization.

    •    It's all about control and enriching itself but it is marketed as offering "freedom," altruism and a way to "help the world." 

    •    Everything exists to keep the cult going.

    •    Requires secrecy to hide its true beliefs and goals.

    •    Has a profound interest in your personal information, foibles, weaknesses; Whatever they can use to entice or coerce you to sell out.

    •    Frequently resorts to blackmail and fear-mongering to induce you to submit or keep quiet.

    •    Initially entices you with the promise of security, superiority to others and freedom from want.

    •    Slowly and systematically bullies you into submission, especially after it has taken a great deal of your income.

    •    Has "Messianic" leaders, who are continually enriched by the system, never have to live by the same rules they require of others, and are worshipped as Gods or super-human.

    •    Wants to separate you from those you love and make you suspicious of anything and everything but them. Sees independent, personal relationships and the "nuclear family" as a threat.

    •    Preys and thrives on the most gullible and lost people, searching for a Utopian dream.

    •    Retaliatory and vindictive toward outsiders and anyone who dares to criticize.

    •    Causes poverty financially and spiritually.

    •    Goes after children in order to indoctrinate them as early as possible.

    •    Doesn't mind telling outlandish lies in order to perpetuate itself and it's goals.

    •    Worships celebrity and treats certain people more special than others in order to perpetuate the cult.

    •    Contradictions and hypocrisy don't matter.  Just deny, deny, deny.

    •    Seeks to control every aspect of people's lives in order to perpetuate itself and maintain power.

    •    The deeper you get into the cult, the more you are willing to abandon every principle you got into the cult for.

    •    The longer you participate, the more controlled you become until you have been fully and completely enslaved.