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In Pursuit of Jesus

Are you pursuing Jesus, as Mary did in Luke 10:38-42? Or are you like her sister Martha, who loved God, but was too busy with processes, protocol, and criticizing other people, regarding what THEY are not doing? Check out the message titled In Pursuit of Jesus for more details.....

Martha was so busy with the bread in the stove, that she forgot the Bread of Life was in the house! She was so busy with handing her guest water, that she forgot the Living Water was in her home. Sometimes we forget Jesus is in the house, especially during church services, because we are too caught up in the protocol of the service. We forget to worship and praise Him. We forget to sit at His feet, as Mary did, and focus on building a relationship with Him! We as Christians get so distracted with paying attention to what other people should be doing, that we like Martha, are no longer doing anything at all, except criticizing others. We must always remember, Jesus wants a relationship with us! You build a relationship by spending time, and getting to know the person. Let's not get so caught up in our day to life, that we forget about Jesus. Begin by accepting Jesus as your Savior. Then learn of His principles. He wants to spend time with you! Get to know Him! Stop focusing on your usual day to day activity, and focus on Him! Remove the things and people that are distracting you from getting to know HIm! He is the most important person in the room! When you put Him first (Matthew 6:33), He will ensure that the other things that concern you are taken care of!


For more details, check out the archived message, In Pursuit of Jesus. Be blessed!