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Moving Away From Boat People

Did you hear the archived message on Moving Away From Boat People? Tell me your thoughts. Are there any people in your life that will never step out on faith, as Peter did with Jesus, but criticize you for doing so Are you a "water walker"? A person who believes God, no matter how impossible a task may seem?

We talked about "boat people" These are people who may never step out on faith, and trust God for those things that seem impossible. Peter, on the other hand, trusted God enough to walk on water with Jesus. Do you have the faith in God that causes you to be a "water walker"?  As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he could not fail. It was not until he looked at the situation, which was impossible without God, that he began to sink. Like many of us. When we take out eyes off God, we DO sink! When we look at the circumstances, instead of focusing on Jesus, we DO sink! Keep your eyes on God,  seek Him first, and success is yours!


Write me and tell me what you thought of this message. Simply go to archived shows, and click on the message, Moving Away From Boat People.