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Happy New Year! Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! Happy 2015!
I unexpectedly found myself sitting in an emergency session of family court the last day of 2014 supporting a friend in distress. The judge mentioned how 2014 had been a challenging year in her court. Several times. She was grumpy, doing the best she could with the wave of emergency situations to be dealt with in the final hours of the year. Acting mostly as traffic cop it seemed sorting through and directing the mass of paper for each case. In triplicate often. I was an impartial witness for a couple of hours to the proceedings that presented themselves as I held heart space for all as I waited. 
There was a lot of press that 2014 was a bad year and thank goodness it is over. Really? What if it was looked upon as a great year for stuff happening to break down behaviors, laws, constructs of society that really don’t work well or take advantage of, behaviors that rob people of self worth and respect for being.  Maybe 2014 was a time of light breaking through stuff that was rigid, poorly designed, limiting, and out to make a buck off the unsuspecting. A time to look at how we can justify any action for any reason and often out of context. There are many ways to look at the year 2014.
What 2014 represents is a Morphic field. A Morphic field is an energetic field dynamic, collectively held, filled with associations and words of thoughts around concepts which become accepted belief constructs. Sort of like urban myths. That thought that just seems to show up and gets energy behind it and either becomes accepted on some level and if challenged is usually found to not be based on too much or something subject to interpretation. And, yet, there it is. Going up against collective conscious and unconscious energies and trying to change them is rather like spitting in the wind. Expect to get wet. We know that one alone trying to change a Morphic field is rather useless. It is not that one can’t change the field but most don’t hold the reference that they can. Little guy never wins sort of thinking. What we can do though is change how we individually connect to the particular Morphic field of belief patterns. The experience of the Morphic field may change as a result. There are going to be all kinds of points of reference, a spectrum, to be found within the field. And when one becomes more than one of same vibrations, things can show up.  

Our bodies and minds are just receptacles for experiences, but they are not us, our essence. It only seems that way. They are our sensory and interpretive mechanisms that our sense of Consciousness is using this time around. What if Consciousness is a neutral medium allowing for all?  What if there is only warmth and acceptance; Grace, that does not judge, just allows. What if there was no attachment to what you experience in your life? On this level there is no victim, there is no crime, there is only life expressing itself. Those words are judgments our sensory body, and interpretive mind decide upon. So whatever choice Consciousness is making is okay. Pain, grief, etc. is okay, as much as love, joy, dancing. But we decide. We judge. We each and collectively have lots of beliefs about what Life is and isn’t. There is such great wisdom to be found in how you have framed your life from a personal place. Key is to recognize it from perspective of the All and know that you can transcend the patterns of behavior or explore the spectrum held within, if you so choose.  

There is nothing wrong with having a judge within. The judging just sets up the parameters of being. It is a moment of discernment brought to it’s final position. All of us have judge, jury, court, accused, guilty, liar and innocent active in us. Often it is a hung jury. Maybe a judge not impartial to our story as might be expected. No mercy, no appreciations for extenuating circumstances. “Innocent until proven guilty”, not “guilty until proven innocent” is what this country’s judicial system is built on. It is different from country to country. Justice is questionable and uncertain.

We get triggered to look at our stuff all the time. Anytime you are in a reaction is an opportunity to check in. Being willing to look is key. Being willing to challenge the assumptions is helpful. Being willing to allow for the mercy of the internal court is precious. You do not have to judge yourself for what you know and have gained.
Maybe take a few moments then and use your skill sets to access your awareness of the field of the heart. If all Life is precious, maybe unique in how it is showing up in comparison, then:
Who am I to judge? What do I judge? When do I judge? Where do I judge? Why do I judge? Who is judging me? Whose voice am I bringing from the past into the present that defines me and how I feel about life?
The time is right to ask ourselves these questions.
Send me a comment! Let me know how you are feeling about 2014, 2015!