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Exploring a New Sense of Balance and Harmony

Exploring a New Sense of Balance and Harmony

Hello All,
In this new year so far the theme in the body is the awareness of proprioception. For those of you who know about this, pardon if I explain the following incorrectly. I am the patient. Proprioception means one’s own, individual and perception, as in the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. It is where our joints of bone, tendons, ligaments and muscles come together and create motion. If I have this right, there is a monitoring mechanism as nerves, perception, tracking how much energy needs to be used to call upon the resources of sugar, oxygen, etc. that generate fuel in being alive and expressive. As an awareness of energies in either physical or a metaphorical sense maybe you can see how this plays out in your world.
The proprioception nerves may not always relate to each other. To know where you are in space and within yourself requires a complexity of simplicity that we can take for granted. Your brain tracks and holds information of many different systems that work harmoniously to keep us in balance, upright in gravity and the ability to know the difference. Human design that allows us to express locomotion as the breath or moving our arms and legs is amazing.  Most goes unnoticed until something happens or the brain looses its adaptability to compensate or its awareness that it is compensating.
Our systems are designed that where there is a perception of weakness, which is really awareness of capacity not being realized, other parts of the brain will take up the slack as best they can to restore balance. My vision skills stepped up, you might say, when I was very young and literally, have been keeping me upright for years. It is inherent in us to strive for balance, for harmony. That is what life has to have in order to live at its fullest potential and to continue. It is about checks and balances. That is harmony, the relationship between the checks and balances. Consciousness technologies like Matrix Energetics identify these as states of realities and using potential allows us to shift those states to ease into new realties of balance and joyful harmony.
On a metaphorical level it has been playing out with the releasing of illusions of where I think I am and where I truly am. Heart has stepped in more often in my interaction with self and others since my surgery in November. The judgments and distinctions that I have assumed are me in many ways, when they are only thoughts, are falling away to reveal the discernments that I as consciousness have chosen to explore in this embodiment. How much energy have I expressed to keep myself upright and doing the right thing and moving forward in pursuit of goals and assumptions? There are many ways to play with this system of design.
In one of our consciousness technology's play group I shared with the others the simple tests that I had been doing in the clinic to check out and build new skills in my balance. We pretty much all failed. It was rather eye opening how much energy we expend in very simple actions. We have all adapted and compensate and spend energy we are not aware of to maintain our balance in life. If you feel your inner resources keep draining out it is just going somewhere else and not in your body awareness. If you have trouble breathing or high blood sugar and havent felt you have all the answers maybe consider what is taxing your breath and energy resources in new ways.  
If you are curious do the following:
Stand in a corner of a room in the vee of where the walls meet. Put your feet together and just stand. Register what your body does. Then, keeping your feet still together close your eyes and notice. The walls are there to catch you if needed. This will tell you how much you are using your vision to keep upright, to see your way level.
Next stand on a pillow or a piece of foam with your feet together. See what happens when you close your eyes. If you have issues, connect to your feet and let them “earth” you, connecting your awareness to the center of earth. Allow it to center you between heart and pelvis and align.
If anything comes up maybe take the time to use your various skill sets and access your inner balance. See what answers come up out of the depth. 
Janet Barrett
Co host Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet