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The messages in recurring or lingering pain

What a great week it was. In group we explored lingering pain in the body. Several of us were reporting on physical pain that had been dealt with more than once and was showing up again, or had become a dull roar. We might wonder sometimes if consciousness technologies work when something doesn’t seem to magically clear away, or it magically clears away and then magically comes back. We have not failed to resolve or save or fix it. What is magically happening is maybe information revealing itself out of the matrix of our being. Maybe what was suppressed and re-encoded as something else is now available in a new way. Consciousness is at play and yours is playing. It is deciding what comes next. Your whole life could be shaping itself around the information and biases you have. Probably is and it doesn’t really matter. Our bodies can serve as a collection of assorted aches and pains of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual information. We can tend to hold our concerns in a couple of locations physically. It can just be referred references. Which could be why we might think it is the same old hurt when it is not. Maybe we can now notice what the pain has come to represent in another way or dimension or time.
What is important is to allow for a fresh, neutral approach of grace to be engaged. We notice and relax. Relaxing is important. We don’t want to put the pressure of having to have something happen engaged. Rather defeats the sense of neutral. There is nothing to do. How committed are we to making something happen? Yes, we all understand we want something to happen, and we have to let go of that. Most often magic and miracles happen when you are busy elsewhere and your focus is off your thinking and wanting. Watched pots never boil sort of thing.
You can’t judge yourself good or bad by your results as that is not helpful. You might want to check in and see if you have a rule in place about healing, being able to help yourself or others and all kinds of perhaps other hidden rules. Which is what can be happening here. Am I holding the information in a conditional mindset, or am I allowing for a free flowing sensory awareness? How do you relate to the flow? It is easy to judge it. And that too needs to be put aside.

How we engage information is funny at times. Sometimes is can be quite fleeting and it sort of toys with you. Until you allow it to play fully with you. As your sensory mechanisms are embraced, it gets easier. Often I hear from others that they had been noticing something for quite awhile but were afraid to speak as it seemed too....? Shift happens whether we verbalize it or not if we are sitting in grace with it. But, it can get “more real” when it is spoken for some. It depends on how you relate to informational states. You bring it into form consciously or unconsciously always. Engaging information consciously seems to satisfy our sense of control. But it is not necessary and frequently gets in the way. When you have been to a Matrix Energetics seminar you see that happen all the time! Allowing ourselves to just have an experience of any sort is a helpful guideline. When you are in grace there is no conversation about good or bad experiences as Consciousness.
Do you have a lingering pain or discomfort of some sort that just keeps showing up? Take time to access the field of the heart and the ever powerful All of Unified Consciousness. Notice what you notice. Follow where your attention takes you. It could be a thought or picture or an itch. Whatever. And if you go blank, then just notice the blank. How is it useful? How is blankness useful? Let it maybe be a chalkboard and write on it. There are no rights or wrong about any of this. Sit and allow for what is showing up to show up. Sometimes we have to sit if we have it set up that way. Remove the timing element. Where is the state of you having an answer right now where there has been no answer before? With ME, we know that labels can be traps. Be open to having no labels. Where is the state of the lingering pain? What if it was out there, not here?
Just notice. Have fun.



Janet Barrett

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