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Marking our time in Consciousness

Marking our time in Consciousness

Hello All,
It has been another year. Wow. It was different from the year before and the same in many ways. You would have to remind me specifics about this past year as it all kind of blends together after awhile. I do remember I got old enough to want to anchor my sense of ageless reality into my body and mind and spirit.

Time is a most interesting premise and as a morphic field it is a power that unites us. It is a collectively held reality that was created at some time in the past as a way to anchor in Consciousness. It serves a way to mark our experiences of past, present, future. These distinctions would seem important to life. For those of us using consciousness technologies we realize it is only a marker and can subjective, helpful and yet limiting so we allow it to be a fluid reality. When you do that it can really shake up things if you are really time based in your experiences.

When I go to reflect where I was this time last year I can’t really. Which is okay. I am trusting that I was being present, in the moment, and gave it my best shot of involvement when life was happening. 

We reflect, celebrate, commiserate, compensate and validate this moment we call the end of 2014. Where ever the end of 2014 is for each of us is subjective, personal, unique and resonating out into the collective. Where we are at the beginning of what we say is 2015 also follows.
 It is nice to know one can explain life with some rocks, a jar and some chocolate milk. Only 2 1/2 minutes.  Happy End of 2014! Happy New 2015!
Here’s to dancing together in 2015!


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