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Living YOUR Souls' Journey

Learning to trust and not worry

Sunday.....a day of rest, relaxing and walking in the mountains, at least that is my spiritual days plan.  It is my natural "church", being with God, nature and self.

It reminds me of my day where my family and I walked with the wolf from Colorado. Many would say how dangerous or scary, but for us it was a day of trust.  Knowing the folks we were working with knew the wolf, and trusting ourselves to relax and communicate with the wolf enough to know he knew we were not threatening him.

As I sit and look out over the mountains, knowing we are safe, it reminds me that worry only brings frustration, trust brings peace.

So you may be asking, how do I trust and not worry?  Well, it is an individual process but in my life I have seen that in trust you bring in more than you expected in good fortune and in worry, it puts a cloud around your energy field which actually stops the good fortune flow.  Once I felt and saw that in my own life, it shifted the viewpoint.

I talk alot about this on the radio show and love input on how other have learned to trust and not worry.  Until next time, Many Blessings and Trust....You deserve to be happy!!!!

Dr. Vikke, Living Your Souls Journey