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Are Your Positive Affirmations like Sleeping Dogs?

Do you wonder if all those constant affirmations are all asleep when nothing happens you keep "requesting"?

So many of us constantly have positive affirmations pasted on our refrigerator, mirrors, desks and any other place we can find.  Do you ever wonder why you keep saying the same statement over and over again with no result?

Have you ever pondered that maybe if you keep saying "I am healthy, rich and wise" that your sub conscious will eventually get it ? Is it possible that you already are healthy, rich and wise and aren't acknowledging it?

For years I spent hours it seemed doing positive affirmations.  Then, I finally took some responsibility for my sub conscious "unknown" thoughts and then life became to make more sense.  So many folks fight themselves with conscious thoughts where the subconscious is saying something else you are not even aware of?

None of it was totaling making sense to me because we have a souls journey that we are to follow, yet we can create our own does all of that work?

Afformations work better for me personally than affirmations.  Afformations form what we are choosing with a questions.   Your sub conscious then has to answer the positive question rather than the negative one that runs through our minds so often. For example, Why am I so thin?  Why am I so smart on computer issues?  Instead of, why am I so fat, why can't I get this?  

Once I started using Noah St. John's afformation theory, life has become so much easier.  

Just thoughts for the day. Why are you so brilliant at this and why is your life so wonderful?

Until next week or sometime,  Be Blessed and if you don't feel blessed when you hear that say "Why am I always so blessed? and see what happens.  Dr. Vikke  Living Your Souls Journey