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Why We Can Live Our Souls Journey

When you understand the laws we all operate under, it is much easier and abundantly freeing to be able to walk our own Soul's Journey!

There are many laws that we operate under or by.  The laws of nature or spiritual laws, the laws of the physical universe and our own laws.

Many folks know the law of attraction, the law of karma and maybe a few more, yet there are many many more which affect us every day, whether we know them or not.

The laws of man are those that are made in our courts, in our legislature and ones we must follow everyday to stay out of trouble and remain free. Most of these laws we "sort of know" but the details we leave to lawyers who operate in those fields. For instance, I used to know the juvenile code for Georgia like the back of my hand because I practiced law in those courts for over 10 years.  Many of those laws I didn't know as an attorney though until I actually practiced in that field.

The issues with physical laws are that they are made by people and folks have another law they operate on, their own laws!

We look at the world today and see that there are wars, upsets and upheavals all around the world. People are operating by their own laws, made in their world and made in their countries.  The natural laws remain the same.  Although, man has learned to allegedly change these spiritual laws by their own religion and viewpoints.  Again, operating under all sets of laws, depending on your beliefs and viewpoints.

Unless the laws of the individual are also balanced with the physical and spiritual laws, the entire balance is upset.  Who is to say what is right and wrong, but when your own environment is not balanced, it is a key sign that something may need a shift.

Having a wonderful numerologist in my life, Richard Andrew King, I knew that changes were coming but I expected them to be all external.  Not quite is actually happening internally which is creating an external physical universe change.

Learning to balance all sets of the laws is a life time journey in itself. We get guidance all along the way yet if our own set of laws don't have discernment, boundaries and balance, the way we look at the spiritual and physical laws are changed.

Balance can be achieved and you can live God's journey for you, what I call living your souls' journey, either way, it brings peace, harmony and happiness.  Why not chose to live YOUR Souls Journey in balance.  Spiritual, physical and your laws, all in sync.  Until next time, Be Blessed. Dr. Vikke  "Living YOUR Soul's Journey"