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Divine Feminine Essence

If the Divine Feminine Essence (The Goddess) rejects . . . out of fear . . . the Divine Masculine Energy

If the Divine Feminine Essence (The Goddess) rejects  . . . out of fear . . . the Divine Masculine Energy because of that side of him, which she sees as his “aggressive nature” . . . a man will have difficulty accepting himself.    The Divine Masculine Source will feel self-hatred and turns its anger inwards when it is prevented from receiving the love of the Goddess.  This will lead the Divine Masculine Energy to suppress its inner nature.  As a result, it's possible that the men have learned to express themselves in ways that are unhealthy, socially unacceptable, and even destructive.  This is one theory that attempts to explain the violent behavior displayed by the male gender.  It is part of a more complicated theory that includes the acceptance of certain dysfunctional social paradigms.  Please keep in mind that explanations do not justify negative behavior.  We all have “darkness" within us (in both genders).  However, this does mean we should tolerate abuse.  Everyone must take personal responsibility for their behavior. <3

Blessings, <3

~ David Almeida <3

Author and Mystic