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The illusion of duality

Humans see both chaos and order in the universe. This is the illusion of duality.

Humans see both chaos and order in the universe.  This is the illusion of duality.  Chaos is an intense manifestation of change.  Change is always present in the universe.  There is order in the change.  Change is essential to personal growth and spiritual evolution.  It is meant to challenge our spirit.  Change challenges us to come out of our comfort zone.  The challenges we experience in life should motivate us to rise to our heights of human potential and achieve greatness.  Do not reject change. Embrace it! 

Blessings <3

~ David Almeida <3

Author and Mystic

You are a treasure trove of information. You really should consider getting your own Radio show on BBS Radio! A man with your gifts and insight would be a boone for everyone listening! Cheers,