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This is the Age of Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness expands its awareness inward and outward as it interprets and assimilates the lessons and insights we receive through personal journey. These lessons come primarily from the insights we gain as we overcome our tests and challenges in the (outer) physical reality. We call this personal growth and development.

We all have different beliefs systems, religions leanings, personal philosophies, and ways of explaining the mystery of life.  Some people are determined push their beliefs on others.  A number of these individuals feel so strongly about the superiority and correctness of their beliefs, that they are willing pay the ultimate price of death to defend them.  We need to understand and respect that all beliefs have value to the person expressing them.  This essay represents my current understanding and my truth. 

We are born of a divine nature. We originate from a divine source of unconditional love and acceptance.  The Universal Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Spirit, etc. . . . manifests in human form to further its spiritual evolution.  Therefore, I feel it’s safe to say that “God” or the “Creator” possess’ all human qualities (even a sense of humor).  I am not promoting an entirely paganistic view of the God-head, as I believe the Creator is a Collective Being. I like to think us as a Collective Consciousness.

The experience of life takes place within our minds.  The Universal Mind through its collective parts (Higher Powers or Collective Entities) sends out individual spirits (You and I) to experience life on its behalf.  We create tests and challenges through pre-planning or pre-life designs (missions) that enable us to improve upon aspects of our character.  I call this the “pursuit of perfection” or the process of perfection.  The paradox of this being that “the present is always perfect” and change (conflict) is the natural state of the universe.

Our Higher Powers (Higher-self) carry’s out the “Human Experiment” through the uncertain (outer) shared reality we perceive through our (primarily) physical senses.  We each interpret and give personal meaning to the situations and conditions we encounter outside our minds.  These interpretations are generally based and built upon our prior experiences and the information received from other sources.

The Collective Consciousness expands its awareness inward and outward as it interprets and assimilates the lessons and insights we receive through personal journey.  These lessons come primarily from the insights we gain as we overcome our tests and challenges in the (outer) physical reality.  We call this personal growth and development.  Personal improvement leads to an expansion of consciousness, which occurs on all levels and all planes of existence.  This includes all past, future, and alternate realities.

The time has come for humanity to remove its blinders, awaken, and evolve to a higher vibration.  This is the Age of Consciousness.

Love, light, and blessings <3

~ David Almeida, Author and Mystic <3


The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift is a celestial event many people are talking about.  The Paradigm Shift is a force of change unfolding in the world.  Not only is the Paradigm Shift a divine decree . . . it is the natural consequence of humanity’s desperate attempt it’s fulfill its needs through materialistic pursuits.  This internal conflict has lead humanity to act out its fears by destroying the delicate environmental systems that make this planet habitable for life.

I use the term Cosmic Administrators as an alternative name for "God" or the "Creator.  The Cosmic Administrators are the higher forces that manage environmental systems like the food chain and the weather.  The mechanics of the physical world is intricate.  Anyone with a fascination for science and an appreciation of nature understands the intricacy of the physical world. 

I'm aware that the Cosmic Administrators are Collective Beings . . . very much like Seth (author Jane Roberts) and Abraham (author Esther Hicks).  Collective entities are comprised of individual spirits who organize as one consciousness with a common purpose.  I believe Collectives maintain a hierarchical order much like any human society.  They speak to humanity through channlers/mediums with one voice.  The entity “Legion” is an example of a Collective Intelligence.  In the Bible, Jesus Crist is said to have asked a “demon-possessed” man “What is your name?”  The entity replied “We are Legion for we are many.”

The Collectives are interested in spiritual evolution and expansion of consciousness.  The “human experiment” is a term I use to describe the conditions in the physical world that spirits arrange for themselves in order to work on improving aspects of their character.  This is accomplished through the many tests and challenges we experience in learning our lessons.  We refer to this as personal growth and development.

My intuitive understanding is that the human race has not exhibited the kind of positive growth the Cosmic Administrators were hoping to see.  We are expected to contribute to the expansion of the Universal Consciousness (The ALL Or The ONE).  In other words, the human race is not entirely a success story.  Much like the races that have come before us . . . the Atlantis and Lemuria . . . we are at a crucial time in the evolution of our race.

Humans have never understood the value of learning tools such as stress, guilt, conflict, and pain.  They powerful emotions are meant to help us experience growth.  We have been waging the same religious and political wars for thousands of years without learning our lessons.  For those who believe in reincarnational theory, it’s evident that many spirits have been reincarnating lifetime after lifetime attempting to resolve the same conflicts in their relationships.  These unproductive and self-defeating patterns continue on until a higher authority decides to bring the experiment to a conclusion.

The Paradigm Shift encourages humans (sleepers) to awaken to the true nature of reality.  I am speaking of the oneness and connectedness of all conscious beings.  The awakening is a transformational event.  It requires us to conduct an inner-self exploration of our belief systems.  More often than not, there is a darkness that lies within us.  When I say refer to the darkness, I’m not talking about original sin.  The darkness is our fears.  The dark forces hold us prisoner when we accept societal lies.  Their power over us relies on our acceptance of false and limiting beliefs.  These harmful belief systems keep us from being our authentic-selves.  This inhibits our creative self-expression.  The suppression of creativity makes us angry and produces a sense of self-hatred in us.  We take this self-loathing out on each other and the planet with our destructive behavior.  By facing our fears and emptying ourselves our negativity . . . we are rejecting the dark forces, and allowing love and light to fill our souls.

Love, light, and blessings to all,

~ David Almeida  8> <3 <8


I believe that people should stay together in a relationship (a partnership) only as long as it is "working", and there is growth. What comes out of a relationship should be mutually beneficial and agreeable to both parties. That may mean our relationships last a week or a life-time.

I feel that we need to be challenged in our personal relationships. We should expect to have "arguments" with our partner. I prefer to think of them as "constructive conflicts". This theory has to do with "What doesn't kill you, makes you (and the relationship) stronger". I wrote about this in my first book. It's about "getting the lessons". What new insights about yourself and the outside world can you take away from your relationships? We do not need to experience drama in our relationships. A relationship certainly shouldn't involve any kind of abuse. This is something I will not tolerate.

I am of the opinion that most relationships require a certain amount of effort to keep them alive. You should be interested and involved in what your partner is doing. Your partner should also take interest in your life (We also need to have hobbies and friends of our own). It's vital to seek out new experiences. We need to do things that challenge ourselves and each other. Romantic partners should create opportunities to explore the perceived limits of the relationship.

Lack of intimacy is a good sign that a relationship is no longer working. Infidelity is a clear signal that a mate is either not interested in an exclusive relationship; the person is confused about what he/she wants, or there is a lack of positive growth.

If your partner no longer wants to work on the relationship, or wants to explore other options, then we need to respect our mate's desire to move on. We typically personalize our partner's decision to leave the relationship. "I must have done something wrong". It's normal to feel hurt, rejected, and abandoned when attachments and bonds have been broken. This doesn't mean the relationship failed, or that there is anything that "you" did to cause your partner to leave, or cheat.

We are whole people. We have many "needs". Please refer to Maslow's pyramid. I also wrote about "personal needs" in my book: "Illusion of the Body". Receiving love from other people is a need. It's a big one. Humans are not meant to be alone for lengthy periods of time. In my humble opinion, your spirit will eventually die without love. This is true even if we know our own worth. Self-love is not the same as the deeper love and connection we experience from being in an intimate relationship. People are meant to be involved in many kinds of relationships. That's how we learn and grow.

Soul mates relationships are a different experience. I have found them to be intellectually fulfilling. Soul mates can profoundly impact our learning and life experience. Soul mates have insight and wisdom that we are not likely not find in other kinds of relationships.

We have many soul mates. There is usually an instant attraction to a soul mate. The feeling is unmistakable. Two soul mates (personalities) are not always compatible. That doesn't mean soul mates can't learn from each other as friends or maintain professional relationships. Since there are many soul mates to choose from... I tend to think that a "twin flame" is the divine masculine and feminine energies. The twin flame becomes a unified force for positive growth when successful partnerships are pursued.

Most of us have had at least one "traumatic experience" in our childhood or with our past intimate relationships. I'm not interested in "fixing" a person. If you are going to get involved romantically with someone, it's important to determine what the other person's needs are. Get to know this person (as best you can) before taking steps that involve commitment.

We are mirrors for each other. The purpose of a relationship (in my mind) is to support each other in improving aspects of our character. We also come together to support each other in our ambitions for success. Be sure you are willing to work with the other person on his/her issues. The other person also needs to be willing to work with us on our issues. The only true test to know whether a relationship is going to work is to play it out.

Also... is there a perfect time to start a new relationship? I believe that fear of failure and being hurt, keeps us from being in the game and experiencing love. Our fears hold us back from being successful... at everything in life. It's okay to take a break and collect our thoughts. We should always be reflecting on our experiences.

I don't start a project with the idea that it's going to "fail". If that were the case, I would have given up on my dreams the first time "something didn't work out". I wouldn't have bothered doing anything. In fact, there was a time when I did stop living certain parts of my life. I became discouraged. So I learned satisfied with less than what I really wanted for myself. It's not worth giving up on pursuing your happiness, because you are afraid of pain. I don't know whether all of this sounds too idealistic, but it's what came to me.

Love, light, and blessings,

David Almeida

Mistrust typically originates in the experiences that caused you pain in your personal relationships. It could stem from not getting your needs met when you were a child. Some people have abandonment issues. This could cause feelings of insecurity. People who are insecure falsely believe they are not good enough to be loved. People significant in their lives have been given them a message that they do not matter, and they do measure up to some illusive standard. This unfortunate circumstance causes the person to believe that he or she does not deserve to be in a loving a relationship. It's a negative voice that whispers "I am unworthy." Ask yourself why you can't trust.

I do know that it's difficult to maintain a successful relationship with a person who you do not trust. Your partner is normally a person you can count on and the first person you turn to when need support (of any kind).

If you are prone to testing people's loyalty, just realize that you will never be happy with the results. You will continue to test the loyalty of your partner, friends, and family without satisfaction. This comes from living in fear that people are out to hurt you. Before entering into any kind of relationship, you should trust that your partner will never hurt you. After all, a person who loves you should not want to harm you. That is a universal truth. This is why I have trouble with the karmic relationship theory. Abuse does equal love.

I worked as a professional people called when they needed assistance in solving their domestic problems. In every case, I worked; the trust factor had been violated. Even if the client's mate was not cheating the client believed it to be true. No evidence I obtained to the contrary was going to change this mistaken belief. It's difficult to have a successful relationship or partnership when suspicion of a mate's faithfulness exists.

If you behave in a way that communicates to your partner that you mistrust him or her, you can be sure that your partner will not trust you either. This will create animosity and conflict in your relationship. I encourage you to look within yourself to find these false beliefs and replace with them with the truth. This is the truth that you are worthy of being loved. There is no other truth worthy of our consideration, as it would simply be a false truth.


I call myself a mystic. Mystics study a branch of philosophy known as metaphysics. Metaphysicians (also called metaphysicists) contemplate the mysteries of life and form philosophical theories to explain them. One the main truths a mystic seeks to answer is the elusive "meaning of life". It sounds like such a noble quest doesn't it? Being a seeker of the "truth" is actually something all humans do. We all want to find meaning in our lives. Mystics call it the path of illumination.

My understanding is that the meaning of life is tied to a person's personal growth and spiritual evolution. Humans (as spiritual beings) make use of physical reality (life) as a testing ground for challenging themselves to improve various aspects of their character. I call it the "pursuit of perfection." I say this because human spirits are engaged in a timeless journey to perfect their character. The truth is we will never reach this illusory "ultimate" state of perfection. That is because "the present is always perfect". Our reality is constantly changing, and us with it, therefore, the perfection we seek is found in the "change" itself.

For the past two years, I have been engaging in an inner self-exploration. In doing so, I have come to know myself and what drives my ego. This difficult process has helped me to define my character. One important revelation that came to me is that there is nothing a person can do persuade me to violate my integrity... if I choose to not participate. I am not motivated by wealth, sex, or any other worldly pleasure. I don't consider myself a saint. That couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that I have allowed other people to influence my behavior in the past. I now understand that it's my choice. I learned this lesson by taking responsibility for my experiences. By doing this, I have taken control of my future.

In establishing my integrity, I took a stand against the negative influences that have continuously challenged me in this life. However, I mistakenly believed I had filled in all of my holes. It created a false sense of security in me. I realized that I had overlooked one obvious gaping wound. It had to do with my perception of the world and the people in it.

My twenty year career as a "professional problem-solver (investigator), forced me to become intimately familiar with the darker side of life. I witnessed the terrible ways in which humans mistreat each other in their personal relationships. This experience contributed to my cynical attitude towards humanity. I accepted the "enemy's" suggestion that humanity is "fundamentally flawed". When I speak of the enemy, I am referring to any suggestion we accept that adversely affects our view of the world. As the saying goes - we are our own worst enemy.

I realized that I was only hurting myself by accepting the false belief that people are out to intentionally harm each other on such a grand scale. I understand that my personal beliefs create the reality I am experiencing. I do not want to experience a reality like that. The truth is there is nothing wrong with any of us. I'm going to add some confusion to the metaphysical philosophy concerning "perfection".

I hear people say "I am not perfect. I am only human." I disagree. I am willing to make a bold statement that we are all perfect. We are perfect in the moment. By stating that we are imperfect, we perpetuate the myth that there is an ideal condition a person must reach in order to be acceptable to ourselves and society. As a society, we attempt to define this perfect state. We engage in an exchange of ideas to create an image of how we believe our fellow humans should look, feel, and behave. We make dangerous judgments about ourselves and others. We create false perceptions about ourselves and our place in the world. This needs to stop.

These false beliefs only serve to hurt us. Negative emotions create internal conflicts in us. Experienced life coach professionals call them "limiting beliefs". These are the kind of beliefs that lead people to believe that there is only one right way to live. We communicate these false beliefs to each other in our conversations. They are called opinions. Sometimes we turn them into ideologies. We pass laws to enforce these ideologies. We will even murder our fellow humans who disagree with us to defend them. This kind of thinking is dangerous to our health. It destroys our personal relationships. It leads to feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. They make us sick physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Limiting beliefs tell us that there is only one right way to live. They are the beliefs that tell us we are "right". If your beliefs lead you to hate others who take an opposing view, you can be certain these are limiting beliefs. They keep you from experiencing happiness. Limiting beliefs prevent you from giving, receiving, and experiencing love. Limiting beliefs are the ones that tell us there is something wrong with the way other people live.

The irony of limiting beliefs is that they make us self-consciousness. We point the finger at others, while at the same time worrying what they might be thinking about us. Deep down inside we fear being labeled "different". We want to be socially accepted by our peers. We don't want to be branded an outsider or outcast.

If we could only understand that reality is like two sides of the same coin. Then we would understand the concept of "separate but equal." We are spiritually connected to one another. We all originate from the same source. One person is no more valuable than another in the spirit world. I can assure you that John F. Kennedy Jr.'s spirit has no more value than a beggar's spirit to the other souls that inhabit the other side. The status and popularity a person achieves in this life has no meaning in the afterworld.

Beliefs are illusory. The labels we give ourselves and each other have no real meaning or value. These beliefs do not define us. We have invented far too many damaging labels. To counter this trend some groups have succeeded in passing anti-discrimination laws to protect our most vulnerable populations:

Religious choice
Sexual preference
Political affiliation
Disability (physical, mental, and emotional)
Ethnic background
Marital status
And so much more

Discrimination is a form of hatred. It alienates people. It hurts the people we discriminate against. It hurts us, as well. This hatred is destroying society. We have bought into the false belief that there is one correct way to live. Unfortunately, we always seem to find something wrong with the way other people live. We also see these perceived faults in ourselves. It is our limiting beliefs that cause us perceive life this way. It is our all-too-important beliefs that are keeping us from experiencing genuine relationships. It stops us from allowing others to be themselves. In truth, we fear that we are not okay. We believe that something is wrong with us because we see flaws in other people. This needs to stop.

I refuse to accept that humanity is fundamentally flawed. I am no longer going to perpetuate this paradigm. It's my theory that the meaning of life has do with learning and improving our character. I like the thought that we are all a work in progress. That does not mean that there is anything inherently wrong with any one of us.

Don't get me wrong. I am condoning bad behavior. I am a supporter of the Golden Rule. This means that we should strive treat others the way we wish to be treated. Most people like to be treated with respect and dignity. I can't think of too many people who truly enjoy being exploited and abused; even if they say otherwise. This is only their guilt and shame talking.

Ideally we should accept people with unconditional love. Stop putting labels on people. We should not attempt to force our personal beliefs on others. Stop thinking that other people must live as you live and think as you think. This is wrong. It will ruin all of your personal relationships. Until we allow other people to have their beliefs and be themselves, we will continue to live in fear of being judged by them. How does it feel to live in fear? Not too good I'll bet. There is an easy way out. Just stop the lies.


The very nature of an Empath causes us to be a human lie detector. This ability has served me well in my career. Along with emotion, an Empath might use body language and an unknown intuitive sense in determining a person's truthfulness. In fact, as an Empath, I am able to size up a person's character in less than ten seconds. I need not know anything about the person, nor is it necessary for the person to say anything. I believe this is called reading a person or sizing them up.

I admit I have been wrong about people. I feel that (for me) this innate sense may be accurate about 80% of the time (or so). For this reason, I am careful not to rely on this method. I also use logic to back up my assumptions.

It's fairly easy to identify the hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and con-artists by using rational and reasonable thinking. In the case of con-artists, all that is necessary to see through their schemes is to remember the ancient wisdom "If it's too good to be true then it probably is." This kind of thinking does not require being an Empath. If you would like to improve your awareness, there are decent websites that offer exercises one can practice. I've provided meditative exercises on this subject in my books and articles. I'm sure Gary has as well. The simplest thing a person can do to develop his or her intuition is be open to new ideas, or just be open-minded.

Even when theories have evidence to back them up, their premise is subject to debate. The skeptic's sacred truths are also included in this cautionary statement. I have my doubts about a few widely accepted theories our esteemed acamedian's insist are fact. The research of our scientific investigators is often flawed because they fail to consider unconventional information.

Please consider that the information you are submitting to the Internet may be nothing more than over-blown rumors, which add to the confusion of the world. The information that I give is metaphysical theory. I do not expect anyone to accept my theories at face value. I actually discourage it. If I claim that reality is an illusion, I would ask that my readers do some self-exploration and learn this for themselves. It's essential for spiritual growth that people think for themselves. It's only my role to help people become aware of such matters.

Anyone can be wrong in their beliefs. On the other hand, reluctance to explore the unknown parts of reality is impeding the progress our race. We must be willing to consider ideas which are foreign to our intellect. Those ideas that are of unknown origin, and do not have the support of scientific evidence may be worthy of further research. Rejecting an entire field of study, such as the paranormal or metaphysics is neither sensible nor desirable. A lack of understanding does not make a claim wrong.

On a spiritual level, there are many ego-centric power hungry entities in the universe who seek to deceive mankind to further their own agenda. Their behavior has led our race to adopt a number of false beliefs, especially in religion. The activities of beings claiming superiority, is something we need to be aware of. Some of our kind's most widely held beliefs have no basis in reality. Higher knowledge is that which is acquired through an unknown source. The information received from these undefined sources can be assessed using one's intuitive sense. My discussion is leading into an area that is outside the scope of this article, so I'll stop here.

The other day, a fellow spiritualist informed me that scientists have established the existence of ten dimensions. The person who made this remark recently awakened and is now exploring the complex world of metaphysics. This was evident to me when he asked where authorities in the field of metaphysics get their credentials to back up their claims. I explained to him that there are no experts or specialists in mysticism. Metaphysics is the study of concepts that are beyond the reach of science in this age. These concepts are often communicated to us by higher beings through channels. There are no experts in this area that can substantiate the higher knowledge that forms the basis of our understanding of the nature of reality and our inner selves.

Time and space are by far the most studied and discussed metaphysical subjects. Mystics and other illumined persons understand that time is a concept invented by humans and exists only in physical reality. Spirits and higher beings exist outside of time. Time is experienced in the moment. There is only now. This is fairly easy to understand for those with any experience in metaphysics.

The concept of space and dimension is a little more difficult to comprehend. We all agree that the physical universe and even the nonphysical universe (which are not separate) are infinite. I like to call this the multiverse for simplicity. The multiverse has no beginning or end to it. That's the easy part. The law of infinite reality states that because the multiverse is infinite, there are no barriers to creation. No limits can be placed on the divine spirit we call God. God is therefore free to create universe upon universe, hence the term multiverse.

In light of what I have shared, it is easy to understand that there can be an unlimited number of dimensions. The possibilities are endless. God is not limited to five dimensions or even ten. Dimension is not an issue. In fact, it is actually an illusion. Space is very much like time in the sense that there is not only "now," but also "here." If you put them together you have the phrase "here and now." Humans are not three dimensional. Physical reality only gives the appearance of three dimensions. Some advanced entities speaking through channels have stated that we are multi-dimensional beings. I encourage you to seek out their books. Some of these books are well known and have sold millions of copies.

The multiverse is mental in nature. Our thoughts create things. Our thoughts enable us to be in one place and then another instantly, or even in two places at once. This is why space is a bit of an illusion. It's difficult to conceive of such a reality, because we only know physical reality. The idea of a reality that lacks time and space is beyond our understanding. We may experience this kind of environment upon our passing from this world. Eventually humanity will get to the point where this information will be common knowledge.

Understand that the Collective Consciousness (humanity and all it has created) is a complex, organized system operating on many levels. The Collective Consciousness is like a mechanical engine. When an engine (like the kind in a typical gas powered motor vehicle) is performing as it should, things should run without interruption. However, when a part fails . . . the engine will eventually breakdown. This scenario is true with any system and organization. There is always risk involved in any situation where one member of an organization depends on another member to keep the system operating efficiently.

The analogy of a mechanical engine breaking down is a situation that can occur within any system or organization, including, governments, societies, corporations, and families. We are an integrated global community. Most societies are dependent on trade imports and exports from foreign nations in order to get their needs met. As a result, we have created a massive global economic system.

Every living person belongs to the Collective Consciousness. The situations we perceive in the outer world (which we are experiencing within our minds) are part of a “shared reality”. What we think and how we behave has an effect on the people around us. Our behavior influences other people’s “personal realities”.

On a global scale . . . it’s conceivable that the self-hatred many of us feel and project out to the world (as negative behavior) will have a negative impact on the systems we depend on for survival of our race. It’s possible that if one major economy or nation were to fall, it could cause a domino or ripple effect (the law of cause and effect) within the global community leading to a total collapse.

To avoid this undesirable outcome we need to be conscientious of how we communicate and act towards others. Instead of feeling self-hatred, let’s accept love from others and express love in all our personal encounters. By doing this, we are being proactive in counter-balancing the negativity that is causing the systems around us to breakdown.


~ David Almeida
Author and Mystic

You can journey into your past to an earlier life experience and change it.  To do this, simply view an undesirable event in your mind (as a memory) and change the meaning you have given to it.  Interpret the experience in a positive way.  You can even change the outcome to one is more to your liking.  This will change the way you feel about the experience.  Creative visualization is an extremely powerful manifesting technique when it is used in combination with positive affirmations.  Your imagination is your inner reality.  Remember that what you create on the inner plane manifests in physical form.  This method can drastically alter the course of your future reality. 

Love and Light! <3

~ David Almeida <3

Author and Mystic