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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

No doubt through mainstream media sources many of you have not heard about the AMAZING POWER OF WATER. It has been scientifically proven that water is a perfect reflector of consciousness. Water also has a consciousness of its own! The amazing scientific breakthrough comes from Dr. Masuro Emoto and 'The Power of Water'. You can actually go to his website on the internet and see this for yourself visually! This is a great site for all though doubting Thomases out there who don't believe your thoughts and emotions have an effect on the world around you. You can see how when love, compassion and gratitude are sent to the water how the actual molecular structure of the water is changed. The molecules look like beautiful crystal snowflakes and when negative emotions such as anger are introduced you get correspondingly ugly forms. One of the easiest ways I know to have a positive impact on your body is to utilized this information. When I buy large containers for pure water (I walk once a week to the mountains for underground spring fed water) I then surround it with yogic yantras (visual mantras), also crop circles and play Bach or Beethoven music near it; as this music has been proven to have a positive effect on your DNA/RNA. Let's not underestimate the importance of water in our spiritual life. The Pleiadians have said, "As we are electronic beings who are altering frequency at a very fast rate, we would recommend that you drink a tremendous amount of water: fresh water, purified water or spring water. Water acts as a conductor or conduit. It keeps your system open and flowing." In Patricia Cori''s book, 'No More Secrets No More Lies", she channels from the Sirians and says, "The body water's ultimate performance, however, is to serve as a highly-conductive transmitting medium for the DNA, sending and receiving electromagnetic frequencies of sound and light that are constantly being communicated from the double helix highways to cells, tissues and organs of your bodies. Indeed, we read 90% of the water within you exists in relationship to the function of your DNA, primarily as a resonance factor for the communication of sound and light transmissions through the cells, between the cells and everywhere in between. From a metaphysical perspective, the water of your complex physical beings is the receptive element--the cosmic sea-- upon which all etheric imprints of consciousness  are stored and amplified, serving as a matrix upon which every conscious and subconscious thought is organized in resonant patterns that form the cosmometry of your persona. That persona, clearly, is the reflection of the greater whole of which each of you is a unit of global and universal design. " "Now the question arises regarding the consciousness of the waters within you, which like your earthly seas become polluted with dissonant patterns, invading acoustic and electromagnetic frequencies, toxic elements from your water and food supply and every other aspect of discord that you create on a mental level and bring to manifestation in the realm of the physical. The essential water of your make-up reflects these disharmonies and, by the nature of our discussion of the conductive properties of water, it is safe to deduce that these same disharmonies are then transmitted throughout the entire organism. Your rapidly vibrating higher thoughts, the brilliant light waves that emanate  from your hearts; the exquisite frequencies produced when you play Tibetan bowls or wind chimes; the angelic music of the Ones: Mozart, Bach and Beethoven... all harmonic frequencies introduced into the drinking water and then reflected through the body waters can potentially transform the water molecules of your being into perfected cosmometrical structures that embody the primordial wisdom of the Universe." I refer the reader to the post at this website entitled, 'How to Keep You and Your Kids Healthy' ; as water is listed as one of Bashar's basic foundations of excellent health. Our children need to grow up not being in fear of catching some disease or fear of not following some prescribed treatment. Our children need to learn the amazing power of body to heal itself and protect itself; especially through vibration. Kids need to learn the positive beliefs about health and how powerful they really are and how powerful their beliefs are whether positive or fear based.  It has been proven that it is only when the body's torsion field is weak that it allows disease. This is one of the reasons why I like to use the Egyptian Healing Rods. They are like being inside a pyramid on a daily basis. They balance the Yin and Yang systems of the body, boost the immune system, resonate in the higher chakras and balance the internal time clocks. I find this extremely important as we approach 2012; as health issues will be magnified. If you have ever seen pictures and statues of the ancient Egyptians, like Ramses, you will find that they are holding something. In the past it was thought they were holding scrolls; but now we know they were holding the Egyptian Healing Rods! Only the inner circles had them! Speaking of the inner circles, much of the true teachings of Christ and Mary Magdelane and Mother Mary were kept in the mystery schools until only a few years ago.I have done a couple of ET Yoga BBS radio programs concerning the connection between the Bashar teachings, the ancient yogic adepts, the Pleiadians and the College of Christ Consciousness. The material is channeled by Elaine Hatch. Listed below are 21 of the Ultimate Truths of Reality: 1. Prime Creator (God) is ALL THAT IS. Therefore, I am Prime Creator expressing Itself as me. Since ALL THAT IS contains everything, I and everyone that is , has ever been and ever will be, in all time and in all parallel dimensions and realities must be contained within the ALL THAT IS, Prime Creator, First Cause, God. This is the nature of existence. 2.I am not striving for perfection as I am already perfect. What I am striving for is to remember my perfection. Since God is All that is, and nature of God is perfection, then likewise, all must be perfection. 3. No one can create, or create in, my reality but me. As an individualized aspect of God. I am endowed with the ability of creating my own unique experience of being God. That experience can only be unique if I am the only one creating it. Because I am God, expressing Itself as me, I have no limitations on what I can create in my reality, including the illusion that someone else is doing the creating. 4. Nothing can be in my reality unless I create it. Because no one can create in my reality but me, it is not possible for anythng, nor anyone, to be in my reality unless I attract it there. I attract through my beliefs. 5, Everything in my reality is created by my beliefs. As aspects of the All that is, Prime Creator God, I create my own personal reality as God creates through thought. Everything begins with thought. Next, I have an emotional reaction to the thought. Thought plus emotion creates beliefs from which perceptions, behaviors and patterns of response are formed. My perceived reality is thus constructed out of these personal belief systems. Nothing can be thrust upon me. I invite everything into my awareness through my thinking. It is my believing that makes it so. 6. As a Creator, I am 100% responsible for everything I create. It is not possible for anyone, nor anything, other than me to be responsible for my experiences if I am the only one who can create in my reality. 7. Everything happens for a reason. Since God is Absolute Perfection, then nothing that God creates is pointless nor extraneous. Therefore, as an individualized aspect of God, expressing Itself as me, the same apples to that which I create in my reality; whether or not I am consciously aware of it. 8. There are no accidents--nothing happens by chance. Since everything that is created has a reason and a purpose, the the concept of an accident must be an illusion designed to avoid taking responsibility for the creation. 9. I create 100% of the time. I have the power to choose whether I apply that 100% toward creating what I want or energizing what I don't want. 10. I am the only me there is. I am not divided into parts. 11. All events are neutral. There are no negative experiences, although I can choose to define any experience as negative. Therefore, if I am experiencing negativity in my life, then I have chosen it. Negative or positive definitions are a personal choice of a value judgment placed on any given situation or event, for the purpose of the experience. Since nothing can be in my reality unless I create it, then if it is there, and it is negative, then I have chosen for it to be there, and I have chosen to perceive it as negative. I always have another choice. 12. There is only one vibration--Love. Fear is the illusion of the absence or lack of Love. 13. I cannot be in fear unless I believe that whatever I fear has more power than I do. Believing that anything or anyone else has more power than I do Is the erroneous belief that causes all fear. 14. How I feel is a reaction to what I believe. All emotions are responses to thoughts. Positive emotions are responses to thoughts based in God's Ultimate Truth. Negative emotions are responses to illusionary thoughts  based in fear. 15. All dis-ease is caused by the denial of negativity within. Since negativity is a perception based on a value judgment placed upon a neutral event or circumstance, it is essentially an erroneous belief out of which supporting false beliefs spring. Holding an erroneous belief system, especially in a suppressed or repressed form, creates an environment of internal discordance on a subconscious level. Over a period of time, denial of the judgment placed upon some aspect of oneself, and then suppressed, begins to alter the cellular structure of the area of the body where the memory of the event or circumstance is stored. this cellular alternation has been labeled disease. It is really emotional self-judgment. 16. There are no victims only lessons. If God is All That Is, then there is only One of us here. Victim and victimizer are the same one idea. Whichever role I choose to be in any situation is mirroring to me the false beliefs I hold inside, for the purpose of uncovering them. Left unrevealed, and unacknowledged, my erroneous beliefs will attract to me their energy equivalent in physical for. To alter the manifested effect of my error thinking, I only need to change my perception and release all Judgment, which is the Causse of my creation that is being mirrored to me. All apparent victim/victimizer situations offer me the opportunity to overcome judgment and learn about my Oneness. 17 I am the only Authority in my life. If I am the only one who can create in my reality, then I must be the only Authority of it. However, in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for being that authority, I can choose to falsely believe, that someone or something else has power over me. 18. Every person, place or thing of which I become aware, is a mirror and has the potential to be a gift. 19. At any given moment, I am either giving love or asking for love. 20. I am that which I create. 21. There are no limitations. If I have an experience that I define as a limitation, it is happening as a result of the way I think. The appearance of all limitation is merely an effect of error thinking. God has no limitations and as an aspect of God, neither do I unless I believe that I do. In which case I will create the appearance of limitation as a direct result of my belief. My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at