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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Recently we have seen the main stream media support Hawking's false assumption that there is 'No God Behind Big Bang' and put out fear concerning the eventual contact with extra-terrestrial life. I have been asked by my readers for my take on this. First of all in India there is a stage of spiritual development when the seeker experiences the Higher levels of consciousness or a oneness with the energy of Creation or Prime Creator or God or whatever label one desires to define the infinite. Swami Satchidananda has said "As many 'minds as many Gods". The finite can never define the infinite but it can be experienced. I first had that experience in 1969 and I also kept notes on the experience. Some of my notes are as follows: " First, there is a God. God has no name, nor form, nor shape, yet all shapes. God exists beyond time and space and yet in it. God has no beginning and no end--it just is. It is eternal life and infinite love. Time and space exist in the mind of man. No man can understand the infinite with a finite mind. The infinite can never become finite. But when the mind is completely still man's mind can merge and experience Self-Realization. A man's mind can only relate this experience according to his own capacity. For example, if you take a cup to the ocean it will take the shape of the cup. Similarly if you take a mind to the infinite it will take the shape of the mind. Actually, there is only one God; but it takes the shape of each individual mind. For my mind it is like we are all thoughts in the mind of God. It is impossible to describe exactly what it is like. Ram Dass would say" that what we would most like to talk about there aren't any words for. It can only be experienced." Reincarnation and Karma are fact. What we carry over from lifetime to lifetime is our level of consciousness and our Karma; which is the good and negative attachments we have accumulated. As you sow, so shall you reap is exactly true. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a scientific fact. It is also a fact with our thoughts and actions. The universe has three phases--active, passive and neutral. In the beginning there is a void or neutral state. This energy becomes activated by an internal polarization causing creation--the sound humming. In this active state there is no exact description; as again it takes the shape of the mind. To me it is similar to God wanting to know himself. Then there is the knowing. Then just being. From God's standpoint creation and its devolution are in a twinkling of an eye. From the highest levels its all illusion and higher yet, it just is. The energy was never created nor can it end. Similar to doing something during the day, sitting and being aware, and then going to sleep. Rising with I am-- the thought I is the first to appear and the last to disappear. The mind is like a woven cloth, When you pull out all the threads there's nothing there. Yet the real you still is. Like a big I and a little I. When the little I shuts up the big I kicks in! It's very difficult to explain; but you don't lose your individuality. When your thoughts stop you don't fall through your mind into a deep pit. You still have awareness and the energy levels are enormous. The bliss makes any physical feeling trivial. The closest approximation is sex. It is a like a glimpse of a larger unity with corresponding feeling. Every person has the potential to experience this unity. Unlike traditional Western theology; which in many cases tries to make it sound like Christ was the only son of God and when you die there is a judgment and you go to heaven or hell. The real point should be to attain a unity with Christ consciousness while living. That is the purpose of being here. Also many others have attained this level of consciousness." I ask the reader to feel in their gut if my description rings true to them or the description by Hawking of no God. In point of fact those that have experienced the levels described above can prove it psychologically to others who have had a similar experience. For example, if 4 people are at a table all claiming knowledge of the Creator and describe what they see it is like 4 people saying they were at a site of a mine of gold. When each describes the site, only the ones who have been there know which ones have really been there; and the imposters are exposed. The great sages know the truth; as well as channeled extraterrestrial knowledge that has been communicated to the Earth in recent years. The Pleiadians call God, Prime Creator, and the Essassani call it "All That Is".  It is now an established fact in quantum physics (I refer the reader to Quantum Physics and You at this Blog site) that Thought Creates. It is INTENTION AND DESIRE that creates everything seen in the physical world. And similarly it is the same forces that initially created the physical world from the mind of God. We are mirrors of God. God created us in his image. And many have experienced the fact that we have the ability to experience the whole from a personal point of view, collective point of view or both simultaneously. Further this behind the scenes energy created us with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. As Bashar says, there are only two objective facts: first that we have consciousness and second that we were created with unconditional love. The proof of this is that God supports us 100% in our beliefs. He loves us so much he/she will allow us to believe that we are not loved. When you open all of your chakras or vortex centers, then you will experience the truth and it won't matter what others say or think you will know it as TRUTH. Science is approaching realization of the extra-terrestrial concept of Prime Radiant. Which means that everything in the known universe is actually the expression of one thing. That one thing is Prime Creator. For practical purposes you can call it one  Particle. Of course the single unit is consciousness, energy and fluctuates between a wave and a particle. It travels at infinite speed; so is in all places at once, is massless and thus breaks no laws of physics. It demonstrates the Oneness of all things and clearly demonstrates that everything is the expression of One Thing!! It is interesting that this concept is coming from Bashar not from mainstream science  and when I spoke of this two years ago on ET Yoga it could not be found on a google search! The Andromedans have told Alex Collier that all creation comes from the black holes, that INTENTION is behind the creation of everything and have explained that as the energy from the center of the galaxy is emitting a new sound and color frequency, it is also creating a space for the evolution of those who are not capable of making the ascension. The Pleidians call the egg of creation the Absolutum. The spiritual energy of the Absolutum is called the Creation. It does not exist in material form. It is intelligence that is called Spirit. Thus, clearly for those who have experienced the higher levels, the yogic adepts and for those extra-terrestrials that have studied creation for eons there is consensus. Even the ETs are constantly learning new things about Prime Creator from their testimony. Addressing the concept of 'Fear of First Contact'. I suggest that there will be those with fear of first contact and because all events in the universe are inherently neutral, there will be those who will make this a negative experience for themselves. However, it can be the most wonderful experience ever. Just like your take on 2012. It is the meaning you give to outer circumstances that creates the experience you will have. There is no one take on any event. In fact an event like a coin, cannot exist without two sides. Arch Angel Michael; as well as the Pleiadians have actually warned against a false flag alien attack. According to Bashar this will not happen in our timeline. It was however, a card that could have been played by the powers that be. Obviously, reflecting a negative experience and creating fear of extra-terrestrials. No wonder, as when we do have a First Contact scenario with positive extra-terrestrials, it will be the end of all the sham concerning our extra-terrestrial heritage, our true history, and an enormous leap in consciousness; as well as human rights and liberties. In short, the game will be over for the powers that be and Truth will be our guidestone. I would also like to hear Mr. Hawking explain how any negative take on ET's could have a positive outcome? or proving that any fear is not illusion.  If you are interested in reading about a human achieving Self Realization I suggest 'The Path of Self Knowledge' by Sri Ramana Maharshi. If you have had a real spiritual experience of these levels and you read this book you will know that this book and his experiences were true. He was a ripe soul who only had to experience the higher levels to remain Self Realized.  It is also true that many of us realize concepts such as 'No God and Fear of ETs' has no place in an intelligent discussion of the subject. Even in fundamental quantum physics it has been proven that an object cannot and does not exist independent of its observer. Thus, who is the observer of the Creation except the Creator!!  My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life you can support the author by purchasing spiritual products related to this blog at or via PayPal donation at