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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

I connect the concept of belief in extra-terrestrials with the belief in reincarnation; because both are true, you only know for sure when you experience them; which then ends the controversy.  Similar to the loss of memory or connection to our Higher Self, most have lost memory of previous lives. Actually, it would be more of a hindrance to most people; as they have enough issues trying to live in the present and also not worrying about old past karma. When you experience remembrance of past lifetimes or have a direct experience with an extra-terrestrial then you know the truth of both issues. No one can then convince you of their opinion. And good students don't just regurgitate information, no matter the source. In point of fact it is much more important to start to get an understanding of why you believe the things you do believe; because unfortunately for most of humanity we actually have to relearn much of what we have been taught. This is also why a public ET experience has not happened. Because we are not ready yet and too many are unprepared to face certain issues within themselves. Most of the world already believes in reincarnation and it is the Christian religions that don't foster the concept. Paramahansa Yogananda in his book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' states the following: "The early Christian church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, which was expounded by the Gnostics and by numerous church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria, the celebrated Origen (both 3rd century), and St Jerome (5th century). The doctrine was first declared a heresy in A.D. 553 by the Second Council of Constantinople. At that time many Christians thought the doctrine of reincarnation afforded man too ample a stage of time and space to encourage him to strive for immediate salvation. But truths suppressed lead disconcertingly to a host of errors. The millions have not utilized their one lifetime to seek God, but to enjoy this world--so uniquely won, and so shortly to be forever lost! The truth is that man reincarnates on earth until he consciously regains his status as a son of God." We also get from extra-terrestrial channels the fact that we actually have the ability to have simultaneous incarnations. This is proven by the fact that we see time as linear or one lifetime happening before or after the other. However, from the point of view of the Higher Self all time is NOW or Simultaneous births. This has also been noted as one of the amazing features of human DNA. It only stands to reason that the level of consciousness is carried from one life to the next, not to mention the karmic ties. Just how does reincarnation work? Here's Mother Mary's response as channeled by Jeanne Hatch. "Once a Being has decided to reincarnate, it aspects itself into another physical life. This does not mean that it leaves the non-physical to be born into the physical world, but rather that it fragments a portion of its soul energy to inhabit a pre-planned newborn. The Being remains in the non-physical, becoming the Higher Self to the physical aspect. This process continues, creating many generations of Higher Selves. The "Parent Being" is called the Oversoul. If you want to learn' more about this subject, I heartily recommend the 'Oversoul 7" books by Jane Roberts. She explains many of the reincarnational details, including time lines, in a story format that is quite interesting and entertaining as well as educational. Once a Being has remembered enough of the Higher Knowledge to attain the level of Christ Consciousness in a physical lifetime, It acquires the option of fragmenting Itself multiple times within the same time period. Therefore, Jesus, Mother Mary or any previously Christed human, can have several aspects of Itself alive simultaneously, if It chooses, while the Being remains in the non-physical realms guiding and directing all of Its aspects. (And you thought you were busy!) So, you see, a spiritual Being can be channeling from another plane AND be incarnated here on Earth during this time AND be in several different human bodies simultaneously. In fact, Jesus has attained a level of consciousness that allows him to ALSO be doing the same thing in many different solar systems all over the Universe simultaneously while being here on Earth. And if this isn't enough to fill his appointment book, he is also concurrently aware of his existence and experiences on multiple dimensions." For information from Bashar, extra-terrestrial from the Essassani civilization, we get the following from 'Blue Print for Change': What happens when you die? Different things. You will, first of all, obviously no longer consider yourselves to be physical, as you now understand physicality. And when you remove yourselves from that physical state of limitation, then you will know you chose everything you experienced in that life, and thus you can create any other type of reality on this planet, or any other planet--or not reincarnate at all. You can choose to know on that level, and see very obviously that you are, in fact, the Creator. Now, what you will first encounter at physical death is the idea that you are a thought form in a world of thought forms, and thus will usually experience whatever represents the strongest beliefs you had in life. You will experience the realization, the seeming physicalization of those beliefs, whether they be heaven or hell, or anything in-between. For instance, if someone had the idea that there is a hell and that it would be extremely painful--if he immediately finds himself in that self-created scenario, he is very unlikely to be able to sustain that degree of pain. For as soon as he knows the pain he is enduring is not something he can tolerate, it will lessen--because the mind in the non-physical reality instantly translates into the seeming experience he is having. The instant he becomes aware that as soon as he changes his thought the scenario around him changes; then he will get the idea pretty quickly that he does not have to hang around in that scenario. It becomes clear to him that whatever he believes at any given moment, even on that level--and especially in a sense on that level--is what most quickly manifests and realizes into the experiential reality he is having. Not meaning to sound flippant, but "hell", the concept you usually hold it to mean, could only be populated for very long by masochists, by true masochists. " Bashar has also stated, which you can deduce from the above information, that when you die or leave this world when you look back at the world, that world was YOU! So the ironic thing about the people that complain about their lives and blame others for their circumstances is, that THEY CREATED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. All that whining, complaining and justifying circumstances is just creating them as victims. And as I have said in previous posts until the last 20 years or so we are all mostly victims; because who do you know that takes 100% responsibility for their experiences?  I am talking about consciously knowing that you actually create everything that you experience and never complain, blame or justify your circumstances. Thus, we all for the most part have victim hood issues. Not only that, when you do finally GET IT and start taking RESPONSIBILITY, what you realize is that by acknowledging you created it, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT. In my view this is primarily because of extra-terrestrial information that has been channeled to people of Earth. The first I can find of any of these kinds of concepts is in the Seth material; which came out in the 70's and more currently in the 'Secret' and in all the'Power of Attraction' material; which basically had its roots initially from the people who learned from Bashar. People who view the 'Secret' think this is cutting edge stuff. The truth is that Bashar was teaching all of this 25 years ago.  Abraham Hicks and Marilyn the Magician (at the Creative Camelot Club) first learned from Bashar. By the way another good source of information on death and reincarnation is the' Conversations with God' series and in particular the 3rd book entitled 'Home With God. What you eventually realize is that your current existence is for the purpose of the experience. Your Higher Self already resides in a place just outside the Time and Space continuum. As Bashar says, " The idea is as follows: you have had a saying for a long time in your society, "You only have one life to live." Well now, reincarnation notwithstanding, this is true. You, as the you you are now, only have one life to live. You've got one shot at being this you. Even though the soul you are may experience many lifetimes, each one of those lifetimes is unique, and a distinct expression of the overall soul you are. Therefore, since you have never been this you before, since you will never be this you again, the foundational reason for this life is, again, to fully be the you you chose to be. That's it. Period." So, if you start to comprehend the whole picture you can see how important it is to get a handle on your beliefs. Your beliefs, definitions, intentions, thoughts and emotions create your outer experience. It is a perfect reflection. Not a close approximation, a perfect reflection. So, next time you find yourself caught up in depression, or playing the blame game let it be a reminder to wake you up to the truth. Just like catching your self in anger can wake you up to the peace you are used to. And another great practical application of all of this information is that your beliefs are all true for you. They may not be objectively true but they create your view of the world you experience. More specifically, if you believe the world is flat and I believe the world is round. For you it is flat. However, because you live as if the world is flat you will have a more limited experience of ALL THAT IS! Just like the people who don't realize that reincarnation is fact! My best on your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health, and abundance. 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