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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

First I would like to invite everyone to my website at which is now functional; although still under contruction. It was designed as a  ONE STOP SHOP for PERSONAL POWER, SELF EMPOWERMENT , HEALING AND MOVING TOWARDS SELF REALIZATION.  There are free downloads there, E-books, downloads for techniques, access to a real extra-terrestrial meditation and connections to archived ET Yoga BBS radio shows. My E-books are on special and if you like the Blogs at this site you will love the information in them and they also connect you to about 150 pages of information that I have researched over the years. In my home I have a book with all the links downloaded and find this a most useful source of information on just about any New Age topic. If you are just getting involved with your spiritual journey and looking for a way to begin meditation or an advanced seeker looking for the newest cutting edge ideas I believe you'll find what you are looking for. For a description of many of the ideas taught please see at this blogsite the article "Amazing Techniques to Enhance Your Spiritual Growth". I think it should be mentioned that Bashar has said that a feeling of True Value or Being Unconditionally loved is essential or you can't expect much growth no matter what techniques you use. This is because your spirituality is generated from this energy. A good idea is to spend some time making sure you are good in this regard. The entire universe was created from Unconditional Love and in order to be in alignment with this energy we need to feel this for ourselves before we can give this to others. The proof of this unconditional love is that we are supported 100% in our Beliefs. And Bashar has also said that we are already making the optimum difference on the planet by our vibration. When you are active in an area that you love to do, the world then becomes aware of the impact you are already having. In the last post, 'Reality Creation', we looked at the ideas of 'The Ultimate Truths of Reality' from the perspective of Arch Angel Michael. I would next like to share a quote from the Essassani, Elan. "I am the infinite creator of my own Reality. I create it all. My power is who I am.  When I remain focused, I express myself consciously, continuously." Everything is part of the process; interruptions, unexpected results, nothing has any influence over you-whatsoever- except your decision. Everything exists within you--every single thing you perceive is created by you to support any decision that you make in your reality. It is up to you. Is that decision making you happy? Bringing the results that you want? The Truth is that you have everything you need to be anything you want...To be any person you want, to experience any reality that you know is true for you. Be what you already are--you already have what you need--right now. You already have the knowledge that you need to at least take the appropriate steps.. right now. You already know what you need to know, when you need to know it....Right Now. Access your power/knowledge---right now---You contain the answers, you contain the power, you can do the things you desire already. This allows you to begin to step in accord with your power and channel your power into the present. You contain it know what you need to know. If there is something right now that you can do that will allow you to fully be who you are--be conscious in the management and dispensation of your power." Trusting the Decision: Your actions will be to reflect the decision and the action will have results. External circumstances will seem to change. When you change your perspective, your approach, there appears to be an external alteration of circumstances. When you change who you are, it appears that others have changed--you change in vibration, through which you express your reality, and you now are literally interacting with a different version of any individual that  you formerly dealt with--they seem to have changed, but it is you. As you change and experience a different aspect of yourself, you then interact with a different aspect of other people as well. The mechanics are simple; change results from the decision in that moment-not the process. You always trust 100% in something. Trust or faith does not need to be gained or mustered up! You already trust 100% in something. Be aware that you always trust in something you already have. You are always placing it somewhere. "Where am I placing my trust?" If you have a consistency to that decision, if you choose who you are and then continue to decide. "This is who I am ". Then you will create continuity. Doubt: A complete 100% trust in the Reality I say I do not prefer. Trusting is not talking yourself out of something. It is knowing you are going to decide something anyway and allowing yourself to "register" the preferered decision purposely and consciously. " (end of quote of Elan) Here is Bashar on the same point. " You have always trusted 100% in something. What your society calls doubt is not a lack of trust. It is an absolute unshakable, unswerving 100% total conviction in a negative reality. You always use trust 100%. It's just a matter of whether you trust in something you don't prefer or trust in something you do prefer. Now which do you prefer to trust in --what you prefer or what you don't prefer? As soon as you decide, however, that what you really prefer you will do 100%, there is absolutely no reason, as far as the universe is concerned, to withhold any less than 100% results from you. You will get 100% of it when you act in that direction 100%. Sometimes because of the way you define yourself, you may find that if you are doing something 99% and yet there is still the 1% that you are not doing it, that 1% may be enough to prevent you from experiencing the other 99%--depending on how you have arranged the definition. 100%  trust will always--I guarantee it; I promise--give you 100% absolute reflection of that reality. Absolute. You are always getting a 100% reflection of the reality that you define as the most likely reality you are capable of handling.  Always. The universe will only give you what you say you are ready to handle. So as soon as you say," Well of course. Because I am excited about this more than this; because it is what I prefer more than that, then it must be representative of who I really am. Therefore, by definition, of course, I'll be ready to handle it. Otherwise I wouldn't have conceived of it." As soon as you act as if that is true for you, the universe will say, "All right; if that's the way you want it is: all the opportunities that represent the you you now believe yourself to be, as opposed to the you you used to believe yourself to be." You always get an absolute reflection of whatever you define yourself to be--no more no less. So 'tis up to you. At least, if you're going to hang on to things you don't prefer for now because you believe that's the rate at which you need to handle it, then at least--if we may suggest, because we love you--please do not spend time berating yourself for the time you are taking. For that only adds to the time it takes. So if that's the way you are going to go about it, then at least relax, breathe easy, and say, "All right! That's the way I'm going about it, because I choose to believe that's the way I need to go about it." Paradoxically, as soon as you let the way you're doing it to be all right, you will probably change. That's the whole paradoxical mechanism. AS SOON AS YOU ALLOW WHERE YOU ARE TO BE ALL RIGHT, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET WHERE YOU WANT TO BE MUCH FASTER. When you are always where you want to be, you are living in the now. IF YOU LET WHEREVER YOU ARE TO BE WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, YOU WILL LIVE IN THE MOMENT. AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ABLE TO FIND YOU. There is no other time that exists except now. If you are living in the past, living in the future, then nothing you need to work with can find you...because in the present you are not at home. So again, where do you choose to put your trust--in something you prefer or don't prefer?" Sound too simple? Life is simple when you allow it to work. These ideas are also intimately connected to the concept that all circumstances are inherently neutral. The meaning you choose to believe: the meaning you choose to create in life, about your life, is what generates the particular types of circumstances you experience. These reinforce, reflect and represent the meaning you are creating. GIVING MEANING IS THE ACTUAL ACT OF CREATION ITSELF!!! To give meaning to something is to create it into existence in your particular experiential realm. My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at