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The ET Yoga Blog is kind of different than other blog sites, in that the articles are lengthy and jam packed with information. You can respond and all questions will be addressed like normal blogs. ET Yoga is a combination of ancient Yogic Teachings combined with Extra-terresstrial information that for the most part can be converted to practical life situations and enhance your personal self-empowerment. Many wonder, "How can the ETs do Yoga"? Because the word Yoga actually means Union. Union of you and your Higher Self. The western conception that Hatha Yoga or the asanas and pranayamas is Yoga is only partially true. There are many different Yogas. Since the ET information can assist you in Self Realization, there is a distinct connection. This blog site is being converted from Word Press to Drupal and this message is to let readers know that more articles will be forthcoming once all technical issues have been resolved. The Blog should also appear at where you can find many techniques and tons of information about self-empowerment and healing. My best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green