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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Hopefully most of the avid readers of this website have by now proven to themselves that belief, thought, definition, will, and emotion have created the outer world of your experience and acts as a mirror to show you what it is that you BELIEVE. For what you BELIEVE IS. It is this inner consciousness that creates the outer reality. It is not what you "think" but what you are! Your essence, your being, which is projected into creation at a given moment. As the Pleiadians have said,"The meaning you give to outer circumstances determines the experience you will have." And Bashar, "The primary function/duty of the rational mind is to put a positive spin on outer circumstances." You actually are creating your reality all the time. I realize that when you read this, it is easy to agree or disagree; but why not prove it to yourself? The next time you view something as negative put a positive emotional spin on it. Even if you can't see any possible way that something good could come of it---TRY IT. You will be amazed, because it ACTUALLY WORKS!!  Log the event in a notebook and keep track while you are doing your experimenting. Some situations take much longer to come to fruition; so do this with several outer circumstances. The formula is positive emotion in and positive experience will be the result and negative emotion in and negative experience follows. THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE REALITY! Reality is the experience. There is the concept of a consensus reality but it is really illusion. There are so many parallel universes and simultaneous versions of us in the universe that we actually attract ourselves to the scenarios we focus on; similar to choosing a television station. The one we choose is the one we get! To further amplify on this subject of Reality Creation lets take a few tips from Archangel Michael as channeled through Celia Fenn.  "Belief, or inner consciousness, actually determines reality through the physical act of perception/creation. Now you note we link the two here. Perception is the process whereby you come to understand your reality through experiencing it. Creation is the actual act of bringing that reality into manifest form; so that it can be perceived and experienced.  Now we will show you how these activities are one! We are going to say that you are actually creating the reality that you see and perceive as you see and perceive it. You literally "project" that reality from within and experience it as external reality simultaneously with your creation of events. You have become so used to this process that you are not even aware of the energy and effort that goes into reality creation and perception. You see the human body is a "holographic projection instrument", and the Human skull is the primary holographic projector. You are used to the linear time and space constructs of the third dimension, where there is an apparent time lag between perceived manifestation and the experience of that manifestation as a "concrete reality". In the Infinite present of NOW, you perceive/create in the moment. And what you perceive is what you create. You are physically determining your creations as you perceive them. This is a big leap in understanding for many of you. Many still believe themselves to be experiencing a pre-determined reality or matrix, over which they have no power. Not so, dear ones, if you believe that, you will perceive/create it. If you do not limit yourself, then you are free to create another reality and not to be "trapped" in a reality that is, ironically, of your own creation! Your media serve the purpose of keeping you fixed in a consensus reality, or group creation, that you must accept as your own, because you are still experiencing yourselves as 3D perceivers of a pre-existing or pre-created reality. When you own your own power to create and perceive, you will not be bound by the "pre-created" images of reality that are served up to you by those who have taken the power to determine your experience of reality as a group. Dearest ones, take back your power to create and perceive, and you will create another reality which better reflects your own inner consciousness of love and beauty. Let the light that pours from your soul through your eyes project and create a luminous reality of love and joy and gratitude, for that is what your "holographic projector" was designed to create in its partnership with Soul and Spirit. A skilled creator knows how to be totally a part of his or her creations, experiencing and feeling and adjusting the creation process through the exercise of CHOICE. For, it is the power of CHOICE that determines the nature of the creation and perception. How you choose to feel, and what feelings and emotions you weave into your creations. If you choose to project love, compassion and gratitude, that is what will be seen in your radiant creations of light. But, if you create with and from fear beliefs, then that is what you will manifest in your projections or creations. For, reality is no more than a projector of your inner consciousness,as we have said before, and the human body is a means whereby the Soul and Spirit can experience consciousness as a 'story in material or manifest form. And of course, the story can change depending on how inner consciousness changes. Space, like time is a reality construct of the third dimension, and that in the new multi-dimensional reality, you will understand space to be much more fluid and flexible. So, let us say, space as you have experienced it, is a construct or projection of inner consciousness. All space, like all time, is a unified field of immense possibility and potential that is experienced in its entirety by consciousness.But you choose to project, or create and perceive, that which gives you a sense of security and reality in the third dimension. Localized space, in other words. Space is kind of an illusion as well that is held in place by all of you in that grandest of creations called a "planet". In your new reality you will come to understand that a planet is not a rock floating is space so much as a manifestation of a collective of powerful beings and souls who have chosen to co-create in order to experience reality in a certain way, together. In effect you are the planet, it is an aspect of you in other dimensions. And, what you think and believe about the planet is a projection of your own inner feelings and beliefs about yourself. So, as you learn to honor yourselves once again, you will honor the planet as your own creation and your own being, for indeed it is. All living intelligences pulse, and when one is aligned with the pulsations of the Divine Creative Intelligence through the pulsation of the Galactic "heart" or the great central sun, your own natural rhythm or spirals synchronize with these larger spirals. This involves a shift in the "time clock in your cells and in your brain, that has been "wired" to linear time and a progression of consciousness which is short and entirely out of synch with the Cosmic pulse. Now you are being "re-wired" to live in harmony with the Cosmic pulse and to live longer lives that spiral naturally and gracefully with the flows of Divine Creative Intelligence. So, your ascension symptoms are evidence of your body feeling the physical effects of being "re-wired" to a different rhythm of life, that is attuned to the Cosmic pulse; but also very individual to you. The Crystal children and now the Blue Star children are attuned to this pulse already. That is why so many of them are diagnosed as ADD. They move to their own rhythms and cannot be "controlled" into the rigid frame of school programs. Many adults are also releasing the rigid structures of "work" for more flexible ways of supporting themselves. For each person has an individual rhythm that may not lend itself to the 9 to 5 life. Finding your own rhythm is as important as finding your passion and creativity. These things all work together to ensure that you function at your optimum soul potential as a creator. We will say too, that it is the presence of the Blue Star children who have entered the planet recently that is accelerating this process. We have called it "activating your Galactic lightbody,  as you reconnect with the Galactic pulse or heartbeat. As you make this connection, you naturally move into Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude, for these are the energies of the Cosmic pulse and the "signature" of the Christed or Crystal energy." (end of quote by Arch Angel Michael as channeled by Celia Fenn. Although not taught in any text book I know of and should be obvious from the above information, OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT COME WITH BUILT IN MEANING. It is the meaning you provide that determines the experience. You can think of outer circumstances as props on a stage. The props can be used in a variety of plays and have a different purpose or meaning in each of them. Outer circumstances are therefore NEUTRAL. I will admit that if your response to somebody putting a dent in your car is positive, you may get some strange looks. So what! I also want to close by saying that it has been proven scientifically that the emotions of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude are your best protection against disease and can raise your body's torsion field or frequency to almost unlimited levels. That is why it is said that once you have 6 strands of DNA activated disease cannot exist in the body; as it is shattered by the frequency! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at