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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Regarding the question about right and wrong, judgment, forgiveness and acceptance: The philosophy I adhere to now has several definitions that would make sense of the material I write about acceptance being a higher vibration than forgiveness; as forgiveness presupposes the judgment of something having been 'wrong' in the first place. This concept was first introduced to me years ago from Bashar and the College of Christ Consciousness.(You can find both with your search engines) The first reference point is that there is no 'right or wrong'. There is the choosing of thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. that are either in harmony with your Higher Self or not. It is a matter of whether you choose to create a positively manifesting reality or a negatively manifesting reality. This is the current overall situation on the planet; where we are attempting to create a situation where the positive forces are more powerful than the negative. To amplify, when you run energy through beliefs that are in harmony with your Higher Self, the resulting energy manifests as joy, excitement, compassion, gratitude and bliss. When you run the same energy through beliefs that are disharmonious the resulting energy manifests disharmonious feelings and produces negative synchronicities. I strongly suggest positively manifesting reality; as it will be integrating yourself with All That Is. Whereas, knowing yourself as separate from All That Is creates the idea of separation and isolation that does not allow you to feel your connection to All That Is. Next, comes the idea of discernment or preference. To know what you prefer does not mean that you have to judge or invalidate anyone else--in terms of the way that individual chooses to explore his/her own Godhood, to relate to his/her portion of All That Is. On the other hand, one who is integrated has already chosen the ideas of unconditional love, and will recognize that there is no need to judge those who have not chosen it. The definition of judgment that I use is when you invalidate something or someone else. Because if you judge  it, you change your vibrational level to the same level. That's what the Biblical phrase means 'Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged'.  It doesn't really mean you will be judged from the outside, it means as you judge, you become that vibration, you put yourself on that level and can't be where you want to be. Actually, in Bashar's teachings, he talks about following your excitement; because it is the frequency of who you really are and couple this with integrity, which is your conscious connection with All That Is. Of course all of this information has to be seen in the light of the fact that you must acknowledge that everything in your outer experience is a reflection of your inner definitions, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. It is only at the point at which you take 100% responsibility for your outer experience that you then have the power to change it. In essence there are only two choices: either life is happening to you at random or under someone elses whim; which leads to victim hood consciousness and a feeling of powerlessness or you acknowledge the 100% responsibility and take your power. This is also the starting point of 4th dimensional consciousness and whether you know this or not does not change that's how the universe works. Ironically, what we complain about is the result of our own creation. When I come from the lower vibrational state, I will be viewing things as judgments. I will make judgments about myself or about another. The higher vibration is to see whatever happens as a mirror of myself in the NOW. "I see you doing that. I want to judge you for it. Instead, I choose to see that it is a reflection of the energy I had in myself. I realize that I do that also, or have done that and have judged myself or it." I ask myself, "Why am I still doing that? Where do I still hold that judgment which I want to  put out on you about myself? Where do I still think that I am not okay?" I ask, "What part of me, do I still not love and accept, and therefore, judge?"  Then I look at the other person and think," I don't need to judge them. They are simply being a mirror of my own issue." I ask, "What in me created that in my reality?" I see that acceptance (and here is my definition) says that all is happening perfectly, just as it is because whatever is happening enables us to grow. If I sincerely look at it as perfect the way it is, I immediately move into the energy of love. trust and peace. Then there is no longer any judgment. It is at that point that I reclaim my Power and can then use my Power to change the event if I choose to do so. (quotations marks in this paragraph indicate information from the College of Christ Consciousness and material channeled by Jean Hatch through Mother Mary) I will also refer the reader to the concept that Judgment is the root cause of all disease (see free download 'Root Cause of Disease' at to gain an understanding of the cause of disease-- you need to comprehend about 9 different concepts as explained in this article) and wars. When you make judgments which are a separation and isolation with All That Is, it is a conclusion based on erroneous thinking. This is true because all negativity is based on a perception or value judgment placed upon a neutral event or circumstance. Remember, outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning. We place meaning on outer circumstances which then determines the experience we get. There can be no negativity unless we create it with erroneous judgment and thinking. Again, it is the ideas, beliefs, emotions, and definitions that create their outer reflection in our experience. There is no objective reality. There is an idea of a collective  or consensus reality. According to Bashar in a room of 20 people there are 20 different universes. We apparently have a similar experience because we agree to it. Reality is the experience. Swami Satchidananda used to say not to get caught up in attachment. "Make no appointment and have no disappointment. "And "The sorrow is what you borrow". When you get attached to things it creates tension. It doesn't mean not to care. It means to do everything to the best of your ability; but not pay attention to the results. Totally involved but non attached is like a boat being in the water but not of it. Similarly, the Yogic Master is in the world but not of it. This concept of the world being perfect as it is, does not imply that you shouldn't make effort to change things. It is kind of a paradox. If you feel inclined then you should put energy and passion into being involved in creating change in a positive direction. Again, never go against the negative; but create a new positive. We have been taught over and over as humans to always fight against the negative. Fighting against the negative only binds you to that frequency. Create a new positive and the negative will fall away. All these ideas about fighting cancer, the war against drugs, the war against terrorism all serve to perpetuate the energy the proponents claim they are against. That is also why certain public figures who appear to be anti government actually serve to perpetuate the very ideas they say they are against. As long as the Powers that control this planet can keep the people fighting among themselves then they keep control. On my radio show, ET Yoga, I maintained that there are three things we need to learn as a species. First that it is our collective thoughts, beliefs, definitions and emotions that create the outer circumstances. Thus, taking responsibility. Taking responsibility does not mean we are to blame, it means we have response---ability. Second, there is only one race on this planet, the human race. War is not an option. The whole idea of an enemy is insanity. If the whole world is you, then you only fight against yourself. And third, don't go against the negative; as it only serves to perpetuate that which you are against. Create a new positive and manifest that energy. Some years ago, Bashar started the Peace Clock. Basically, no matter what time zone you live in, pray for peace or devote one minute at noon each day to support the idea of Peace in what ever way suits you. If enough of us do this, then we will create its outer manifestation. As Bashar says, "You don't get Peace by hating war, you get Peace by Loving Peace. " In the old days, Mother Theresa was asked to attend an anti-war rally and she declined; but stated that she would attend a Peace gathering. My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer via PayPal at