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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

First of all, I am not political. Maybe some day in the future I might be. Years ago, I was active putting forward the idea that meditation had a very beneficial effect on the population at large; especially with respect to the crime rate.  It was an idea from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and called the 'Maharishi Effect.' The idea being that when 1% of the population practiced Transcendental Meditation, the crime rate dropped on average of about 16% in a particular city. This phenomenon was first noticed in 1974, tested in a few cities successfully and reported in a paper published in 1976.  The Winnipeg Tribune in Manitoba, Canada, actually ran a full page article that I wrote and their headline was 'Meditation Crime Buster of the Future'. Well that was more than 35 years ago and nothing much has happened since. My ideas were accepted and supposed to be put into action by the Liberal Party at that time at the national level. Some of my ideas also connected to the full range of treatment service for juvenile delinquents. My opinion is that any kind of meaningful meditation, not necessarily TM, will create the same effect. This is a strategy that should be fostered by government; should they be interested in reducing the crime rate. From a personal point of view I tend to look at politics not from what is stated by politicians; but by their actions. My father used to say, "talk is cheap". From a philosophical point of view, I believe it is not wise to judge, in the sense of making invalidating comments about any government; as it only creates you as a victim. That does not imply that you cannot discern the truth about any particular aspect that you care to analyze. Thus, in a way becoming aware of beliefs that have manifested in the outer reality.  In learning about how government and outer circumstances are created, Bashar to me, gives the most meaningful overall insights on this topic. The following is directly a quote from Bashar: "Now understand simply; you are your governments. You are your governments! You are every idea in your civilization! When you act the way you want to act, the way you would act if you were the idea of a government in peace, in love then you will be radiating to other individuals the opportunity to think of themselves that way as well. For you will be an example of the possibility to see yourself in that way.Then if they choose to, they also can understand and share and co-create that idea of seeing themselves un-separated from their government, which is what you have done with it; taken your responsibility and pushed it away from yourself; given it over to someone else, given your power away. "Take care of my life for me; I have many fears; but you will protect me." In creating your government out of your fear; you have created a being of consciousness that born out of fear; must generate fear to sustain its existence. You follow me? Understand again you are your government--you are your government. Change yourself, and act like you have changed. Act like you exist in a world where there is peace, but not from the idea of judging what you have; simply preferring what you want. As we have said you do not get peace by hating war, you get peace by loving peace. So do not hate your government; or you will only be the hateful government that you perceive. Be the loving idea of sharing equally; tack back your responsibility for everything that occurs to you. Take back your power; take back your fear. And in this way you will act like the type of individual that other individuals within your civilization can look at and say, "that person is showing me that I also own my economies; I am my government, my religions, my everything, my life, my reality." Therefore the idea of responsibility is not blame, but freedom to choose what I prefer. I am completely responsible for everything in my reality; which is the same thing as saying I can choose whatever I want in my reality. You cannot change anyone else if they do not wish to change; but you can change yourself; and not perceive nor experience them anymore if they do not want to change. For you will be in another idea, another reality; and you will create for yourself the existence on that level in which exist all the other types of individuals of the same nature that will co-create with you the type of reality that you want to experience. You will think it is the same reality changed. It is not the same reality changed; it is a completely different universe.!" (End of Bashar quote) This idea, of creating the outer reality of choice is applicable as well to the idea of how you will experience 2012. Again the idea is to put a positive emotional spin on the circumstance and the result will be a positive one. I appreciate that these concepts are new to humans and takes awhile to 'sink in'. My advice is to 'give it a shot'. For those new to ET Yoga Blog, Bashar is a multi-dimensional being from the Essassani civiliztion. Bashar's society will soon be making a transition from 5th to 6th density; which at that point they will not require a physical form. If you study or hear his tapes it will become obvious that the information he taps in to is always far beyond that of the questioner. This is true no matter what the subject. In observing this and listening to Bashar's explanation of acquiring information it is like his ego does not have the answers; but he taps into Universal Consciousness and downloads the information. Like he says, information is free; like picking fruit from a tree. If you can pick the fruit it is free; but if you have someone else pick the fruit then there is a fee. I view all information this way. All the answers are inside of us, if we can only hear them. And none of us really has unique creative ideas. Although, I do try to use quotes of the way certain authors specifically organize the content of an idea. Creativity is a function of the Higher Self. Moments of inspirational genius come when we become aware of this information from our Higher Selves. The Higher Self is the creator of ideas, the brain is the receiver and the rational mind is the perceiver of ideas. The main purpose of the rational mind is to put a positive spin on outer circumstances. Sometimes, as Bashar says, we try to do too much. We try to figure it all out and take on trying to plan the future to the point where the load gets too heavy. The idea being to act on what excites you; as it is the compass that is telling you what your Higher Self would like you to do. Our complete Persona includes the Higher Self. In my mind when we have fully activated all 12 chakras and all 12 strands of DNA then we will function at optimum. This implies the full opening of the pineal gland or 6th chakra. Bashar has actually given us a message that is both to and from the Higher Self in language that is understood by the rational mind. Most of the information from the Higher Self seems to come to us as urges or flashes of genius. The message is, "Outer Circumstances Don't Matter, Only My State of Being Matters--What state of being do I prefer, if it is Joy, then view a situation from the perspective of Joy and act outwardly the way you perceive it inwardly." The quote does not imply that 'Outer Circumstances' are trivial; just that they in themselves don't create more matter. It is our frequency that creates more matter. Recently, it has been proven scientifically, that the neuron centers in the heart or brain in the heart is actually 5,000 times more powerful than the brain in the head. It also emits a frequency that extends about 10 feet from the body. It is this vibration that interfaces with the morphogenetic field that creates your version of reality. And if you use your imagination you can conclude that this frequency also effects every cell in your body, and the water in it. Water is a perfect reflection of the consciousness placed in it. Thus, the emotions of appreciation, gratitude and unconditional love will result in the highest frequencies. My sincere best on your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer via PayPal donation at