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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

A very good idea is to be playing around with the idea of Reality Creation. And for sure, the easiest place to start is to PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON ALL OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES. This is especially true of those circumstances that are viewed negatively. Remember, the emotional spin and perception you have of an event is what will determine your experience. This is true because all outer circumstances are inherently neutral. Thus, you are doing Reality Creation once you understand this concept. The next step is to create the outer circumstance consciously from your own goals. This is the most challenging; so how about a few reasons to BELIEVE that this is possible? First of all, it is a fact that WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS. It is even provable at the quantum physics level. (See this blog post for 'Quantum Physics and You').  Second, you are starting to get the idea that there are an infinite number of possible scenarios and alternate or parallel universes. All possibilities already exist.  This is also in alignment with the newest discoveries and theories of modern science. You are also starting to get the idea that WHAT YOU IMAGINE actually happens on one level or another. And possibly the biggest bit of new information in your arsenal is that you are starting to realize THAT THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE REALITY! This goes hand in hand with the idea that your experience of reality is a perfect reflection of your beliefs, definitions, thoughts and emotions. And you have even started taking responsibility for the creation of your experience; which by this acknowledgment gives you the POWER to change it. Thus, by these ideas sinking in you get the picture that BELIEF IS EVERYTHING! Taking this concept to the next level we conclude that if we actually Believe It, it will manifest in our outer circumstances or experience of life. Let's use a simple analogy. You want to brush your teeth. Of course you can brush your teeth; you don't give it a second thought. You just do it. The fact is that whether it is a small act or a large one doesn't matter to the universe. It all gets created with the sames laws or rules or process. If you believe it, you can do it. The only question is do you believe it? Let's start with the idea of goal setting. Like the game of chess, there are so many possible moves on each turn. Turns out the optimum move is the one along the line of least resistance.  More practically, in life, it is the move that is the most natural or the one where you follow your excitement; because it is the easiest choice you can make. When you first set a goal, know that YOU HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED IT.  It's not that you have to create anything; because all possibilities already exist. (reread the second paragraph) What you are doing is getting in harmony or resonance with the choice that already exists. You have already achieved your goal; now it is time to vibrate with that frequency. Reminds me of a woman, who was actually watching fires in California, and when the fires were about to engulf her house she moved her frequency up and shifted to a scenario where the fires jumped her house!  This is how it works. You vibrate with the frequency that you choose.  According to Vywamus, "Jesus knew his miracles would happen because he had the vision to see all realities beyond this reality; where they were already manifest. He saw the highest possible vision for all those around him. So to Jesus these were not exactly miracles, but rather a case of seeing a better way of being (that was beyond the understanding of others) and choosing it. Maybe a mouse can see a few small berries on a low tree branch, but with the vision of a giraffe, he would see hundreds of lush juicy berries on the top branches. It all depends on your level of vision, or 'frequency'."(As channeled byIshvar) To me the connect is also about getting in alignment with your Higher Self, who can see all the possibilities. And further advice from Vywamus is to SET YOUR RESONANCE. Which means your set your consciousness in the knowingness, the knowingness that you can achieve something. You know that you can achieve anything, if you have a resonance with the goals, you know they are possible and indeed exist if you choose to experience them. Reminds me of a teenage non-smoking program that I founded. In order to quit you have to know of the possibility. This changes everything. Once you know of the possibility, then you begin to move towards attainment of the goal. In time you are pretty sure you can and in the end you know you can. When looking back; it all looks so easy. Just like brushing your teeth, the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is fear or old false beliefs that you can't. As Vywamus says, "Every time your old negative thoughts surface press DELETE and input 'I Am creating.....' whatever it is. Jump forwards in time, even better and say, 'I have created....' get used to the fluidity of time and creation. How does it feel to experience what you have manifested? Go back in time and keep that feeling--for that feeling or emotion (feelings are energy in motion) will draw it to you from the future--that is truly setting the resonance." This connects perfectly with the Bashar information; which says to see it, believe it, feel it and act on it. Get immersed in the frequency and at some point when critical mass is achieved; you will see it manifest in the outer experience. Bashar gives more insight into this by saying that it is a good idea to spend time in the IN BETWEEN. This in between is the UNKNOWN; as it spending some time getting the feel for the fact that there is no objective reality. We get stuck in using what is, as a measuring stick for how close we are to manifesting what we want. In reality, the old belief or experience is no more powerful than what you want. What you want can be believed because there is no real reality to measure your new belief against, that is any more real. As Bashar says, one problem is "simply allowing the new belief to seem as real as the old belief." "The idea of assisting each and every one of you to allow the new belief to be easier to choose; so that you won't necessarily feel that the old belief has any more power than the new belief, is to understand exactly what is happening when you cross that threshold from old to new definition. That threshold is not just a line that you cross, it is a place in and of itself, it is an energy in and of itself. It is a reality in and of itself..and most importantly, it is a recognition in and of itself that you need to have in order to understand why you can allow a new belief to remain in force just as strongly as the old belief did. Do  not be afraid of the unknown...the unknown is your friend, the unknown is the place..the crucible...the forge in which you really make the greatest changes in your life. It's where you can decide who you will become..completely and utterly in that moment and thus then, experience the reality that is the reflection of that decision..completely and utterly from that moment forward." (channeled by Darryl Anka) According to Vywamus, 'I Am' is your ticket to whatever you wish to create. The last step requires that you TAKE ACTION.  You can't brush those teeth while thinking about it in bed. "Some of you are very good at the creation aspect on the higher levels, you are 75% of the way to achieving your goals, but you don't take the final step of actually doing something on the physical plane to create it! That's the easy bit. The difficult bit is knowing and setting the correct resonance for you--don't know why, seems very easy to Vywamus. But I'm told it's difficult. (It is because you doubt yourselves)." Vywamus also gives the AIRPLANE METHOD OF CREATION!  "It is so simple you won't take it seriously, but I like it, I love it! You imagine yourself going 'up', you visualize you go up--you ask to be taken to a place where you can access your knowingness. There is a part of you that knows all things O.K.--you get to Vywamus level of consciousness, you rise up to that level in meditation. Let's say your goal is $1,000,000, that's nothing, you have created universes, all of you! O.K you want your $1,000,000, fair enough, the universe will give you your $1,000,000 if you think you are WORTHY AND YOU KNOW YOU CAN CREATE IT. You need to get to a place where you know you can have it. (If you have to set a goal to have it, you aren't in such a place now--well you don't write goals to clean your teeth do you? No, most of you know you can achieve that one!") "So in our visualization meditation, you perhaps get in a balloon  and you rise up and up--above the clouds of doubt. This expands your level of consciousness, expands your level of knowing. Ask Vywamus--Vywamus is an expert at aligning you in this manner, and you will be taken to a level of higher dimensional consciousness--where you know that you' re perfection made manifest-that you are the God I Am. If you raise yourself up, you connect with the universal consciousness where you know everything, have access to complete understanding--and complete understanding brings a complete  level of manifestation instantly. Ask Vywamus to raise you up and allow yourself to see the bigger picture. Ahh, you see the bigger picture, then you know who you are, and realize you didn't want that $1,000,000 want love, you are love, you want to be unlimited, you are unlimited, you want freedom, you are freedom... What you wanna create now? I don't want anything...I Am That I Am, That I Am..perfection made manifest, peace, joy, bliss... can you feel it my friends, can you feel what is is like to be a this level of consciousness?" "O.K, so when you do this 'visualization for manifestation' feel, feel this gorgeous, blissful energy. You won't want to create anything, you will just want to be. If you do this often then when you sink back down to Earth, everything you ever wanted will come knocking at your door (this is the secret of--'to have all, give all', or as Jesus said 'first seek the kingdom of God and all else will be added to you'). For this Love that you will find within automatically includes everything else you might ever want to manifest. Yes it's that simple!". Reminds me of a story Swami Satchidananda used to tell about a King who invited people to his palace and asked the people to choose what they wanted. Many chose very expensive items; but one asked for Him. And then they received everything inside the walls of the castle. This is why I think too many people get too involved in wanting to manifest large sums of money, before they actually have planted the seed, or the intent to become enlightened. And even then, your Higher Self knows the optimum timing for such things to occur and sometimes wants you to have certain other experiences and appreciations first. There is an old saying that it is harder for a rich man to become enlightened than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle! If you think about it, getting a large sum of money before you have worked through certain other experiences could actually derail your spiritual progress. As the extra-terrestrial Elan would say,  "I always get what I want. If I can't have it now, it not because I don't get what I want, it is because it is not available right now."  My sincere best in you attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer via PayPal at