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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

There are several basic ideas that to me are totally incomprehensible when it comes to the procedures of the modern medical system. First on the list is the process of diagnosis. The question of why the symptom exists is rarely if ever asked. It is like a fire alarm goes off and you cut the chord. It doesn't solve the problem, it only masks the problem. Then some drugs or surgery is the next step with no thought to the possibility that without knowing the cause of the symptom that it might return. All outer circumstances were created by our own beliefs, definitions, thoughts and emotions. When the body exhibits a so-called symptom, there is always an underlying emotional component and you must seek to eliminate the cause, not just eradicate the symptom. The Pleiadians have stated in 'Self Empowerment', "Look for the chakra closest to the area of your body giving you feedback, for that is the energy center that is directly affecting whatever malfunction you are experiencing. Look for the lesson in the issue, seek the positive purpose and be honest with yourself. Offer thanks to your body for the input, for working with you and giving you feedback in response to the signals your are sending. Make the intention to become aware of any strong feelings you have in relationship to the specific area of your body calling for attention. What unexpressed emotions are stored there? A major part of self-healing involves visualization, practicing mind influencing matter, and seeing the desired outcome. Thoughts must be focused and directed to produce creative endeavors and bring forth results." "To build the reality you want, create a clear, detailed mental image of your desired outcome; if you are ill, you must set your mind to full recovery with a healing phase that is short, easy and sweet. Embrace the idea that that everything works out just fine in a remarkable series of beneficial events. Imagination, visualization, activation of your will power, expectation and positive reinforcement are the keys to learning new behavioral patterns. You must expect results, otherwise there will be none; creative use of the imagination followed by action brings about results. When your body is not functioning properly, you have the power to change your attitude and heal yourself--this can be as simple as recognizing self-pity and changing it to self-acceptance; changing fear to desire, and anger and pain to forgiveness." Your body is an amazing self healing system; it has intelligence, and with proper detoxification and proper rest and nourishment is capable of producing whatever is required to bring about a state of health. Bashar has said that the body is capable of healing 99.9% of disease issues. We have been trained to believe that all these conditions just come from the blue. Get real, all disease comes from dysfunctional emotions. All the cancers too have their root in emotions like hate, anger, guilt and shame. Whatever is in our life we attract and it is just plain ridiculous to think otherwise. To think otherwise means we are powerless victims of circumstances. And I should mention here that the process of healing yourself is not for everyone. It is available to everyone and can work for everyone; but not if you have a belief system buried in victim hood. I am not a doctor, so I have to state that all the information I give is of a philosophical and spiritual nature only and you are to consult a physician. Having said that if you really want to entirely understand the whole process of self healing go to; which is called 'Healing the Known and Unknown'. The process I outline can work and can heal any condition. I also link you to about 150 pages on the internet to get a complete picture of this topic. Also links you to activation of your 'Template for Perfect Health' and specifics of utilizing the healing electromagnetic blue energy.  Included in this material are cures for schizophrenia, cancer, diabetes, and most recently, not updated yet in my E-books, is coconut oil; which turns out to be a cure for Alzheimers disease. (google search Dr. Newton) For a shorter version about the subject of health,  you download for free 'The Root Cause of Disease' at the site. In this short article I will give you some of the basic concepts such as finding the cause of your problem; as explained above. The next most mind blowing aspect of conventional  medicine is how depressing they make people feel; especially if they have a serious problem. If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning. The meaning you give determines the experience. So YOU MUST PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON THE OUTER CIRCUMSTANCE!! It is no wonder that not only is proper diagnoses of low percentage in the modern medical process; but also the cure rate. In fact China has double the cure rate of Western medicine. The attitude you should always have is one of hope and positive expectation and NOT ONE OF FEAR. Even in scientific experiments with control groups, it has been proven that doctors who give positive small talk to their patients have quicker recovery times. And because outer circumstances are inherently neutral, negativity or disease is a negative emotional perception based on a value judgment placed upon a neutral event or circumstance. Anything that is negative, like disease, is a result of a negative judgment or it could not exist. It is energy that is not in alignment with your Higher Self. Energy that is in alignment with your Higher Self cannot manifest a negative reality.  It is essentially an erroneous belief out of which supporting false beliefs spring.  Outer circumstances do not just happen out of the blue. There are NO ACCIDENTS. As Mother Mary, as channeled by Jeane Hatch says, "Holding an erroneous belief system, especially in a suppressed or repressed form, creates an environment of internal discordance on a subconscious level. Over a period of time, denial of the judgment placed upon some aspect of oneself, and then suppressed, begins to alter the cellular structure of the area of the body where the memory of the event or circumstance is stored. This cellular alteration has been labeled disease. It is really emotional self-judgment." I have personally witnessed advanced cancer patients neutralize the disease just by a simple change of diet. Think how much faster and successful you can be if you actually find the cause of your situation, foster actions that are conducive to excellent health, stop the activities or thinking that caused the outer circumstance and put a positive spin on it!!! Start developing the basics for good health. (See ET Yoga blog at this site, 'Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy') This material comes from Bashar and is mostly good common sense, not rocket science. Clearly the focus of excellent health should be to lay a positive foundation; which prevents disease in the first place. However, there is no profit in that! Another mind boggeler  for me to understand is why everyone doesn't get a thorough detox once a year. Both Dr. Shultze at his clinic and Bashar have said that about 85% of all symptoms disappear after a thorough detox in conjunction with proper nutrients. Toxins lodge in the system in a way that virtually paralyzes the immune system. Imagine if everyone in a country got a detox!!! Now that truly would be Health Care. Of course it would probably put a huge dent in the pills sold that big Pharma wants to sell you. With respect to vaccines, personally I am not interested. And none of my three children were vaccinated and all quite excellent in the health area.  By the way, are you aware that children who are not vaccinated don't have autism? The only thing we need protection from is our own beliefs. Even if vaccines actually worked, if our mentality was to create ourselves as victims, then we would just find another way. And think about it. Have you ever seen any statistics of those who took the swine flu vaccine that died? Have you ever seen publicized the repercussions or side affects of taking these shots? And science has shown that vaccines don't last more than a few years, even by their admission; so doesn't this mean that all the baby boomers have been unprotected for the last 30 years? I also don't get this ridiculous thinking that you should be forced to take a vaccine or force your kids to protect others. If they have the protection, why are they worried about you? Frankly, I am appalled at what we teach our children about how powerless they are and how they need outside protection. Lathering them in creams to protect them from their Spiritual Father, the sun. Fear, fear, fear...   Of course you need to use some common sense based on your genetics with respect to exposure. I recommend olive oil and water mixture for the body and argan oil for the face. I would never use a sun screen (See ET Yoga article at this site,'The Truth About the Sun and Sunscreens') In my view promoting fear,  basically takes responsibility away from the children and their parents and places the responsibility on the medical system for good health.  Then later they blame the medical system; which creates them as victims.  Because clearly all you need do is look around to see that the overall health picture is deteriorating at an alarming rate. People have given their Power away and are in turn being abused. Based on the aspartame, MSG, bio-genetic foods (aluminum resistant), radiation, chemtrails (barium and aluminum), fluorides, contaminated meats/fish, poor oxygen, dependency on electronics and pesticides in the environment the longevity is on fast decline. As the Pleiadians say, "The belief in a vital healthy existence is one of the wisest beliefs to embrace. And, as is true with all beliefs, the bottom line is that you must believe it! A key to vital health is the ability to sustain love for yourself and excitement for life. So, dear friend, there is no need to embrace any fearful labels of disease. Remember that forgiveness is a self-healing act that releases you from the lower vibrations of anger and judgment; forgiveness permits you to move forward in the game, so you can get on with the venture of  living a joyful life. You are capable of accomplishing greatness when you believe in yourself. Remind yourself that you are a co-creator of the multi-verse, that life is about change and that everything can be healed, if you are willing to do the work." My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance.  Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer via PayPal at