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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

It occurred to me that my readers might be interested in my take on 'Pre-determined Destiny or Free Will" and the thought was reinforced; as I was recently asked the question. For new readers I guess I should point out that I have studied from three of greatest Yogic Masters, in Sri Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Swami Satchidananda. In addition over the last 25 years I have integrated extra-terrestrial information with the yogic wisdom and also sincerely believe that if you actually study the archives at this post you would discover more information here than in any other one place on the planet! And if you delve into the E-books and other for sale products at my website you have some more interesting surprises and access to all the techniques you can imagine. First, the simple answer is that it is not pre-determinism or free will it is both. Let me elaborate and possibly give you some information that you likely have never heard. Many people are aware that from a spiritual perspective each incarnation has a pre-determined purpose and sets of circumstances that assist with the evolution of that soul and also in conjunction with experiences required of the Higher Self.  What most people are not aware of is that the time and manner of death is pre-determined. I will quote from 'The Pleiadian Workbook-Awakening Your Divine Ka' by Amorah Quan Yin. "Your Ka Template is located on top of your head at the back of slightly behind your crown chakra. It is rectangular in shape and encoded with symbols from a sacred language. The symbols closely resemble a combination of Egyptian hieroglpyhics and ancient Armaic. As the Ka energies enter your aura from your fourth dimensional self, they are first received into your Ka Template, passing over and through the encoding that delineates your soul's  and body's blueprint for the use of your Ka in this lifetime. If you have a goal to ascend, that goal in encoded on your template and is activated as your template is cleared and opened. Likewise, if your being has chosen to experience physical death through cancer or any other disease, that information is also encoded on your Ka Template. The Pleiadians never interfere with your chosen goals; but they will work with you to obtain whatever is in your highest good. You may have planned, prior to your birth in this lifetime, to take on genetic illness and limitation for the purpose of transmuting and transcending it. This, too, is shown on your template and the transmutation and transcendental processes are accelerated within  your Ka Template as it  is cleared and activated. When your Ka Template is initially cleared and activated, the Ka energies will flow from your template to your pineal gland, in the center of your head. Your pineal gland distributes light throughout your body and tells your brain how to run your body systems, mind, emotions, and physical movements. It also regulates the flow of light and energy to the meridian system through your Ka Channels and is vital to your spiritual awakening and enlightenment." This whole subject is very complex because you also have old karma to work out and in certain circumstances your Higher Self arranges certain experiences and their sequence. For example, lets say you desire a million dollars. It may be that your Higher Self wants you to have some appreciations or prior experiences before this occurs. Timing is everything in this respect; as it can change the course and sequence and even the location of your life experiences. As Swami Satchidananda would say, "Plan pending God's approval". This topic is also inextricably connected to your 'Beliefs'; as is the discussion of any topic. It is also why I like to keep referring my readers constantly to the 'Ultimate Truths of Reality' at the College of Christ Consciousness. This is a list of 21 facts of how reality actually functions in 3D. And always keep in mind you always have a Choice of how you handle what does happen in your life. No outer circumstance comes with built in meaning. It is the emotional spin you place on outer circumstances that determines the experience you will have. For the most part we do have Free Will with the above exceptions. The primary function of the rational mind is to place positive spin on outer circumstances. And your 'State of Being' or 'Frequency' at the emotional level is also critical. I was having a discussion the other day with a person and I was trying to get them to understand the importance of water in their lives. I referred them to Masuro Emoto's "Power of Water' and his discovery that water is a perfect reflection of consciousness. And that emotions and intent, like classical music, can change the molecular structure of water in a positive way for your DNA. Taking this a step further, it has been discovered that there is a neural center in the heart, called the brain in the heart, which emits a frequency 5,000 times greater than the brain. And it is this frequency that impacts the water in your body and also interacts with the morphogenetic field; which determines the reality  you experience. You may also like to know that there is no Objective Reality. Reality is the experience. We have the concept of a consensus reality because we agree to it. Because of the holographic nature of reality, one of the amazing features of Being is that we each live in our own U-niverse.  And we will all eventually  have the experience of  Self-Realization. With respect to your experience in this lifetime, there are only two objective facts. First, the universe was created with unconditional love and second you have awareness. Your personality is actually an artificial construct; which enables you to function in 3D. You are actually your Higher Self, a Spiritual Being, having an earthly incarnation. Your Higher Self basically breaks off a part of itself, but retains connection. If you have had the experience of being one with your Higher Self, then you understand this is fact. For the most part humans lost this connection with the Higher Self back in Atlantis. Many extra-terrestrial civilizations find it hard to imagine how this could happen. Your outer experiences in this lifetime are the result of your beliefs, definitions, emotions and intentions. They are actually a mirror image.  It would be useful in this lifetime to understand the paradox that 'There is No They That's the Secret They Don't Want You to Know'.  What you experience is 'You" and when you leave this plane and look back, the world you left was "You'.  At some point we will all realize that we are the dimension we formerly thought we were only a component of. The best idea to implement is not to go against the negative; but to focus on the positive. When you go against the negative you only perpetuate the energy you say you want to eliminate. You attract all the 'Theys" in your life by your own beliefs. If you don't have a belief that can attract 'Them"-- then they are invisible for you! It comes down to taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. And that does not mean 100% blame, it means response---ability. Blame, including self blame, only creates you as a victim. As does complaint and justification of your circumstances.  From what I understand once you have faced all of your issues on the 3D level, you probably won't be here long! Also directly connected to your life here is the Higher Self. As a complete persona, you function with your Higher Self; which is the Creator of thought, the brain, which is the Receiver of thought and the Rational Mind,which is the Perceiver of thought. The Higher Self exists just outside the time/space continuum.  There are also four laws; which are true in every dimensional level. First, 'You Exist'. Can't do much about that. And if you exist now, you have always existed in some form or another and you always will. From our perspective time is linear; but from the perspective of the Higher Self  all lifetimes are occurring simultaneously and all time is now. The second law, 'The All Is One and the One Is All'. You can perceive consciousness from the point of view of the One or the All or both simultaneously. The third law is 'What You Put Out You Get Back', it is the same as the Law of Attraction. And the fourth law, is 'Everything Changes'. This includes the fourth law, which changes to stasis and gives to the first three laws. When you channel energy that is in alignment with your Higher Self, the energy manifests as joy, excitement, bliss, unconditional love etc,. Energy that is not channeled through your Higher Self reflects as the negative emotions, including fear. So, optimally, being in line with unconditional love is optimum, in alignment with your Higher Self and also in alignment with Prime Creator or what ever label you would like to use to describe Spirit or the Infinite. This is also highly beneficial when it comes to dealing with disease. First, all disease is the result of dysfunctional emotion. The emotions of unconditional love, compassion and gratitude have been shown to have a frequency capable of shattering disease. It has also been said that once you have 6 of the 12 strands of DNA activated, you will not be capable of assimilating meat or death into the body. We have 12 chakras, seven inside the body and five outside, that are in direct correlation to your 12 strands of DNA. Once all are activated fully, the brain functions with full capacity. The pineal gland also then functions at full capacity and why it is so important to drink pure water. Fluoridation actually calcifies the pineal gland. It is my suggestion that with reference to 2012 that you exemplify the attitude that this will be the best year ever. Placing a positive spin and expectation will create a positive  experience. Anything having to do with fear would not be positive.  In actual fact fear is an illusion. What is fear anyway except the false belief that someone or something has more power than you.  Objectively, this is not true; but you can choose to believe it.  You can choose to believe that the world is flat too.  All beliefs are inherently equal; but if you hold beliefs that are not objectively true it will give you a more limited experience of All That Is. For example, if you believe the world is flat, but objectively it  is round, then your experience of All That Is will be limited by this belief.  Thus, the beauty of free will. What you believe is what matters for you. Another area where collective free will has limits is in respect to the use of nuclear weapons. The positive extra-terrestrials will not allow a full scale nuclear war; because it would have too great an impact on the universe and at inter-dimensional levels. There has been intervention in this regards on a few occasions. Thus, you will also see that the Dark side agenda for population reduction will take a more subtle form. I trust the above has thrown some light on the subject of 'Destiny or Free Will'. If you are touched by some of the above information, you can help support the author by purchasing spiritual products at or by making a PayPal donation to   My sincere best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green.