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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

If you are expecting to hear the normal response most people take to these situations, which makes matters worse by creating themselves and their friends as victims and powerless, then you have the wrong website. I would like to offer the for those who have ears,  a formula for dealing with abusive relationships. There are some philosophical points to be made first. Nothing happens by accident in this world. What you experience is a reflection of your beliefs, intentions, definitions and emotions. It is not there to punish you but to show you what you believe. If left undetected, then it would continue to cause you further problems. I realize it is hard at times to even become aware that you are being abused. Once you become aware of it, it already starts to lose its power. As a practical tool, I suggest you get to a place in your mind where you can see your circumstances objectively, and shine a funnel of light on your life. You will generally find that the problem areas in your life are those where you have given your POWER AWAY.  Many people have situations where they are physically or emotionally abused in their relationships. This is also a very negative situation for your overall health. However, there are many other types of abuse both personal and by groups and organizations. Even government with regards to its relationship with the public. Usually when you are abused you are convinced that you need something, will be protected, and there is an element of fear if you don't go along. One of the things you need to realize is that you don't NEED PROTECTION FROM ANYTHING EXCEPT YOUR OWN BELIEFS! There is a fine line in dealing with friends who are being abused. You want to convey the idea of compassion; but at the same time not feed into their victim hood mentality. When people blame, criticize and justify their circumstances all they really accomplish is to create themselves as victims and powerless. The very first thing a person needs to do is to PLACE A POSITIVE SPIN ON THE SITUATION. I realize this can be difficult and easier to give advice than to be in the situation. But the universe operates on some very precise rules. One of them is THE EMOTIONAL SPIN YOU PLACE ON A CIRCUMSTANCE WILL DETERMINE THE OUTER EXPERIENCE. CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT COME WITH BUILT IN MEANING. There are always two sides to a coin or the circumstance could not exist. Sometimes the positive is learning about ourselves and freeing us from the apparent negative circumstance. It is easy for friends to agree with victims and blame somebody who is the abuser. Not that their actions are correct or positive; but reinforcing victim hood is not the solution. The solution begins WHEN YOU CAN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT EVERY ONE IS  100% RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OUTER CONDITION. This does not been they are to blame. It means they have response-ability. You cannot change the outer circumstance thoroughly unless you take responsibility for attracting the situation. THIS IS YOUR POINT OF POWER BECAUSE IF YOU CREATED IT, THEN YOU CAN CHANGE IT! So, first you must become aware of the abuse, then put a positive emotional spin on the situation, then acknowledge responsibility and then put energy into figuring out "Why you created the situation in the first place"? If you can do this, then you are well on your way to recovery. You may need to reprogram your belief in this area or change an old definition. If you are not able to get to the heart of the issue, because it is an issue, then start getting creative by INTENDING THAT A SOLUTION OR WAY OUT OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE BE CREATED. The idea here is not to go against negative energy. When you go against negative energy it only brings you to that level. It will get you entangled in its vibration. What you want to do is CREATE A NEW POSITIVE. Imagine and visualize what you would prefer your circumstance to be. If you can put enough energy, emotion, intent and focus into this idea then it will manifest in time in your outer experience. Act on your excitement; as the compass to lead you to a new circumstance. This idea has been proven by quantum physics. (See this blog site for the article, 'Quantum Physics and You') This also works for the population at large in the world for creating Peace. There are currently two mass meditations occurring on the planet that you can take part in. One is the Bashar Peace Clock, where every day at 12:oo noon you meditate or pray for peace for one minute. Another currently started on 11/11/2010 and at 11:11 p.m. about a million people meditate or visualize the version of the world they would like to see for 11 minutes for 11 consecutive days. These are very powerful techniques and do make a huge difference. The fact is that 'THERE IS NO THEY THAT'S THE SECRET THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW'. (See the article at this website by the same name) It is by intent that we create the future. The other stuff that is not wanted will fall away or destroy itself. Just like on StarGate SG 1, there are an infinite number of parallel universes and you need to attract yourself to the version you want to experience. I think it relevant to say at this point that all of these techniques have come from positive off world sources including extra-terrestrials who are here to assist us. The fact is that until about 1970 even the concept of 'Taking Responsibility' wasn't even available to the public. I am not talking about being responsible; as when you baby sit a child, I am talking about taking responsibility for your experience 100%. That means 100% not just when you feel like it. Without this concept the only natural response to any perceived negative in the outer circumstances is labeled, judged and blame usually comes up. All this does is reinforce the victim hood and the powerlessness. We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS having an Earth incarnation and have UNLIMITED POWER. I like what the Andromedans say about Fear."It is what distracts us from our focus concerning becoming one with our Higher Selves." Fear of catching a disease for instance can attract you to getting abused by vaccines. You don't just catch something out of the blue. Nothing is an accident. and you don't need protection unless you believe that you do. (See the article at this website entitled 'The Power of Belief') Belief is everything and whether you think you can or you think you can't either way, you are correct. The human body is capable of healing 99% of disease issues. It needs to be occasionally detoxed and provided with the proper nourishment. I felt so happy for the public when most rejected taking the swine flu vaccines in 2009-2010. Take a lesson from Ghandi, non-cooperation is the way. Nobody is forcing you to eat at MacDonald's. By the way those rumors about the food not breaking down are true. Tested it myself and have one year old fries that look like the day I bought them. I don't think that technically this qualifies as food; as even bacteria won't eat it. Nobody is forcing you to drink fluoride in the water. Nobody is forcing you to get molested at the airport for not agreeing to a full body scan. Don't fly. If enough people don't fly, they will change the rules. Nobody is forcing you to take the conventional treatments for cancer. Find other ways to cure the problem. People are waking up and it is very encouraging. Plus, we are getting excellent help from the positive ET's; as they WILL NOT ALLOW A FULL SCALE NUCLEAR WAR! It is starting to look like they wont allow any nuclear blasts on a population. Not sure about this but several attempts have been thwarted already. According to Bashar the people of this planet decided not to kill each other off back in the 1970's. The truth is starting to come to the surface about many startling things. In time many cures for diseases that are being suppressed will be available to the public; because the public is wising up to the fact that the FDA, Big Pharma, the WHO, the mainstream medical establishment  and certain elements of government are not operating with your best interests in mind; but solely for control and profit. I suggest the reader check out Dr. Pete Peterson, at Project Camelot for his amazing interview.  I have heard this before, but he confirms that the medical establishment has only a 6% success rate in accurately diagnosing a problem. You can only guess as to what the accurate treatment rate is? It is a total farce. In my opinion, many who work in emergency centers, plastic surgery and many of the medical fields have done amazing work; but the routine recommended for the average person is a disgrace; especially in the area of cancer treatment. (See 'Healing the Known and Unknown') Dr. Peterson also says, "Lions and tigers don't eat muscle fiber.  They will eat it if nothing else; but they will get sick from it because of the toxicity."  Interesting that a lot of humans eat only the muscle and throw the rest away! I challenge all the meat eaters to see at You Tube, 'Effects of Animal Fat on the Human Body'. Also see at this site, 'How to Keep You and Your Kids Healthy'. As a last point, many people need to spend more time figuring out why they believe what they do. During our first years we download beliefs from our initial care givers. We should thank them for the positive influence but also weed out ides and beliefs that no longer serve us. This is called maturity.  Many are being abused in one form or another and not aware. I guess that's why some ET's say that we are the 'Masters of Denial'. And you can read in between the lines when I say, "Only victims need to be saved". When anyone wants me to believe in their point of view and it starts with making you fear something that they can protect you from, I say, "Wrong Number". Just like a wrong number telephone call.  I wish them the best; but for me I don't need a middle man between my Higher Self and me and I believe in an UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING PRIME CREATOR. My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in you life, you can support the writer via PayPal at