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I have written an article called 'Bashar's Big Four'; but the concept that you don't have a belief you don't prefer would stand up to those points. They are: the world is a reflection of your beliefs, definitions, intentions and emotions, outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning, the emotional spin you put on outer circumstances creates the experience of the situation and that outer circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters. In quick review of 'Bashar's Big Four', quantum physics has supported Bashar's teachings in all areas. First, the newest in theories states that the entire universe functions as one giant 'Holographic Computer' which operates via consciousness and 'Belief' is the language of recognition. In simplified terms, what you believe is. Also, outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning, even though the population at large thinks so. A point easily proven. Two people experiencing the same event will have a different experience based on what they choose to focus on and the spin they put on it. The third point about creating a positive experience follows the formula: positive spin in positive experience out, negative spin in, then a negative experience will be the result. And lastly, the neural frequency of the brain in the heart has been shown to be 5,000 times more powerful than the brain and emits a measurable frequency extending from the physical body. Thus, it is your emotional state or state of being that is more important than an outer circumstance as it is this frequency that interacts with the morphogenetic field and creates your version of 'Reality'. Of course there again we have the idea of objective reality; which is also a false illusion. Reality is the experience and is experienced differently by each of us. We also learn from Bashar that victim hood is characterized by expressing the emotions of complaint, blame and justification of circumstances. When you express these sentiments, you immediately create yourself as a victim. Not to be confused with ascertaining the truth or using discernment.  It is when judgment of a circumstance or individual leads to invalidation that we cross the line.  The masses also have the idea that they are disconnected with their negative beliefs. Let's take the 2012 doom and gloomers for example. If you believe in a 2012 catastrophic scenario, then at some deeper level, that is what you prefer. It takes some inner work to analyze these deep seeded beliefs. There is no way you would have such a belief unless it was preferable to some perceived alternative scenario. Many times it is just fear of the unknown or fear of another scenario that is perceived by the ego as a greater threat. The fact, scientifically proven, is that there are an infinite number of possible reality scenarios and they are all being played out. When you change your inner beliefs and quit buying into somebody else's negativity you actually shift yourself to a new frequency. You think others have changed, but because you have changed you find yourself surrounded by different versions of the same people with different beliefs similar to yours.  If you take any subject, you will find that the experience you have of it will be reflected in your belief. Negative beliefs are based in fear and are not in alignment with your Higher Self. They are based in faulty reasoning and are always in conflict with 'The Ultimate Truths of Reality' as expounded at the College of Christ Consciousness website. These are the fundamental rules that apply to how we function in 3D. Most people are aware of the Placebo Effect, where taking a sugar pill actually performs equally to the actual pill. Why does this work? Because you believe it does. If you expand this idea to everything you experience, you will get the gist of how this works. It is exactly as if we live inside a virtual reality computer and what we believe we experience. We cannot experience what we are not the vibration of. It is the vibration that creates the experience. It is not seeing is believing, it is believing is seeing. Sometimes we have the experience of having a belief and when we find evidence of this in the outer world, we think it is proof that the belief is true. But, what we sometimes are not aware of is that it is the inner belief that created the initial experience. Change the belief and you can change the experience. You cannot perceive what you do not 'Contain' inwardly. And if you have an idea or concept, you have the ability to experience that concept. Thus, once you have the idea of enlightenment, you have the capacity or possibility to attain it. That is called the planting of the seed. The original idea of what a baptism is supposed to be. It is the moment you become aware of the possibility of becoming one with and attaining a higher level of consciousness. Once all of the above points become ingrained, you realize that you are 100% responsible for your experience. So, you can quit blaming everybody else for what is happening to you and unload all that past emotional garbage. How much of people's time and energy is spent dwelling on a negative past that ironically they created in the first place? And as the original premise of this article states, you don't have a belief you don't prefer. Why do you prefer to have such beliefs? Oh, I forgot, it is much easier to blame somebody else and create yourself as a victim. The same holds true at the global level  We collectively create the experience around us. There is 'No They'. We 'Are They'. You don't get Peace by hating war, you get Peace by loving Peace. If enough people focus on what they want instead of what they don't want, it is created in the outer experience. In practical terms your expectations, intentions, emotions and beliefs will create your experience of 2012. I say it is 'The best year Ever'. We are at a point in the evolution of humanity that has never been seen before. We are about to take a leap from the cacoon to becoming butterflies.  'Keep your Peace'; as Swami Satchidananda would say. Don't get lost in fear. Fear can be your friend. Like a key on the piano that is out of tune. Oh joy another fear! An opportunity to fine tune yourself. And keep in mind that Mr. Fear has his foot on the tool box marked 'Your Personal Empowerment'. And personal empowerment is connected to taking response-ability for your outer experience; because it is your point of power. If you created it, you have the power to fix it. If somebody else created it, you are the victim.If you choose to live in Joy, then visualize in your mind how someone would act in the situation from the perspective of Joy and then mimic the behavior in the real world. You can be Happy just because you want to, not because you hit the lottery or some other outer events. Further with regard to Ascension, it is my opinion that for simplified purposes there are 12 different time lines associated with the scenario you will experience. They are connected to the 12 chakras (seven in the body and five outside the body), the 12 strands of DNA and your Intentions. We will each end up having the experience that our Higher Self wants us to have. Because don't forget we are our Higher Selves. The Higher Self splits off a portion of itself that incarnates in what we perceive as this life time. We are Spiritual Beings having an Earth incarnation. The Higher Self exists just outside the time/space continuum. Somewhere after the fall of Atlantis we generally lost our connection or awareness of the Higher Self. It completes our persona of Higher Self, brain and rational mind. The Higher Self being the conceiver of ideas, the brain the receiver and the mind the perceiver. Sorry, most of my analogies of belief refer to changing the negative beliefs. However, please refer to the article at this website called 'Positive Beliefs to Embrace'. Just like there is no positive reason to put a negative spin on an outer event, there is no positive reason to expouse a negative belief. Two important factors in moving up to the next dimension are to take responsibility for your outer experience and let go of the past. This means to use compassion and forgiveness to negative emotions associated with others. Ironically, although of your own creation, they bind you to 3D. Keep in mind that the emotions of Compassion, Gratitude and Unconditional Love are the anti-dote to disease. They are High Frequencies. Fear and disease are Low Frequencies. By placing positive spin on an outer event we are doing Reality Creation. We also do it by fine tuning our beliefs; which will eventually manifest. Of course instantaneous manifestation is also a possibility. But, maybe we better do our house cleaning first. Imagine if every thought you had manifested instantaneously! I have been told that focused attention to a thought for only 16 seconds begins to bring that reality to your experience. Remember, we don't pray to create a reality; as it already exists. We pray to see that it already exists! There is something magical in the emotions associated with the concept that an event has 'Already Happened'. We actually bounce those emotions off the Universal Intelligence Field and the shadow effect is the appearance of the event in our dimension. Because of the Law of Attraction the frequency or vibration will manifest. It has to according to the Law that 'What you put out you get back'. For physical proof of this concept I refer the reader to Gregg Braden 'Healing Cancer'; where this principle is used to cure a person of a cancerous tumor in less than three minutes on 'You Tube'. The trick is that the patient is not going to be healed, that is an unknown point in the future. By having the idea of already been healed, it places the frequency in the NOW!! My best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green For those who have been touched by the above article and wish to support the writer please feel free to browse my website at for related products, make a donation via PayPal to or purchase my new book 'ET Yoga 2012 and Beyond' at, Barnes and Noble, Sony or Apple Bookstores.