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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

As Einstein once said, "You can't solve a problem on the level in which it was created." The future structures of economics, education and gevernment that will arise in the New Age will require new ways of thinking and the creation of New Paradigms of thought. As Alex Collier, Andromedan contactee noted, the idea of freedom was not evidenced in Earth history prior to the American Colonies. The concept prior to this was a Reptilian structure fostered by the British Crown. The structure with the Queen at the head is still in evidence today. The Andromedans have given us some important information to ponder; especially as it concerns economic and educational systems. They state that of 22 civilizations similar to that on our planet, ours is the only one that still uses money! Further, that what we need to develop are 'Holographic' systems of thinking; which are outside the box of conventional pyramidal thinking.' Holographic Reduced Representation', really means that structured information is usually encoded with records composed of fields. In the case of Earth structures, these are pyramidal in shape. However, HRR vectors have no fields, instead, the information of such fields is distributed over to the entire vector-hence holographic. An example of this in Andromedan society is how all information is shared from the highest levels all the way down to the children. The parents have a responsibility to foster this procedure and in time what results is a whole society of children that surpass their parents in knowledge. In my opinion there has also been genetic manipulation done to the human species and in my view we were used to mine gold by the Anannuki. This gold was then melted down to produce 'White Powder Gold'; which is basically food for the Light Body. Unlike the Andromedan sharing of information, this has been kept a secret, like the 'Ultimate Truths of Reality (see College of Christ Consciousness), our true history (see The Founders on Earth History at the home page of Sal Rachele) and our true Extra-terrestrial heritage. (See article at this site, ' Our Extra-terrestrial Heritage') According to Pleiadians, the desire for gold was imprinted on the psyche of early humans; as it was highly valued, From a channeling by Lyssa Royal of Pleiadian source Sasha, "Simply their desire for gold was compulsion, because of a belief they had. This desire for gold was almost like the passing of alcoholism from generation to generation. Most of the value of gold will have to do with its properties. Because of its atomic structure, it is able to be manipulated in ways that other substances are not. Throughout time there has been the myths of alchemy; where lead is changed to gold. There are some energetic dimensional doorways in the atomic structure that allow for it to be manipulated in cerain ways to allow its value to increase. Even now, some ET groups are mining gold from Earth, albeit covertly. One of the important things we would like you to understand is that the desire for gold is habitual. " (See at ET Yoga blog site, articles, 'The Topic  Almost Nobody Knows About--Monatomics' and 'Shhh...Don't Tell Anybody About Monatomics.') (To read the rest of this article and find out how economics works in other off planet civilizations, what the Pleiadian 'Equal Value System' is all about, what societal structures can be like in 4 and 5D, how government can assist rather than control population, and the best strategies for transition to new times after the collapse of old systems, please go to and find the article, 'New Thinking to Solve Old Problems.')