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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

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This article will touch upon the meaning of Guilt and how it connects with powerlessness, religion, belief, victim hood, your health and your spiritual journey. The belief and feeling that you are unconditionally loved is at the core of the spiritual journey and Bashar, Essassani, has said that without it, techniques will not be nearly so effective. And like any other topic in the world, this subject can not be inclusive without mentioning a connection to Beliefs. (See at this website the article, 'The Power of Belief').  And this article was created after a conversation with a friend in Boston, who stated that "The main theme of religion is to create Guilt". So, what is Guilt? I will quote from Bashar, "Guilt is what will always perpetuate  limitation, always perpetuates separation, it keeps you from recognizing your own self empowerment and your own connection with the Infinite Creation. For recognize that, fundamentally speaking, while many of you for a long period of time have assumed that hate is the opposite of love, guilt is the true opposite of love. Hate may be the diametric, dynamic polarity expression of love, but guilt is the true mechanical opposite. For love is complete and utter self-worthiness and creativity, while guilt is the belief in lack of self-worth, it stifles creativity. Hate involves the concept that you deserve something, whereas guilt is completely devoid of the sense of deservability! IN FACT GUILT IS THE DENIAL OF YOUR VERY EXISTENCE! Therefore the belief in your lack of self-deservability allows you to be able to create a scenario in which you actually keep at bay all of the things in life that are yours by birthright--such as happiness, ecstasy and creativity. Guilt is the bitter pill that was injected into your society--by your society--to keep you  in the status quo of lack of self empowerment. Because when you truly believe you are not connected to All That Is, or God, the Infinite Creation, when you truly believe you must control by force in order to get anything at all in life, then do you further the continuation of limitation, further the continuation of guilt." There is no right or wrong. There is only whether you choose to create a positively manifesting reality or a negatively manifesting reality. And it is Judgment that says things are right or wrong. To know what you prefer does not mean that you have to judge or invalidate anyone else. In fact it is Judgment, of a neutral event or circumstance, that is at the heart of all disease. All disease comes from dysfunctional emotions; which are the children of judgments of a neutral circumstance. All events are neutral circumstances, and we place an emotional spin on the outer and it becomes our experience. If you go to the College of Christ Consciousness web site you will find the definition of disease. "Since negativity is a perception based on a value judgment  placed upon a neutral event or circumstance, it is essentially an erroneous belief out of which supporting false beliefs spring. Holding en erroneous belief system; especially in a suppressed or repressed form creates an environment of internal discordance on a subconscious level over a period of time, denial of the judgment placed on some aspect of oneself and then suppressed begins to alter the cellular structure of the area of the body where the memory of the event or circumstance is stored. This cellular alteration has been labeled disease. it is really EMOTIONAL SELF-JUDGMENT." Remember your beliefs are an integral part of your personal energy field, in actuality  they are a form of Magic. (See at this site the articles entitled, 'Wizzardry 101'and 'Magic 201'.) Magic is the ability to conjure something into form and beliefs do the same; mass beliefs conjure mass conjurings. The belief in a supreme being who will save you, or eventually judge and punish you for your transgressions, only serves to further discount and deny the magnitude of your power to heal your life from within. Mostly this is accomplished by the outrageous declaration of religion that we were created in Sin. We were not created in Sin; but rather from Unconditional Love. We are Spiritual Beings having a human incarnation. The only association with sin is from Pre-Sumerian times when the word sin meant genetic defect. And since about that time that is what we have been manipulated to be, genetic defects. From the book 'Self Empowerment' by Barbara Marciniak we get the following: "Even though you participate in life believing that you are fully aware of what is happening, quite simultaneously other aspects of yourself co-exist with your consciousness. These other aspects are more aware of your multi-dimensionality than your conscious mind and are able to operate out of your body, using the same cells, the same molecules, and the same organs simply by adapting to a different frequency. They can perceive legitimate vistas of reality that you and other parts of your self may be completely unaware of.  Your body is always operating as a multileveled code reading device. Codes of consciousness dance through the vacuum of inner and outer space for the purpose of seeding and shaping realities with energetic patterns. The patterns are symbols and signposts for consciousness to explore--like markers on a map they point the way to various cosmic crossroads of energy where realities merge. The incoming codes stimulate you to consciously reevaluate your ideas about yourself and to elevate your thinking above and beyond your own self-imposed limitations, as well as those fostered by factions of society still steeped in denial. To be fully actualized, the codes must be selected and integrated by your conscious mind. Your Higher Self is still working with you to map out positive, purposeful probable realities from a place where time is suspended. The 'more adept you are at recognizing patterns within the symbols of the 3-D reality, the faster you learn to reestablish contact with your Higher Self, thus opening and activating the codes for new levels of life-enhancing sustainable probabilities." Of course, there is always the voice in the back of your mind which operates as 'Conscience'. And we already face the consequences of our actions due to the law of cause and effect. We don't need to further complicate the situation by adding guilt to the equation. Kind of like earning money, being taxed on it from source, and then being taxed again when you purchase something or taxed on the interest if placed in savings.  The great Sri Swami Satchidananda once said, "It is the intention and result of your actions that determines the Karma". And one last comment on the plan to reinforce guilt on this planet, to make more victims and powerless guilt ridden populations can be summed up by my friend from Boston who proclaims, "Coming to a neighborhood near you--look in the sky and see a hologram of your favorite Deity." No doubt a plan to unite the religions of the world by a Being with incredible powers, even to appear and disappear at will and heal the sick. Remember, you don't need an intermediary to attain ENLIGHTENMENT OR A ONENESS WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF. For those interested in following up on this article; as it relates to healing, I suggest the website 'Healing the Known and Unknown' at One of the techniques involved with Healing With the Higher Self' involves the identification of hate, anger, judgment and guilt and then releasing this to the Higher Self. Again, you don't need an intermediary to utilize this strategy. My sincere best towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green ( If this post has made a difference in your life and you would like to help support the author, please purchase spiritual products at or if so inclined you can make a donation via PayPal to