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The most effective tools for reality creation or manifestation at the 3D level, in my opinion, has been given by Bashar. (Essassani channeled by Darryl Anka)  If you Google Search 'Essential Teachings of Bashar', you will find that in simple terms the process is: See It, Feel It, Be it and Let go. At that site will give specifics of creating the antenna to receive the version of reality you intend. Much like the process of selecting a television station from all those that are being broadcast simultaneously. The idea being that there are an infinite number of possible realities, all happening at the same time and providing a process to tune or resonate with the frequency of preference. Bashar also recommends, in one of his videos, to spend a period of 15 minutes doing the process (only takes 15 minutes to rewire the brain)  and then letting go to the Higher Self; which knows 'How' to manifest and can also arrange the timing. Sometimes the Higher Self wants us to have certain appreciations before certain other experiences come about or as Sri Swami Satchidananda used to say 'Plan pending God's approval'. After studying this topic for many years, I like to break down the manifesting or reality creation into two distinct parts. First is putting a positive spin on outer circumstances. This is a new concept for our times and I can only find it in Bashar teachings. He states that outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning. It is the emotional spin we give to the circumstance that creates our experience of it. On my BBS worldwide radio show, ET Yoga, I used to challenge my audiences frequently to try this technique and then log the results. Sometimes it takes awhile to see that it works. I used to say, wait until a circumstance comes along that you think is a real bummer and then say to yourself with emotion that something good will come of this. Even though, I can't see anything positive, I just can't wait to find out what it is. If you practice this long enough, to get the gist of it, and you will be utterly amazed! It actually does work! Bashar goes on further to say that the primary responsibility of the rational mind is to put positive spin on outer circumstances; because the rational mind does not have the capacity to know 'How' things work. That is the domain of the Higher Self; which he says is the originator of 'All Creative Thought'. It can see the road ahead from its higher perspective. The complete persona is therefore, Higher Self, as the conceiver of ideas, the brain as the receiver of ideas and the rational mind as the perceiver of ideas. There is no objective reality. Reality is the experience, although there is the notion of a consensus reality. The world you experience is the one you ironically create through belief, intention, emotion and definitions. The simple fact is that even in quantum physics they have finally discovered that 'What you Believe Is'. For practical purposes the world we live in operates exactly like a giant holographic universal computer or 'Matrix'. The operating system of the Universal Computer is consciousness and the language of recognition is 'Belief'. Therefore 'What you Believe Is'. For those who scoff at this idea, I refer you to the concept of Placebo Effect. People are cured of disease issues by a pill that objectively has absolutely no redeeming value. Why? Because we 'Believe it'. See at this website the entire article on 'The Power of Belief'. Further substantiating this theory about 'Belief' are the Mystery School Teachings at the College of Christ Consciousness. You can Google search this and find the 21 'Ultimate Truths of Reality'. It is a channeling from Mother Mary by Jeanne Hatch; which deals with what Mary Magdalene and Jesus really taught.  It is about how life operates in 3D and it is all based in' Belief'. They did not start any churches you know. One of my ET Yoga radio shows also gives a detailed comparison of teachings by the Pleiadians and Essassani compared to these ancient teachings of over 2,000 years ago.  The Bashar information comes from 2,700 years in our future and thus the information spans thousands of years, yet they are almost identical!! Pretty good company to have a screw loose with! (archived BBS radio shows are available on a CD at If you would like some physical proof of how important 'Belief', 'Intention' and 'Thought' are, I suggest you research 'The Power of Water' by Masuro Emoto. He has shown, and you can see the pictures on the internet, that thought and emotion change the molecular structure of water! That water is a perfect reflection of consciousness. An even more impressive proof comes from the You Tube video by Gregg Braden showing three Asian healing practitioners making a cancer tumor disappear in less than three minutes!!! The concept being that 'Heart emotion' that connects with the Universal Intelligence Field and feeling that the event of healing has 'Already Happened' creates its manifestation in our reality. A perfect example that the Universe gives us not what we want, but the frequency 'We Are'. It is an example of the Law of Attraction. What you put out you get back. To Western Science this is a miracle. But as Braden points out, what seems a miracle one day can become a technology the next, with proper understanding. The world you experience is a perfect mirror of your beliefs, intentions, emotions and definitions. Ironically, that which you complain about, you created. This brings us to the second subsection of Reality Creation; which is the conscious and deliberate creation of a desired effect. Mind you, even putting positive spin is a form of this; as it attracts  you to experience or has the potential for you to experience a new reality. In a a sense a form of magic. Because what is true  magic, except the conjuring or the making of an experience by choice. And you always have a choice, because just like a coin has to have two sides; so does an experience. People have been taught that a certain event is 'bad'; but it is not true. All people do not experience events the same no more than they would experience the same food the same way. Once you understand the above, you realize that we must take 100% responsibility for our outer circumstances both individually and collectively. Because, what we 'Believe' collectively is what we will experience. That is also why the PTB try to manipulate and put their spin on the news and everything else they want us to believe. It effects the global consciousness. They would prefer to keep humanity in a constant state of fear. Fear is an illusion. All fear is about channeling energy that is not is alignment with your Higher Self. Energy that is channeled in alignment with your Higher Self is expressed as peace, joy, excitement,  compassion and unconditional love. Fear is of a lower vibratory level. In fact we live in a hall of mirrors. Two other incredible statements by Bashar about 'Belief' is first, that we do not have a belief that we don't prefer and you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of. This means that on some level you prefer to have the beliefs you do, because they are preferable to either the unknown or some other perceived possibility. It  also means that you are invisible  to energies that are not of your vibration. All the talk about protecting you, or giving up freedoms for security is hogwash. The only thing you need protection from is your 'Own Beliefs'. And even if something outside yourself could protect you from some danger, don't worry, it won't be long before your own ideas of Victim Hood find another way to harm you. The energies of complaint, justification and blame are the energies of 'Victim Hood'. Whenever you begin to be in this energy, catch yourself and 'Wake Up'. The fact is that almost everybody on this Planet has issues of 'Victim Hood' to sort out. During this first phase of reality creation, it is important to do your inner homework and reprogram those beliefs that no longer serve you. Now to move on to the specifics of the second category of reality creation or conscious creation. It is important to not be anti anything. You only perpetuate the energy of that which you are against. You need to create a new positive. Your ability to heal yourself, transmute energy or heal others and the ability to do spontaneous and instantaneous manifestation will depend on your consciousness or level of vibration. Once you have three strands of DNA connected or 6 of the 12 that have the potential to be activated, you are above the level of disease. Check out 'The Children of Aids and the Super Psychic Kids of China' and you will see proof of this. These special kids and now even some adults, who are learning through the 100th Monkey Effect, have four codons of DNA activated that the average person does not, resulting in them being totally immune to disease. The Earth and humanity is experiencing the beginning stages of the Ascension process. In case you didn't see it in the mainstream media the Schumann frequency of the Earth used to be 7.83 Hz. It is now about 13Hz. At about 14 Hz. this planet will be in a new dimension. And it is also possible that multiple dimensions can be experienced while still on the Earth or on the New Earth. When you operate at this frequency instantaneous manifestation is possible. The best known training I know of for this is at the 'Children of the Sun' website and is called 'I Am Avatar Yoga'. Similar to the resonance frequency of those who healed cancer in the Braden video,  the techniques taught here create a resonance with your Higher Self, your Soul and the Great Central Sun at the center of the Galaxy; which is the 'Magnetic PowerHouse of the Universe.' Scientists have discovered, if you do some research, that there is a new energy 'Wave' headed for Earth from the Center of the Galaxy. Andromedan contactee, Alex Collier, has said that this new wave is bringing all the dimensions up one level. Even our scientists are speculating that it will change the density of Earth, and create worm holes or Star Gates. Humans have the capacity and were created to have 12 strands of DNA activated; which correspond to the 12 chakras. Yes, 12. Seven inside the body and 5 outside the body. Our DNA was manipulated a long time ago to function with only 2 strands. This is all changing; as many are now morphing from a carbon based body to a crystaline one of Light. Abilities of telepathy and instantaneous manifestation are just around the corner. If you go to the 'Children of the Sun' website, you can find 5 meditations that will begin your training in this direction and for free. I challenge you to do the meditations. It will take about 4 hours of your time. (This is not a full endorsement of all information offered at the site, nor the channeling regarding Merkava meditation; but endorsement of the 5 meditations relating to instantaneous manifestation.) My sincere best with success in  your meditations and your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green. Please feel free to visit my website at or take part in the ET Yoga blog at BBS radio.