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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

First, let's consider what a prediction is. It is basically the sensing of a probable future reality and the likelihood of that possibility happening based on the energy at the moment of observation. If the energy changes then the event does not occur.  One thing is abundantly clear and that is that we are CREATING A NEW TIME LINE and nobody knows how it will play out! I have heard from the doom and gloomers  that our efforts are 'TOO LITTLE TOO LATE'. This is bogus. Use your head. It is like a game where on each turn of the wheel the values go up double. It is the last turn on the wheel that will determine who wins!! Even up to the last second, outer circumstances can change and there are lots of WILDCARDS to be played.  The Pleiadians have stated that each year from 2007-2012 energy accelerates in proportion to one hundred thousand fold each year! Sounds like too little to late to me!!   A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that our solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. The Andromedans have stated that a new color and frequency is now emanating from the center of the Galaxy pushing all the dimensions up one notch.! On the ET Yoga radio show I have only made one prediction and that was in response to a question concerning the supposed appearance of a large UFO in October of 2009. I stated at that time that I did not think it would appear as advertised and circulated all over the internet. I turned out to be correct. Without naming names, in my opinion, there are several well known sites that in my view are disinformation. There is clearly to me an agenda for some power groups to create confusion with regards to the thinking of New Age thinkers. In a way this is a test of sorts; as it is imperative for us to have the ability to discern the truth when we hear it and discard the rest. In the old days in the teaching of Baba Ram Dass he used to say that your "SINCERITY AND A CERTAIN FALLING AWAY OF WORLDLINESS would attract you to proper teaching and information." Many people are interested in what will happen in their lives and thus the interest in psychics, astrology and predictions. Many years ago I learned that HOW YOU REACT TO WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT HAPPENS. And over the course of the last 20 years of Bashar's teachings he states that the "PRIMARY DUTY OF THE RATIONAL MIND IS TO PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES." This comes from the realization that the meaning you put on outer circumstances actually creates the experience you will get. On practically every ET Yoga program I used to challenge the audience to test this in their own lives. And then to email me about your successes.  Because once you GET IT it will stun you; because it WORKS!!  So as a test, I challenge you the next time you experience what you define as a negative situation, a real bummer to put a positive emotional spin on it. Say to yourself, "I can't see any possible good coming from this situation; but I am willing to have an open mind and I just can't wait to find out what that is." Then put as much positive emotion as you can muster into stating something good will come of this. Then log this on paper and later log the results. Sometimes the effects are relatively immediate and sometimes it takes much longer even years.  And logically I think you must agree that nothing good is gained by placing a negative definition anyway; so what have you got to lose? I like to call this technique STACKING THE DECK OF LIFE IN YOUR FAVOR. Because you can use this with everything.  Sometimes in life you learn more from the so called negative. Sri Ramana Maharshi used to say, "You thank God for the good things in your life but not the bad, that is where you go wrong!" I used to believe that a certain Tarot configuration was concerning, or that a certain hexagram with the I-Ching was a problem; but now I realize that you can put a positive spin on any outer circumstance. It actually is your point of power because the MEANING YOU ASSIGN TO AN EVENT IS WHAT DETERMINES YOUR EXPERIENCE. It is also true that OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT COME WITH BUILT IN MEANING. I have challenged my radio audience for someone to please show me in any public educational document where this is taught. I cannot find it and for sure in my educational background this concept was not known nor taught. The general consensus of opinion for most people, like when they watch the news, is that we all view the event the same way. It is either good news or bad news; but in reality it is the spin put on the event that determines the experience. In a way the mass media is involved in REALITY CREATION and there is a lot of money and technology employed to affect the way people think and believe. It is also why Bashar would say that OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DON'T MATTER ONLY MY STATE OF BEING MATTERS. It is not that outer circumstances are irrelevant or don't have value, it is that they don't create matter. The frequency creates more matter. Making use of the above ideas with reference to the 2010-2015 time span is critical. How we interpret the events of these years will have a profound affect on how we experience them. Placing a positive spin or expectation on 2012 in my opinion is HUGE. Keeping in mind that the same event can be experienced as a disaster or a joy. Many of the old systems are crumbling and new systems will be replacing them.Hanging on to the old will create a lot of suffering. If you row with the flow, focus on connecting with your Higher Self, and be more of who you really are, you will get creative ideas and be lead through the mine fields. Acting on your excitement is like a compass needle pointing to what your Higher Self wants you to do. Nobody is smart enough to figure out where to be or not be, when to move or not move; as the rational mind is just not capable of doing so. The Higher Self can see the road ahead and will nudge us in the proper directions. It is a good idea to have the belief that "I am always in the right place at the right time, I am safe in all things that I do and that things will work out just fine." Spending time in worry or doubt will only attract problems. Act in a positive direction. With respect to anticipated times of greatest change it might be worth checking out David Bruce Hughes on You tube with regard to TIME AS A FRACTAL.  Recent scientific discoveries have proven the validity of fractals. In short that a small piece is a miniature of the larger whole and that there are repeating patterns. Time is a fractal and thus has repeating cycles. This is what the Mayan calender is based upon. When taking the last 27,000 years and placing it on a graph with respect to rate of change, it is found that in our most current time span the most RATE OF CHANGE WILL BE IN AUGUST OF 2010. The next higher rate of change will come in APRIL OF 2012 and then sky rocket off the chart towards infinity near the end of 2012. As mentioned before, this can be a great thing and in my mind why we are here at this time. The events occurring will be the best opportunity in the history of mankind for a leap in consciousness, ascension and FULL CONSCIOUSNESS OR REALIZATION OF OUR HIGHER SELVES. Of course many will not experience this; but instead experience an opposite reality. This is the time to get wired on what you want, keep your peace, and not get tangled up in fighting against negative energy. Bashar has said that after 2012 the world will be slightly positive instead of being predominantly negative. I know a lot of people are very concerned about THE CONTROL GRID and my take on this is that that control grid is also part of the old system and when the system crumbles so will the control grid. In my opinion the easiest way to place yourself in the optimum situation is to link with others of like mind and in groups and work together to form small self-sufficient communities. ASAP LIKE YESTERDAY. I remember the 1960's and it was a blast. People anywhere near the same age were like brothers and sisters and we all need to realize that there is only one race on this planet--THE HUMAN RACE. Second WAR IS NOT AN OPTION. Third, DO NOT GO AGAINST THE NEGATIVE;  as it only serves to perpetuate what it is you are against. Instead create a NEW POSITIVE. I appreciate that money and other factors play into this. The idea is to force yourself to view the situation as a blessing; as you can't solve a problem from the same level that created it. But by using your imagination to access the genius of Higher Self you will get the guidance you need. BLAME, COMPLAINT AND JUSTIFICATION of your circumstance only serve to create you as a victim. I am not going to make predictions; but common sense tells me that one single event like the evacuation of certain states because of toxicity from the Gulf Oil would probably cause a collapse of derivatives based on property value and create an immediate economic collapse. Later on, fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field could cause electronics and electricity to be out. So, in creating solutions to your specific situation you might want to keep these factors in mind. If your gut tells you to take action TAKE ACTION. As tumultuous events escalate on the world stage an invisible line will be drawn and polarizations will arise all over the world; as people choose sides and take a stand on their beliefs in heated debates over the issues of freedom and the value of life.  Play the cards you have the option of playing.  If you choose to be in A STATE OF JOY, then view any situation from the perspective of someone in JOY. See in your I--MAGI-  NATION how someone in Joy would act in any situation and then copy the behavior. We are a planet of magicians!! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you feel this article made a difference in your life, you can support the author by the purchase of spiritual products at o via PayPal donation to