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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

So many people think "If there are extra-terrestrials why don't they just land and get it over with"? First of all Earth is in quarantine until 2012 so there will be no legitimate public First Contact scenario until after that date. There could be a false flag scenario. However, Bashar has stated that this will not happen. Earth is actually a trial member of the Association of Worlds and according to Bashar this will happen by 2033. Another reason there has not been an official First Contact experience is that there are still too many people who are not ready to face that reality. The frequency or vibration alone would cause too many people to face issues they are not ready for. This is called culture shock. We are getting much closer but not there yet. At the right time this will happen. I believe Bashar has said that by 2017 there will be no doubt among the public of an extra-terrestrial presence. The real truth is that this planet has been visited by extra-terrestrials for thousands and thousands of years. In fact every phase of life on this planet is being affected by extra-terrestrial intelligence for both the positive and negative. I am not going to go into detail about regressive ETs because once you are aware of them, better to ignore them and press on towards the light or positive. Whenever, a planet such as Earth is about to experience First Contact, (and this is a misnomer because there has already been contact and on a formal basis and also contracts with extra-terrestrials), a lot of information is channeled to the population. This is because they would like us to raise our vibration to more approximate theirs and have the contact with us be more  as equals. We have amazing DNA equal to any other civilization but our actual level of consciousness is a bit lower than the positive groups now visiting and assisting us. At every level the name of the game is to advance to your potential. Currently there is a color and frequency coming from the center of the Galaxy which will raise all the dimensions up one notch. For example Bashar's civilization of Essassani will go from 5th to 6th density. At 6th density physical form is not necessary. Of course there is a lot of disinformation and phony channeled information out there; but there is also a lot of true useful information as well. It is up to the individual to discern the wheat from the chaff. The legitimate information is always self empowering and integrative. Higher consciousness is an integrative not a segregative process. Of course one of the main themes they want us to know is that THOUGHT CREATES. This is the cornerstone as it is INTENTION THAT CREATES REALITY. In addition, two other key points are the taking of 100% responsibility for our outer experience because in fact we are responsible both on a personal and collective basis. This doesn't mean we are to blame it means we have response------ability or the ability to respond. This is critical because for the most part of our recent history we have lived in victimhood consciousness. We blame, complain and justify our circumstances instead of taking responsibility for them. This places us in the role of victim. Whenever you catch yourself in one of those three modes of expression know that you are expressing your victimhood. When you understand that you are the creator of your reality then it will be easy to forgive others which is also key. When you blame others you reinforce your victimhood. Ironically, what you complain about is what you just created.  Once you quit blaming, it is onwards and upwards. I see this most with relationships; especially when people talk about their ex-spouses. The more you blame the more you create yourself as a victim. Wish them well. Let go of the past and any resentments or casting of blame; as it only serves to bring you down. When you judge an organization or a person in a way that invalidates them it binds you to that frequency. Use discretion and discernment but don't get lost in Judgment. The idea that judge not lest ye be judged actually means that as you judge you judge yourself not that you are being judged from the outside. Hopefully you are advanced enough to know that Prime Creator, God, or whatever term you want to use for the infinite is not judgmental but unconditionally loving. Only low levels of consciousness get involved with judging for the above reasons. Next I want to compare notes from Pleiadian, Essassani and the College of Christ Consciousness to show you how on the same page they are. Pleiadian-Be responsible and accept responsibility for your life, for this the greatest contribution you can make to your civilization, your response to any event or situation determines the outcome. Your outer world experience directly corresponds to your inner world of thoughts, feelings and desire which are the subtle personal activities upon which your beliefs are built. Bashar-Take 100% responsibility for your life's outer circumstances. They are not there to punish you, but to show you what you believe. Your beliefs, definitions, emotions are mirrored in the outer experience. Giving meaning is the actual act of creation itself! To give meaning to something is to create it into existence in your particular experiential realm. Pleiadian--Everyone on Earth is here to participate in and contribute to the new awakening of humanity to the truth that your thoughts create your reality. Bashar--Outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning. The primary role of the rational mind is to put a positive spin on outer circumstances. Pleiadian--When you use your imagination you are programming the subconscious  mind to send out the command for the version of reality you want! Bashar- Your ability to imagine what you would like to be IS your ability to be that person, that version of you. If you have the ability to Conceive how you want to be at the moment you conceive it you ARE, that person. But when you deny your imagination its reality  and say "Okay I've imagined what I would like to be; now what do I have to see, what do I have to do, to become this idea you a re placing all of the steps in your way that it's taking for you to get there. Your ability to imagine that person is being that person--because if you weren't of that vibration, you wouldn't be able to picture it!!!!!!! All you need to do in realizing your imagination is  real, is to act as if you are, BELIEVE you are that person." College of Christ Consciousness-Everything in my Reality is created by my beliefs. As aspects of ALL That IS, Prime Creator God, I create my own personal reality as God creates through thought. Everything begins with thought. Next, I have an emotional reaction to the thought. Thought and emotion create beliefs from which perceptions, behaviours and patterns of response are formed. My perceived reality is thus constructed out of these personal belief systems. Nothing can be thrust upon me. I invite everything into my awareness though my thinking. It is MY BELIEVING THAT MAKES IT SO. C of CC-- There are no accidents--nothing happens by chance. Since everything that is created has a reason and a purpose, then the concept of an accident must be an illusion designed to avoid taking responsibility for the creation. Bashar--There are no accidents. Nothing happens by accident. When there appears to be such, what you are recognizing are overlapping incidents, co-incidents, that describe and define the patterns and paths you have chosen yourselves to be. Understand that everything is synchronistic including negative synchronicity. You always attract the ideas you believe you are willing to act upon, in the manner you are willing to act upon them. Negative occurrences are still synchronicity because they are fulfillments of your own negative beliefs. Pleiadians--Let us ask you to remember the word effortless and incorporate it into your vocabulary. Say to yourself "I am effortlessly intending that this come about." To be effortless is to command to reality to bring itself to you in a way that gives room for plenty of energy to be expended in other experimentation. Remember your reality is a result of your thoughts. C of CC-There are no limitations. If I have an experience that I define as a limitation, it is happening as a result of the way I think. The appearance of all limitation is merely an effect of error thinking. God has no limitations and as an aspect of God neither do I unless I believe that I do. In which case I will create the appearance of limitation as a direct result of my thinking. C of CC-There are no victims. There are only lessons. If God is All That Is, then there is only One of us here. Victim and victimizer are the same one idea. Whichever role I choose to be in any situation is mirroring to me the false beliefs I hold inside, for the purpose of uncovering them. Left unresolved and unacknowledged, my erroneous beliefs will attract to me their energy equivalent in physical form. To alter the manifested effect of my error thinking I only need to change my perception and release all judgment, which is the cause of my creation that is being mirrored to me. All apparent victim/victimizer situations offer me the opportunity to overcome judgment and learn about my Oneness. Bashar-Blame, complaint and justification are the signposts of victimhood consciousness. C of CC-Every person, place or thing of which I become aware, is a mirror and has the potential to be a gift. 3D reality is a projection. My personal version, of this illusion, based on my  perceptions as projected from my personal mind and is mirrored back to me in everything I become aware of, for the purpose of knowing which emotions and judgments I hold inside and for understanding what it is that I do believe. My sincere best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you felt the information in this article has changed you life, you can help support the author by the purchase of spiritual products, including an extra-terrestrial meditation at or via PayPal donation to