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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Hello and Hari Om! A special thanks to all those who have taken the time to respond to information on this site.
  • Currently there are several major time lines overlapping. The two major ones will be separating and creating the New Earth as separate from the 3D Earth. It is like what energy does at the quantum level when at one point it splits. I believe this is so because both time lines can not contain all the necessary probabilities. In this case there has been an increase in the frequency of the Earth and in fact this whole dimension and all of the others. There is a color and sound, actually noticed by our scientists, emanating from the center of the Galaxy. Andromedan information says that it is creating a 12th dimension and moving all of the dimension up one level.  If your frequency or light quotient is high enough you will find yourself in the 4th, 5th or even higher dimension. Due to semantics many call the 4th dimension time so it is a jump from 3 to 5.
  • Clearly there is a possible leap ahead for those tuned to the new frequencies. Most of the kids born these days actually have the proper DNA to make the jump. If you haven't heard about the children of Aids you should research this. Hard to find because it's a secret; but thousands have been identified with 4 codons of DNA activated that makes them totally immune from disease. Kind of cool considering all the plots to reduce the population by all manner of vaccines, viruses and a total assault on the immune system (television also lowers the immune system not to mention hypnotic programming) with fluorides in the water, deadly chemicals in the fruits and vegetables, chemtrails in the air, bio-genetic food and immunization shots. According to the Andromedans taking the swine flu vaccine would permanently damage the immune system. I made this known on ET Yoga prior to doing my last show and far in advance of the shots. Also, if you are looking for information on autism and the connection with thimerosol in childrens'  vaccines I suggest Robert Kennedy Jr. on You-Tube.
  • The key idea here is to make your frequency compatible with the New Earth. There will be ascension possibilities coming up. I don't think anyone has the timing down for this; as everything is changing so fast; but if you look at the research of Valery Uvarov and his interview on Project Camelot you will see that the Earth's magnetic field is shaped like an hour glass. The bottom will expand to the top in 2012. The affects are uncertain; but even this Russian government agency is saying there will be consciousness entering and leaving the planet as it will create a stargate.  As we approach Null Time I think there will definitely be possibilities. The next big moment will be in 2017 with the passing of Nibiru according to the Arcturians. And in 2033 with the near enough pass by of a comet. By the way the frequency of the Earth, measured as the Schumann frequency, was 7.8 and is now 12 and apparently at 14 the Earth will ascend. More specifically a version of Earth will ascend.
  • To be in alignment it is a good idea to emit the frequencies of unconditional love, compassion and gratitude as much as possible. These emotions are also known to make you less susceptible to disease. Uvarov says that problems in the health area will be more obvious; especially in the area of cancer. But then there are lots of ways to deal with cancer as long as you are not part of the established medical system. Another excellent way to boost the immune system is to detox head to colon and get a set of Egyptian Healing Rods. They activate the higher chakras, balance the Yin and Yang energies of the body and holding them for fifteen minutes is like an hour of acupuncture. I have used them for years and know people who made cancer tumors disappear. The mental state required for ascension will be to take 100% responsibility for your outer experience and let go of the past; especially resentments. Forgive and forget. Onwards and upwards. Blame complaint and  justification of your circumstances only create you as a victim. And by the way those that say they want to protect you only reinforce feelings of powerlessness and victim hood. The only thing you need protection from is your own beliefs.
  • Your intentions, beliefs, and emotions create your outer experience. And remember the primary duty of the rational mind is to place a positive spin on outer circumstances. Especially with regard to 2012. Don't get lost in doom and gloom Even if the economy collapses, it can be a good thing. No event comes with built in meaning; so don't get stuck holding on to the past and place a positive spin on 2012 and you will have a positive experience. Even if it could be a disaster for someone else. Week after week on ET Yoga I challenged the audience to log when they use the technique of putting positive spin on any event that is seen as negative. Even if you don't see any possible way at the moment that it could turn out positive, just write down the date and what you did and review this later. In time you will get IT and then it will stun you; because it WORKS! This is being a magician because you actually manipulate reality. We are a nation of magicians. I-Magi-Nation or a nation of magicians using imagination!
  • Even fear should become your friend and you can learn to turn a fearful situation to Joy. Fear is like a key on a piano that is out of tune and needs your attention. Oh Joy another fear. Usually fear itself is worse than the event you fear. You can even draw a picture of Mr. Fear to help you bring this concept down to a personal level. Remember Mr. Fear has his foot on the tool kit called your POWER. When you conquer Fear you will also be totally Self Empowered. When you channel energy through ideas and beliefs that are in alignment with your Higher Self the result is Love, Joy, Excitement, Gratitude and Compassion; but when you channel the same energy through beliefs and ideas that are not in alignment the  resulting emotions are negative. These are always connected with ego.  Fear is always an illusion and based on faulty thinking. What is fear anyway but the belief that someone or something is more powerful than you are.
  • You are infinite consciousness and a spiritual being having a human incarnation and you are in charge of your U-niverse. Don't give your power away to anyone or anything. If you look at your life, you will see that the areas where there are problems are areas where you gave away your power. When you give away your power you get abused. There are only two objective facts and the rest is belief. The facts are that the universe was created with unconditional love and the second is that you have consciousness. The universe will support you 100% in your beliefs. It loves you so much that it will even allow you to believe you are not loved. And further you have eternal life. All time is simultaneous at one level and thus if you exist now you have always existed in one form or another. One of the things that extra-terrestrials have a hard time relating to is how we humans lost connection with our Higher Selves. The Higher Self exists just outside the time space continuum. All of your creative thinking comes from the Higher self. The brain is the Receiver of information and the rational mind is the Perceiver. It is the Higher Self that conceives ideas. One of the beautiful things about humanity is our DNA and it is very valuable. We have the capacity for simultaneous incarnations and are the result of the DNA from 22 different civilizations.
  • I am told by the way that we are the only civilization among 22 others that still uses money.We were designed to have 12 strands of DNA or 24 depending on semantics which would make us super beings. Ever wonder why we only use a portion of the brain? Because we had our DNA manipulated about 52,000 years ago by the Annunaki to keep us at a certain frequency. There is a direct connection between DNA and the chakras. Twelve strands of DNA and 12 chakras. Did somebody say 7? No, seven in the body and five outside the body!! And we were not born in Sin. In the Old Days the meaning of Sin was 'Defective DNA' and  we were all born with defective DNA. One of the ways to reconnect and activate latent DNA is the Pleiadian Pillar of Light and Spinning techniques. They are actually taught in the Barbara Marciniak book 'Bringers of the Dawn'; which I highly recommend. I also taught this on one of the archived ET Yoga shows that are available for purchase at   These help you receive and rebundle DNA. Another good way is to study the crop circles. They are a 5th dimensional geometry and have codes to trigger DNA.
  • You should have heard about Dr. Masuro Emoto and the Power of Water? Turns out water is a perfect reflection of consciousness. So get yourself a big container of pure water and play Mozart or Beethoven (found to have a positive effect on DNA) around it or place Yogic Yantras or beautiful crop circles etc and put them all around the water. We are mostly water and this is a cheap way to give your system a boost. If you want physical proof go on the internet and see the' Power of  Water' molecules actually change just because of different emotions.  By the way you can look up the newest finding on the neural frequencies discovered in the heart. It is called the brain in the heart and emits a frequency that can be measured about 10 feet from the physical body. This frequency is what interfaces with the morphogenetic field; which determines your reality. That is why Bashar says "Outer Circumstances Don't Matter-- Only My State of Being Matters--What state of being do I prefer? If it is Joy than be that frequency. See in your mind's eye how someone in joy would act in a given situation and then copy the behavior."
  • Frequency is what matters most---that and Belief. If you want to get in touch with how the world works or the Ultimate Truths of Reality go to the College of Christ Consciousness website. Don't worry, this is not about Religion. It is about Spirituality and the two are worlds apart. Cool that you become aware of the Dark side; because the higher you get spiritually in consciousness the more you will know about the Dark Side. But remember don't fight against it. Create a new positive. What you fight, you become and it only perpetuates the existence of that which you are against. Moving into the next dimension entails integration of energy not segregation.
  • "When you look back on this lifetime every thing you see is you. You exist you think in a physical universe. Your 4th density transformation is when you begin to realize you are the creator of your reality. What that means is physical reality is your expression, is your projection, is your creation,that it's actually made of you. When you really grasp this you then see yourselves literally as the dimension of experience of which you previously thought you were only a component!!And here's the wonderful paradox of the whole circumstance. Each and every one of you as an individual will experience yourselves becoming the whole dimension. Each of you will think that all the other consciousnesses you have seen as individuals are being in a sense absorbed into you. You will all have the same experience because the universe is holographically structured. That means that any point of view can exist equally everywhere within creation. And that all points of view are relevant and true." Bashar
  • Get as many monatomics as your can into your system; as it will raise your frequency. They can be found in a natural vegetarian diet, eggplant, green beans, and in sea salt, aloe vera juice, flax seeds and oil to name a few. The philosopher's stone has been discovered but kept a very quiet secret. When you melt gold you get a white powder called White Powder Gold. Research this and you will have some fun! It was researched heavily between 2003-2005 and found to balance right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is food for the Light Body! Wishing you all full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you found this article has made a difference in your life, you can help support the author by the purchase of spiritual products at or via PayPal donation to