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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Let's start with the basics or the foundation of good health. This information comes from Bashar, extra-terrestrial, but is not rocket science but plain common sense. Best place to start is with WATER. Best known discovery is that water is a perfect reflector of consciousness and has a consciousness of its own. If you'd like some physical proof look up the work of Masuro Emoto, 'The Power of Water'. I just punched this up on my google search and got 'messages in water' with great pictures of deformed cells when influenced by negativity and these perfect crystaline molecules when love and positive vibrations are used. This is a great demonstration for those doubting Thomases who don't believe thought creates. Take this concept one step further and connect it to the recent discovery of the neural network in the heart that is 5,000 times more powerful than the brain in the head. Your frequency or emotional state is what interfaces with the morphogenetic field and determines your reality. Imagine the frequency you are at any moment also affecting the water in your body!!!!  And we are mostly water. No wonder the emotions of unconditional love, gratitude and compassion are so powerful as a protection against disease. At this level disease is not capable of taking the high frequency. Joy also is a very high frequency. Also, note that the Dark side wants to control the population through water. That's why all the fluoride and chlorine in public tap water. Fluoride is toxic waste. And Fluoride is also a fancy name for about 150 other chemicals that get thrown in with it. It has never been proven to benefit humans in any way. It puts metals in your system to dumb you down and calcify your pineal gland. You should take care about the water you drink. I walk into the mountains about once every 10 days to get fresh underground spring water. I know many don't have this luxury. When it was not available I bought as good as I could find. Another amazing thing you can do with water is play Bach or Beethoven music around it; as this has been proven to positively affect your DNA. Yogic yantras and crop circles can also be placed around large bottles of water and will pick up the vibrations. The co-ordination of your cells via water is a major component of developing higher consciousness and all these techniques are very low in cost. Moving on to OXYGEN. No wonder the Ancient Yogis taught pranayama or yogic breathing. They understood the positive impact of super oxygenating the system. It carries more oxygen to the brain, purifies the blood, eliminates toxins, and disease cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment. We currently have an oxygen problem on the planet and is rated at 18%. If it hits 15% we cannot survive. The Pleiadians have said that it is very important to get involved with a deep breathing program. EXERCISE is also part of the foundation of health. It gets the blood flowing. From what I have seen of research the idea is to break a sweat at least three times a week. Sometimes, especially during winter in the northern states you have to get creative but it is important to find a way. ELIMINATION OF STRESS is also very important; especially as it relates to relationships and jobs. The idea is to make a priority of eliminating as much stress as possible. It has a huge impact on your health. LIGHTEN UP THE DIET is a polite way to say get off meat. If you want to really know the truth about meat look up on You Tube 'Affects of Animal Fats on the Human Body'. It is about one hour long and if you are a meat eater I dare you to watch it. It is done by a doctor and basically tells you that almost every disease known to man comes from animal fats. Not to mention that what we learned as kids is no longer true concerning the four major food groups. Two of the four major food groups, namely meat and dairy products will kill you in time. And also it is totally bogus that you can't get enough protein without eating meat. Does it really make sense to put death or dead cadavers in your body?? The Sirians have said that once you have 6 strands of DNA hooked up and active you will not be able to digest death in the body. My saying is Vegetarian is not enough Vegan is the only way. And enough of the bogus argument that fruits and vegetables with pesticides all over them are as good as organic produce. Come on. If you had to drink a liquid that somebody urinated in, would you want more or less urination? Same here, just because it's not pure organic doesn't mean it's not the best choice! DETOXIFY at least once a year from head to colon. Seventy percent of your immune system is in the colon. Start there and you'll be off to a flying start. Studies by Dr. Shultz at the American Botanical Pharmacy in California, over 30 years, and by Bashar show that about 85% of all physical symptoms disappear after a thorough detox. Imagine if the health system really cared about making you healthy they could recommend this as a regular procedure. But don't hold your breath because you aren't there for you, you are there for them! Bashar has also said that the human body is capable of curing 99.99% of disease issues after the body has been thoroughly detoxed and provided with the proper nourishment. The proper nourishment is also available from Dr. Shultz in the form of Super Food. When Dr. Shultz had his own clinic he used to put his patients on a one month detox, told them to buy a juicer and blender and don't come back unless they were off meat. I love this guy. He also says, " if you get hit by an 18 wheeler get sown up and then get the hell out of there." No wonder he says this. Did you know what the number one killer in America is? Bet you don't. No, not cancer, no not heart disease. It is iatragenic death or accidental death caused by physicians, diagnostic methods, prescriptions etc. and kills over 250,000 Americans a year and another estimated 200,000 who catch disease while in the hospital. By the way our environment is so toxic these days with the chemtrails, pesticides, radiations, fluoride in many sources that these toxins lodge in places in your body and paralyzes the immune system. Most people's bodies are fighting a losing battle against toxicity and there is no energy for healing. The above is the foundation for good health. We all know this but who does them all? I took a survey and none of my friends or relatives do them all. These are the basics. An advanced method of eliminating toxins and anything harmful from system is MANTRA MEDITATION, according to Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Hari Om or Om Shanti will do nicely. (For instruction in Yantra and Mantra meditation as taught by Sri. Swami Satchidananda, please go to the article, "Techniques" at This is what should be taught to our children. These and the fact that the human body is a marvelous healing machine.  You don't need protection from anything other than your own beliefs. And I am not saying this as a Monday morning quarterback. I had three children and never got them immunized for anything. All are amazingly healthy. The Andromedans have said that those who took the swine flu vaccine had their DNA permanently damaged. Based on what I observed during this whole fiasco many people in this world are waking up! Only about 16% took the shot in Europe and about the same in the United States. Those poor Canadians were tops in the world believing what they read in the newspaper and television and 50% took the vaccine. Which reminds me of some other activities I would not recommend. First is 30-40 hours of television. If you are in any way serious about ascension, enlightenment or healing yourself you won't do this with 40 hours of television a week. First television lowers the frequency of the immune system. Second, disease can be transmitted via television, and third experiments have shown that it creates a form of hypnosis called the Reptilian brain and some of the subliminals have been recorded at the Theta brain wave level. In short, who do you want programming your behavior you or those that brain wash you with the t.v.?  High definition. Right, the government is really interested in improving the quality of the screen you watch. High definition is high brain wash. The Pleiadians have stated that this technology came from off planet. Don't think so? How about the two advertising men who were paid to come up with an ad for a product and paid handsomely if done in two hours. After producing their creative genius, they were shown, by tearing away a paper covering of a picture on a nearby wall, the exact same idea they came up with. Give them pause, you bet. How was it done? On the 5 minute taxi ride from their hotel to the site by subliminals posted on the way!! If you think you are not affected you are a dreamer! Next on my list is the cell phone. Have you ever seriously researched dangers of cell phone use? The general consensus  is that 20,000 hours on one and you are a prime candidate for a brain tumor. The incidence of this is rising at a scary pace. And at 500 minutes a month, that's about three years worth of use. What concerns me are the new ads giving your teenage daughter free calls to 5 of her friends. I'd say that's about 2 hours a night. Do the math. Did I say toss the microwave and all the useless food it cooks? If you believe that some artificial foods are better for your baby than a mother's milk I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. Swami Satchidanda would just freak out about the milk from God meant for your baby. He would say you are stealing it. Research also shows it sets the tone for the immune system. Are women aware that every time you go to the doctor and get a mammogram it increases the chances of you getter cancer by 2%? Canadian women lead the world in breast cancer per capita too. And cancer care, that is an oxymoron. Let's see, 27% of those diagnosed with cancer get better by doing nothing but nobody wants to tell you this. They won't tell you that they only have a 2% cure rate either. Or that their definition of cure rate is if you are still alive 5 years after diagnosis even if you are on a death bed. Oh yes, did you figure out yet what happened to the other 25% that got diagnosed??? Well they are dead. The plan is surgery, radiation or chemo therapy. None of which is really a therapy. It's like killing all the flowers and plants and weeds in a garden and then hoping the flowers come back. Might slow down the advance of cancer cells for awhile before it kills you faster. And by the way it is a felony for a doctor to tell you the truth or suggest an alternative treatment for cancer. Not to mention for me the worst of it which is the negative spin they put on diagnosed patients. If there is one thing I have learned about healing it is to put a positive spin on the circumstance first. Because positive emotional spin and definition in, then a positive experience will be the result. Oh, and did I mention the strategy of biopsy? That's where they cut into a tumor and if it is  benign then it is okay but if it is not benign it spreads the cancer. Early diagnoses is also a bogus concept. Re-read the above and tell me if you want them diagnosing you. They don't have a clue how you got cancer or how to cure it so why would you want them to diagnose it? Give your power away and you will get abused. Period. If you are seriously working on your spiritual life you can cure anything. All you really need is the belief. And just because that is true doesn't mean the alternative healing methods will work for everybody. If you don't have the belief then see your doctor. And my last activity to not be afraid of is the Sun. The Sun is like your spiritual father. If anything causes cancer it is the combination of the sun with sunscreens. I would never use a sunscreen. I want the ultra violet rays, the beneficial codes they contain and it is the Vitamin D in sunlight that prevents cancer. Sure, you have to use some common sense with exposure depending on your body pigmentation and genetics. It is a farce with our populations spreading all this cancer cream all over them and their kids all in the name of fear of the sun and fear of cancer. I suggest olive oil, grape seed oil, and a bit of water or rubbing alcohol all mixed together. Do some research, the countries with the most skin cancer are all in the Northern Hemisphere and there is tons of new research warning about sunscreens. As a final note, if you want to keep healthy get aware of your beliefs which many came from your parents. Thank them for the great ideas and let go of those that are no longer useful. Also, the latest Russian research from Valery Uvarov, states that as we approach 2012 health issues will be magnified. He and I both highly recommend Egyptian Healing Rods. They stimulate the immune system, balance internal clocks, activate higher chakras and holding them for 15 minutes is like an hour of acupuncture. More on this at My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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