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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

What is the topic? The topic is Monatomic elements. What are monatomic elements? They are high spin electrons that work as a superconductor between dimensions, the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher's Stone, or White Powder Gold. In my opinion the greatest discovery of the century or should I say rediscovery; as it was known as the Manna in biblical times. How do you make it? By turning metals to gold. And then melting the gold until you get the white powder.  When I talk to groups of people almost nobody knows about this amazing discovery made by David Hudson. Certainly the powers that be don't want people to know about it! Lately, every time I turn around I see applications of it; but people aren't aware of what it is they are using. For example in the field of womens' cosmetics the rage is gold facials. And frankly all the creams in the world are just fakes, the real stuff is sesame oil, and flax seed oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and argan which all contain monatomics. No wonder they are actually rejuvenating. I see more and more of Aloe vera pills for patients with stomach disorders. The truth is that about 90% of all stomach disorders can be cured with the juice from an aloe vera plant. There is an ancient formula in Romania where you take the juice from this plant and mix it with honey. It really does work. And why? Because it contains Rhodium and Irridium which are monatomic elements. And for cancer treatment, absolutely remarkable.  The old Budwig diet for curing cancer was from the !950's and it was cottage cheese and flax seed oil. No wonder they had excellent results as flax seed oil is full of monatomics. Specifically, Rhodium and Iridium. From the David Hudson Dallas Lecture " Now what does it do? I'm no doctor so I can't practice medicine. So therefore I can't tell you on tape what's been done with it, what the doctors who have been giving it have done with it, but I can tell you that at 2mg it totally has gotton rid of Karposi, Sarcomas on AIDS patients, at 2 mg per day. 2mg per day. There's 32,000mg in an ounce. 2mg is nothing. And it gets rid of 'KS". I can tell you that people who have taken it at 2 mg injections, within 2 hours their white blood cell count foes from 2,500 to 6,500 white blood cells. I can tell you that stage 4 cancer patients have taken it orally and after 45 days have no cancer anywhere in the body. We're not gonna go into any more specifics than that. I will talk to you later when the cameras aren't running." When he met Hal Puthoff, he said, "Dave you know what this means, it means  you can control space-time. If you control gravity  you are controlling space-time. And so literally what these atoms are doing is they are bending space-time to weigh 5/9's their normal weight."  He says, "There are theories in the published journals, credible journals, about moving faster than the speed of light, from one place to another. But to do it you must have what's called exotic matter, matter that has no gravitational attraction at all. Do you know that iridium at 70  degrees Fahrenheit, has no gravitational attraction at all, and that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature of your body. And so literally if our body becomes filled with the light, we literally eat this until our light body exceeds our physical body, then we supposedly become light beings. Now what does it do in the body? It literally corrects the DNA, by a process the equivalent of a denaturing solution, the DNA relaxes and recombines corrected. So all diseases that originate with a problem with the DNA can be corrected, but your reason for taking it cannot be to correct a disease. Your reason for taking it has to be a philosophical reason. It has to be to enlighten and raise the nature of mankind. If in doing that, it happened to cure the disease, so be it."  Over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight is Rhodium and Iridium and almost no one knows it, because it can't be directly measured. The elements are flowing the light of life in your body, the elements are in fact, what the light is and was discovered by the 300 second spectroscopic analysis. David says in Lecture Part II " I can show you four papers by the US Naval Research Facility where they have proven that the cells communicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity; but they can't figure out "What" is superconducting. It is these stealth atoms at work. The atoms that are in your body, the atoms that flow perpetually the light of life, but no one knows they are there, because they don't identify by normal instrumental analysis. You have this liquid invisible light that vibrates and it's flowing in your body right now, and it corrects the DNA and keeps the DNA corrected and functioning correctly. What happens when some DNA becomes deficient in these elements or it becomes pinned with the carcinogens, now the light cannot flow in that area. Now curiously enough, you find the aura also collapses in that area, because the aura is the Meisner field of the superconductor. When the light cannot flow throughout that area, you get resistance. You get heat build up. You get energy buildup. It's like a rock in the stream. The water can't flow through the rock now, and now that DNA becomes altered and it's getting too much energy as heat, and the cells begin to divide way too fast. When you put these elements into the cancer correctly, then the resonance connection can establish itself where the rock used to be and the rock dissolves away, because the light begins to correct the DNA again and that's the way it cures cancer." By the way another great cancer cure is the Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble. Check out his interview at Project Camelot. My neighbor just used Miracle Mineral Supplement on his incurable Diabetes. Turns out after only 3 weeks and on only 8 drops per day he now has a LOW BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL. Total cost, about $14.00.  Turns out almost all diabetics have an inflamed pancreas and once the bacteria is killed the patients return to normal. The ancients knew of this process of turning base metals into gold and the residue is White Powder Gold which contains the monatomic elements of rhodium and iridium. These elements were in the first matter called Prima Mattra. A portion of the Vedic text, was sent to Hudson by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a nuclear physicist who knows of this work. It is from about 2,000 B.C. and it says you can take Mercury and divide Mercury and divide Mercury and divide Mercury, until you divide it into its essence and you actually get a white powder of Mercury. And the way you test the Mercury to see if it's ready for ingestion, is you heat it in air and if it turns to Gold, then it's ready for ingestion. And they knew this in 2000 B.C. Thus the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians also had knowledge of this as did many secret mystery schools. Clinical White Powder Gold is now being made and sold. Of course too much would not be good. I suggest you go to "Spiritual Nature of Etherium Gold" which is commentary by Thoth concerning safe taking of this substance. It was actually used in the Right of Passage way back in Egyptian times. The substance can help make a transition to higher states of consciousness if done properly and with caution. I don't want to give the impression that this is a magic pill to enlightenment; however huge benefits in the area of cures for many diseases and 'greasing the wheels" as Bashar has said. For those with serious disease issues I would recommend getting a personal interview with Bashar through his website at to get his comments with regard to type of monatomic and proper dosage. (A trip to L.A. would be necessary to be face to face with Darryl Anka who channels Bashar). Some of the natural ways to obtain monatomic elements are in Aloe Vera, Welch's grape juice, green vegetables, almond seeds, flax seed oil, carrots, egg plant and sea Salt. Green beans are also a source of chromium another monatomic element. I use sea salt instead of table salt. Why not, table salt really is not good for you, whereas sea salt not only has monatomics; but actually lowers high blood pressure. Also, it is great to rinse the mouth everyday. Try it and see the benefits. A natural vegetarian diet especially the green vegetables will provide a great source of monatomic elements.  On a daily basis I try to get as many monatomics as possible into my body. Potential applications of the White Powder include the promise of making homes and businesses energy self-sufficient, they could power motor vehicles without the use of fossil fuels (who needs oil spills?) and obviously effective in the treatment of both Cancer and AIDS. My sincere best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you feel this article has made a difference in your life, you can help support the author by the purchase of spiritual products at or via PayPal donation to