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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

I was doing some reading about new trends, and found that 'Health Coaches' are the new rage. Kind of like 'Life Coaches' used to be the rage. And it was said in one article that on only 8 hours a week of work about half the coaches are averaging about $50,000 a year. I find that absolutely amazing. Whenever I attend a workshop, by the time it is over, most of the people are most interested in my opinions on a variety of subjects. Usually much of my information is totally new to the presenter. So, I thought I would write this post and at least make myself a possible option for those of you who have questions about Health or Self Empowerment; as general categories. If you take the time to read some of the articles at this site, you will find lots of information about 'How to Keep You and Your Kids Healthy', 'The Power of Belief', 'Reality Creation', 'The Truth About the Sun and Sunscreens', 'Miraculous Cures', "Wizzardry 101', 'Magic 201', 'The Topic Nobody Knows About...Monatomics', 'What ET's Want You to Know'. 'Ascension Tips' and a host of others all for free. I didn't totally give away 'the farm' in my blog posts and you will find some amazing information in some of my paid for products at; where this site is also embedded. If you truly grasp the concept of the Placebo Effect, you can appreciate that any disease or situation can be cured from 'Belief'. Of course, success in this area is dependent on the individual. You can be shown how to proceed with a technique or process; but you have to do the work. Ideally, you can do the inner work to ascertain why you created the situation in the first place. Your outer experience is a reflection of your beliefs, definitions, emotions and intentions. Taking 100% responsibility for your outer circumstance is what gives you the power to change it. It is then that you can offer up your anger, guilt, shame or improper judgments to your Higher Self in an effective manner. All disease comes from dysfunctional emotion and a place inside that is not loved. I can appreciate that each individual has a particular circumstance, and sometimes needs further explanation in the vernacular and learning modality of the questioner for full comprehension. So, I would like to offer my services for those who want to have their personal questions answered. You can do so, by going to, and finding the 'Contact' button and ask your questions. You will receive a response and you will also find the 'Donate' button on the page and can offer an amount you think is fair for the information and service-after receiving your e-mail. In the field of Health, I would entertain questions in three main categories. First, how to create 'Excellent Health'. Second, how I would deal with a 'Particular Disease' or issue. Note, I am only stating what I would do, as I am not a doctor and cannot give you medical advice. Third, how to work towards the concept of Total Immunity from Disease'.  The people that will most benefit from my years in the fields of spirituality and healing will be those who have a desire to distance themselves from mainstream medical practices. The first thing I will suggest is for you to put a positive spin on your current situation. This advice comes from the extra-terrestrial, Bashar, Essassani. Almost totally unnoticed by the masses is the amazing amount of information that has already been communicated to this planet by extra-terrestrial sources. Much of this information is in the area of 'The Ultimate Truths of Reality'. These can be applied to the areas of creating excellent health and dealing with issues. More and more are wising up to the fact that 'Health' is our greatest resource and it is deteriorating at an alarming rate. This is the first generation of mothers who will outlive their children!  Despite some new procedures in the medical field, the truth is that there is less and less concern for humanity and more concern for dollars. We have been led down the garden path with respect to relying on drugs to cover up symptoms and these aids have long term side effects and consequences. Not to mention, in many cases, permanent DNA damage, retardation, autism  and over 200,000 deaths every year in the U.S. from prescriptions or vaccines given by doctors. This is totally outrageous. Almost all of the great healing discoveries in the last twenty years have been suppressed from the public. I refer the reader to the Project Camelot interview of Dr. Pete Peterson.  And the biggest 'Cash Cow' of them all has been so called cancer treatment. I also suggest the work done by G. Edward Griffin with respect to the politics of cancer and its research. In the area of spirituality or Self Empowerment, I am totally open to any and all questions in this regard. My background early on was with the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Baba Ram Dass, Parahansa Yogananda, and Sri Swami Satchidananda. The latter's guru was Swami Sivanada and all of these great teachers have their pictures on my 'Contact' Page. (or should I say soon will be) And when I say, Contact, I really mean it! Extra-terrestrial influences are mainly from Essassani, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Andromedan and Sirian representatives! You don't have to believe in extra-terrestrials to get value from my answering your questions. The proof is in the pudding. Like in the archived blog posts at this site, the idea is to check out the information and see for yourself. The website, 'Healing the Known and Unknown', was set up as a once stop shop for Self Empowerment and Healing. You will notice articles, E-books (compact information and linking to another 150 pages on the internet to give a total picture of these topics), techniques, archived ET Yoga BBS radio shows, a CD, an extra-terrestrial meditation and a free download article at this site. Soon up, will be the ET Yoga T-shirt from Zazzle. I am also the founder of 'Kick Butt' a non smoking program for teenagers. Please also view the 3 minute video by Michele Blood of MPowerTv; as 'Healing the Known and Unknown' was chosen as one of ten programs in the world making a difference in consciousness. Michele is a big follower of Yogananda's teachings. You can be assured that I would not consider any topic or question that is not related to 'Belief Systems'. In my view 'Belief is Everything.' And I highly suggest that anyone who wants to be involved with 'Self Healing' to adapt a proper attitude towards getting sun. It is the Sun that provides the body with Vitamin D; which is the ignition switch for the immune system.  Don't use sunscreens; which only prevents proper sunlight on the one hand, and on the other, actually creates cancer. It is like the 'prevent defense' in football. The only thing it prevents is winning, just like sunscreens;which create the very opposite of what they claim to do.  I refer the reader to the article at this site, "The Truth About the Sun and Sunscreens'. I look forward to hearing from you and your concerns. Nothing makes my day more than being of service. My best wishes towards your attainment of Full Consciousness, Perfect Health and Abundance. Charles Maxwell Green