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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

In this message I want to share with you a concept that if you want the real knowledge you can't wear your ego on your shirtsleeve. When I first met Swami Satchidananda and his closer disciples it became clear that you had to take some criticism in order to be accepted. You have to learn to take a good objective look in the mirror. If not, you get upset and leave.  I have said this on radio and in these blogs about three concepts that mankind must learn and in a hurry. First that there is only one race on this planet and that is the human race. Enough of following leadership that makes a country out to be the bad guy. Plus  we already have enough issues with regressive extra-terrestrials that wish us no good. Second, war is not an option. Period. Third, only idiots go against negative energy. It will destroy itself if left alone and the only energy to activate is in a positive direction. The war against cancer, the war against drugs, the war against drunk drivers. the war against terrorism all serve to perpetuate the energy you claim you are against. You don't get peace by hating war you get peace by loving peace. If you want to CREATE PEACE on this planet then spend one minute a day praying for or meditating on or in some way contribute to the INTENTION OF PEACE.  Once critical mass is achieved then it will manifest. We will and can draw this to our outer experience because there is a global consciousness just like we create our outer experience on a personal level. First take 100% responsibility for your outer circumstances. Quit blaming government, your friends, family, teachers or whatever. Blaming others or yourself only creates you as a victim. So does complaining and so does justifying your circumstances. There are no excuses once you realize that you are the creator of your life. And you will also learn that it is way easier to forgive others once you realize that you created the situation in the first place. How ironic!! Complain about that which you created. And unlike the guest I heard today on a major radio station claim that "They" are out to get you. Let's get clear about this YOU ARE THEY!! And just because you are paranoid also doesn't mean "They" aren't out to get you!  It is a paradox I know; but one to be figured out. For those of you who do not know, the word Yoga means Union. Union of you and your Higher Self.  And there is no Yoga with Boga or ill health.  So get clued in. Your whole food chain is contaminated. From the steroids and hormones in the meat. To the sodium nitrate in your hot dogs and red meat. Don't you realize that meat turns gray in about two or three days. That stuff they use to keep it red is sodium nitrate. It is also used in experiments to create cancer in test rats. Search it out on google. Wake up!! And this ridiculous process of radiating vegetables and fruits that travel from state to state. Give me a break. Controlling the water supply and adding fluorides is also purposely meant to dumb you down as well as calcify your pineal gland. Why do you eat bi0-genetic foods? They are killing you. And so is television.  And so is your cell phone. And your microwave oven. Have you ever done any serious research into these products or the pesticides in your fruits and vegetables or play stupid like you don't notice the spraying of the skies with chemtrails for the past decade!! What does it contain? Barium, aluminum etc. Ever wonder why bio-genetic foods are aluminum resistent and have their own pesticides?  Not for your good health I assure you. Maybe because the aluminum in the chemtrails is killing off the natural food supply? And mothers, please please don't listen to all that crap about how they make better nutrients for your baby than your natural milk. This sets the stage for your child's immune system So many of the young kids born today are not a new generation THEY ARE A NEW SPECIES. Some of these kids have three strands of DNA connected.  The system wants many of these kids screwed up via metals in their system or drugged up on pills.  Tell me why in several studies, children who have never taken any immunization shots do not show one single case of autism? Because the immunization shots are giving kids autism and on purpose! Listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. when he says that when he was a kid he had three immunization shots and his current kids are asked to take 18. Full of thimerosol and mercury and squaleen and God knows what else. The Andromedans have said that if you took the swine flu vaccine then it permanently damaged your DNA!!  Give your head a shake. And how many of us know someone who has died of cancer or who has cancer? Increasing at alarming rates. When we grew up nobody; especially children had these diseases. Doesn't it ring a bell that the overall health of the country is getting worse and not better. And did you know it is a felony for a doctor to advise an alternate treatment or cure for cancer? To my mind this eliminates a doctor from being a voice in a truthful discussion of the topic. And chemo-therapy is a not a therapy it is a killer. It is like killing all the flowers and weeds in a garden and expecting only the flowers to return. This is an inhumane and brutal treatment.  Did you know that 27% of people with cancer get better without doing anything? Yet when the system gets hold of you they only have a 2% cure rate because the rest die? And cure rate is defined as someone diagnosed who is alive five years later even if they are on their death bed. Do yourself a favor and get as far away from the established medical system as humanly possible. If you have any serious ambitions about ascending or achieving a reasonable level of health start drinking pure water, exercise at least three times a week, eliminate the stress in your life as much as possible, get the hell off meat of any kind and if it has eyes don't eat or drink anything that comes from it, don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth (this is a strong hint about sunscreens), do a thorough detox, learn a yogic breathing program, and quit watching or seriously limit your television viewing. Get the picture? There is a concerted effort to make you sick, You aren't worth any money healthy and it reduces the numbers who could exist at higher dimensions.  By the way young mothers, did you know that every time you go for a mammogram you increase your chances of breast cancer by 2%?  Early diagnosis is all crap. If you had cancer they wouldn't tell you how to cure it and they don't know how you got it. Want to be part of the 27% that gets diagnosed??!!!! DON'T GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY TO ANYBODY OR ANY ORGANIZATION. Where you give your power away is where you get abused. Teach your children that the human body is an amazing healing machine. That's the truth and you don't need ANY PROTECTION EXCEPT FROM YOUR OWN BELIEFS. Do you know what Fear is? FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL!!! The only people who need protection are VICTIMS. THOSE WHO NEED SAVING ARE ALSO VICTIMS. You can re-read this last sentence and use your head!! Today's world is full of land mines especially health land mines. Keep your peace, create a positive direction for yourself, put a positive  spin on all outer circumstances and know that your outer circumstances don't matter, what matters is your FREQUENCY.  Stay in a frequency of peace and joy. Follow your excitement which is a compass towards the activities that your Higher Self wants you to take. That's what the feeling of excitement is. And do this with Integrity or a conscious connection that the whole world is of one energy and that energy is YOU! When you leave this place and look back what you left is YOU!!  Know that the time is approaching when it will be you and your Higher Self and that's it!  Please accept this criticism in the manner in which it was intended. This information is meant to be in your best interest, just in case nobody ever told you, and my sincere wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in you life, you can help support the author by the purchase of spiritual products at or via PayPal donation to