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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

The title of this post comes originally from Bashar. If you don't know about Bashar, his energy comes through the channel Darryl Anka and you can check it out at Bashar is an extra-terrestrial from the Essassani civilization. Now you don't need to believe that in order to benefit from the information and when Darryl speaks he doesn't try to prove this either because that is not the point. The point is the information. So you hear it and if you resonate with it and apply it to make yourself more empowered and a better person then, you use it more frequently.  I was just listening and viewing a discussion with David Icke and Jordan Maxwell on Project Camelot that is on YouTube. I really liked all of the points David was making. They were basically talking about the control grid of earth and the battle for control of Earth. David made the point that a new consciousness is hacking away at the blueprint of control, that as we decode information and it becomes part of our beliefs that it is manifest in the outer world. That a huge change is happening and one of the keys is to see life from the perspective of who we really are as Infinite Consciousness having a human experience and not get totally lost in the experience which helps to maintain the control structure. I also loved his comment that what you fight against you become. It is great to become aware of the dark side and its agenda because you can't break out of prison unless you know you are in it; but the idea is to create a new positive and not fear nor get entangled by fighting negative energy. When you fight against anything you only reinforce its existence which is counter to your real intentions.  From my perspective Jordon agreed with David on these premises but continually brought up the subject of both Reptilian and other sources of the Dark Side having to be dealt with in order for humanity to free itself. For sure we are being assisted in this process; but in order to view an enemy you must be coming from a perspective of isolation. And if there is any person or any organization that you cannot sit back and send love to then this tells you that you are stuck there emotionally. The whole idea of an Enemy is total illusion or delusion. First there is only You in your U-niverse. What you think and believe is the most important aspect of the world you experience. As Bashar would say, if there are 20 people in a room, there are 20 different universes. The only reason we apparently have the same experience is that we agree to it. There is no empirical Reality. There is the idea of a consensus reality. REALITY IS THE EXPERIENCE. This is where the saying THERE IS NO THEY THAT'S THE SECRET THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW comes in. It is a paradox and if you understand the paradox then you realize that WE ARE THEY!!! And further that just as our personal outer experience is a reflection of our intentions, beliefs, emotions and frequency, this is also true on a global basis. Why do you think their is such a concentration and focus on what you think? Why all the brain washing and frequency control? Because what you think matters. The outer manifestations all begin with THOUGHT. Thought creates. We are spiritual beings having a human incarnation and experience and were created by unconditional love and were definitely not born in sin.  Check out the ULTIMATE TRUTHS OF REALITY at the College of Christ Consciousness.  We created the outer for the purpose of the experience and the learning. We created the control governments to protect us because we wanted it. And people also are realizing that there is no point in giving up all our personal freedoms for protection; because you end up with neither. For where you give your power away you get abused. And the only people who need protection are VICTIMS. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO NEED TO BE SAVED ARE ALSO VICTIMS.  Your power ends where your fear begins. Now we want government to serve us rather than protect us. Because people are waking up to the fact that we don't need protection other than from our own beliefs. YOU CANNOT EXPERIENCE WHAT YOU ARE NOT THE VIBRATION OF. You actually become invisible to what you are not the vibration of. When WE collectively take full responsibility for creating the outer then we will reach a point of power; because if we created it than we have the power to change it. If enough people want Peace then we will have it. Not by fighting in some foreign land but by loving peace and intending to create it. When energy collectively creates a focus the other stuff will fall away. Fortunately, after 2012 and a shift, the planet will be just slightly more positive than negative; while before it was predominantly negative. Also to be thrown into the mix is that a color and sound is now emanating from the center of galaxy which is creating a new dimension or 12th dimension and is raising the frequency of all the other dimensions including this one. Just like Russian research with pepper placed in Pyramids affected positively over 5,000 prisoners to change their behavior to the positive, this planet is being affected with such energy. The idea is to keep your peace, focus daily on the kind of world you want to live in, don't get lost in fear or worry, be excited about living in these amazing times, put a positive spin on all outer circumstances, detox your body, eat organic foods, drink pure water, follow your excitement,  keep in the frequency of Joy, Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude and when you get lost bring yourself back to your center like in a meditation. There are an infinite number of possible Earth's out there and the idea is like picking a television show to experience and tune yourself to the version of Earth you want; as it already exists. You will think that others have changed, but it is not that the world changed, it will be because you have changed and found others of like vibration. Intend to be in the hologram of HEAVEN ON EARTH. My sincere wish for your attainment of this, full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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